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Seri Kembangan Hotels7.9 km
Petaling Jaya Hotels12.1 km

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#1 of 50 nearby hotels - 13.85km away in Kuala Lumpur
RTWWannabe says: "I stayed for 3 nights at the Traders Hotel. This was the first stop on a year lo..."
Average Rate
#2 of 50 nearby hotels - 15.4km away in Kuala Lumpur
WalterC says: "Located in KLIA2 KLs second terminal, the Capsule By Container Hotel is a v..."
#3 of 50 nearby hotels - 13.04km away in Kuala Lumpur
dyron888 says: "Prince Hotel in Kuala Lumpur is a five star hotel in business district area. I s..."
Average Rate
#4 of 50 nearby hotels - 13.46km away in Kuala Lumpur
gardkarlsen says: "We stayed at Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur in May 2013 in connection with a vacation ..."
#5 of 50 nearby hotels - 15.07km away in Kuala Lumpur
Lupobianco says: "The KL Sheraton is ideally located if you are working around the PETRONAS Towers..."
Average Rate
#6 of 50 nearby hotels - 13.5km away in Kuala Lumpur
hayleyphoon says: "Sunshine bedz is in a perfect location, it's in the centre of the Kuala Lumpur, ..."
#7 of 50 nearby hotels - 14.21km away in Kuala Lumpur
tinavratilova says: "I arrived here couple weeks ago and I stayed here for around 4 nights and the st..."
Average Rate
#8 of 50 nearby hotels - 14.02km away in Kuala Lumpur
seangee says: "I stayed here a three different times while traveling around SE Asia and every t..."
Average Rate
#9 of 50 nearby hotels - 13.86km away in Kuala Lumpur
jemanderica says: "Excellent hotel - ten minutes walk from the Petronas Towers, a bit closer to the..."
Average Rate
#10 of 50 nearby hotels - 13.68km away in Kuala Lumpur
ngan says: "I spent just 3 nights in KL. Arrived at night with the pick up car from the hote..."
Average Rate
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