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Bangkok, Thailand

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ophirh ophirh
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Jul 15, 2006
well, considering the fact it's been more than half a year since my last time in the city, here are the cheap places I remember you can go shopping at:

1. Kawasan road - lots of small shops and stands in the street. Try also the roads around Kawasan and the area near the temple, just across the road from the Kawasan. If you are looking for books, then there's loads of book shops here for swapping and buying first and second hand.

2. MBK - this is the shopping center just next to Siam Center. This shopping center looks inside like a big market, devided by floors, each floor with different topics. You can find here everything you are looking for, from clothes to mobile phones and fake Playstation games. If you are there, go also to the movie theatre on the top floor, and treat yourself for some movie in the VIP theatre, which is really amazing (If you really want to spoil yourself go to the rich people's shopping center - the Siam Center - and go to the VIP theatre there. That will be a life changing experience of movie watching).

3. Night Market - on the street next to the Patpong area (can't tell you anything about that cuz I really hate that scene and the people who go there to the poor thai girls). There's a lot of stands here, just stroll down on the street and in the Patpong area and you can't miss the market. The market operates only at night time, so don't bother coming here before 21:00 or so.

4. Lumpini park - another nice market. Nothing really special here.

There's a lot more markets in the city. Depends what you are looking for. For example you can go to Chinatown for antiques or "antiques" :) you can also go to the floating market, which is only a nice scene, and to the electronic center for electronic stuff (although MBK is also good for that) and so on and on.

Don't forget something very important - always bargain, and bargain hard, but not too hard. Bargain till you get the price you think is suitable and pay it, don't humiliate the sellers and don't try to rip them off. When you are satisfied with the price, pay it and don't ask somewhere else what is the price so you don't feel bad. But always bargain, cuz they always start with a high price. And again - bargain till you are satisfied, don't be a cheap bastard ;)

Good luck!
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