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Sometimes referred to as the “best-mannered” city in the United States, and long heralded as one of the absolute penultimate cities to describe Southern in every sense of the word, Charleston is a port city in South Carolina. Boasting a historic downtown district sitting on a peninsula formed by the Ashley and Cooper Rivers as they flow on down to the Atlantic Ocean, Charleston is home to some of the oldest buildings in the United States, and lacks almost any skyscrapers dominating the skyline due to the height restrictions in place. First established in 1670 and captured during the Civil War without any property damage incurred, Charleston was the first cities in the United States to pass a historical preservation ordinance, and it is for this reason—among others—that the city has remained such a popular place with visitors to the South. Nowhere else can you experience an intoxicating blend of Southern traditions mixed with history and culture all blended together.

From the Exchange and Provost Building built back in 1767, home to the ratification of the U.S. Constitution, to places like the Powder Magazine museum or the Nathaniel Russell House or the Market Hall and Sheds, there is no end to the history that you can find within the city. Beyond that, however, Charleston is also known as being one of the most religiously tolerant cities in the nation, especially during the old days, and has earned the nickname “The Holy City” due to the sheer number of church steeples that rise above the rest of the buildings in the city. There are plenty of parks throughout the town as well, but what many people forget is that Charleston is also a coastal destination, which means there is access to plenty of places like Folly Beach or Sullivan’s Island where visitors can get a taste of Atlantic coastline at the same time they are experiencing Southern hospitality at its finest.

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