Charles Bridge

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Prague, Czech Republic

Charles Bridge Prague Reviews

Maurizioago Maurizio…
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The Charles bridge. Feb 04, 2017
Charles Bridge or Karluv Most (its real name) was commissioned by Charles IV in 1357 to replace an older one; Judith Bridge, which was destroyed by a flood in 1342. It connects Stare Mesto; the Old Town with Mala Strana, the lesser town.

This bridge is flanked by thirty ancient statues of saints. Most of them are copies. The oldest is the statue of Saint John of Nepomuk. It is supposed to bring you luck if you touch two spots on this statue. These are shiny because they were touched by many hands.

Charles Bridge is a good place to listen to music performed by some street musicians; to have a look at some souvenir stalls end enjoy the beautiful landscape on the castle area and some other places.
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TheWalrus83 TheWalru…
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Charles Bridge Feb 26, 2012
First word that comes to my mind: Amazing. The bridge is full of people looking for money but the atmosphere is still incredible. Prague is a beautiful city and this part of it had me in awe. Get there early in the morning and you might have the bridge mostly to yourself. And I think someone said they weren't too fond of the statues. Really? Best part. What is not to like? I think they fit the atmosphere in the city pretty well... a little gothic/old/historic with a touch of dreary history.
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Bojasem Bojasem
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amazing place in Prague Nov 03, 2012
Charles Bridge location in the middle of Prague , Walk across the Charles Bridge on your first day because you may want to do it again. We recommend strolling across it at night to enjoy the magnificent view of the Prague Castle all lit up. Also, at night the crowds will be smaller. Keep in mind that during the day you can climb the towers on both sides of the bridge. We especially recommend the one on the Old Town side for wonderful views of the bridge and the spires of the Old Town. Read more on our Charles Bridge page.

I advise you stay near the bridge it wonderful area.
Charles bridge gate
Charles bridge
Charles bridge
view of water
Andy99 Andy99
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Prague's Gothic Karluv Most Sep 27, 2011
Charles Bridge or Karlův Most is one of the most well-known sights in Prague. The Gothic bridge spans the Vltava to connect the Old Town (Staré Město) with the Little Quarter (Malá Strana). The bridge is named for Charles IV who initiated its construction in 1357. (Though it was not so named until 1870.) The designer was Peter Parler, the architect of St. Vitus Cathedral. It replaced an earlier bridge at the same site, the 12th century Judith Bridge. (Parts of the Judith Bridge towers remain and were incorporated into the "new" bridge.) It was the only bridge across the Vltava until 1741.

The bridge is open to only pedestrian traffic today, but at one time carried vehicular traffic and a tram line. Charles Bridge has survived numerous floods (suffering serious damage in 1890) and occupying armies.

The most notable feature of Charles Bridge are the 30 statues lined up atop the buttresses of the span. The statues, depicting Jesus and saints, are primarily from the Baroque era. (Most of the statues are copies today with the originals in museums.) Of special interest is the statue of St. John of Nepomuk, patron saint of Bohemia. (He was ordered thrown from Charles Bridge in 1393 and drowned.)

Charles Bridge is a very popular place today and there are locals and visitors promenading on it day and night.
Karlův Most - Charles Bridge. Vie…
Statue of St. John of Nepomuk
Judith Bridge Tower (1158) and Lit…
Pieta statuary on Charles Bridge, …
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alyssa_ob says:
I wish I could have seen it a little more by day light, but I agree that I wasn't too fond of the statues.
Posted on: Dec 29, 2011
davidx says:
I must be in a small minority, I think, as so many have done uncritical reviews of this. Whereas I like the views from either end, I found the statues close-up distinctly unappealing!
Posted on: Dec 29, 2011
WalterC WalterC
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Definitely cross, and if time permits, climb to top of one of towers Mar 06, 2011
A landmark in Prague, the Charles Bridge crosses over the Vltava River, connecting the Old Town to the Lesser Town (or Little Quarter) part of town, where Prague Castle is.

Dating back to the 14th century, when construction began under the rule of Charles IV in 1357. This bridge replaced the previous bridge, the Judith Bridge, which collapsed due to a horrible flood. And no doubt who the bridge was named after.

Being free of charge, and being an original that has stood the test of time, there is no doubt in my mind, that crossing this bridge should be done by all visitors to Prague. When crossing it, there are Baroque statues all the way across it, including that of St. John of Nepomuk.

There is the option of climbing the Old Town Bridge Tower, the tower at the Old Town end of the bridge. This charges admission, and can only go up by steps. The steps can be uneven at times. Along the way, there is an exhibit and short film on the history of the bridge. Worth checking out if time permits. Then a viewing area at the top level, which is very much worth it. And not cramped either, when getting around.

Needless to say, crossing the Charles Bridge should not be missed at all. And I think a trip to the top of the Old Town Bridge Tower is worth it as well, for the really nice views of the entire bridge and Prague Castle.
one of the bridge towers
entering the bridge, through the t…
crossing the bridge
statue of Saints Norbert, Wencesla…
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nimic nimic
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Charles Bridge! Jun 23, 2011
You definitely have to Visit Charles Bridge! It's on the top of every Prague visitor's must-see list. Definitely a plus if you live nearby to the bridge.

The bridge connects the Old Town and Malá Strana. It's one of the many monuments that were built during Czech king and Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV's reign but it is not the first bridge that ever connected the Prague banks of the Vltava

There's a tower at each of the end of the bridge. Baroque statues began to be placed on either side of Charles Bridge in the 17th century

You should definitely come to the bridge at sunset and enjoy the breathtaking view of the fully lit Prague Castle against the evening sky!

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Patrickjohnsrv Patrickj…
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Beautiful views and great place for a long walk Apr 24, 2011
One of my top places in the world to travel. With so much to see and do in this city, this ranks high on the must see list. Take a walk over the bridge and enjoy the stunning views of the city.

This is also a great place to pick up a few paintings from local artists.
hannejensen hannejen…
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Bridge Jan 06, 2011
Beautiful bridge and one of the main attractions of Prague. Naturally it is very crowded. Try to cross it late at night.
realrv6 realrv6
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A "magic" place. Dec 24, 2010
The Charles Bridge is one of the largest and most famous monuments of Prague. It was built by Emperor Charles IV, at the time of great development of Prague . The first stone was laid by him personally on 09.07.1357, at 5:31 A.M.

Charles IV had a passion for alchemy, astrology, magic and stuff like that, so the time of laying the first stone of the bridge was established by his astrologers and it was a palindromic number with all odd numbers:


Perhaps the “magic” has contributed to the exceptional strength of the Charles Bridge, which in 2007 celebrated 650 years since its foundation. It has survived many wars and floods.

The Charles Bridge is closed at both ends of the towers that were part of the town fortifications. At the beginning of the 18th century on the bridge were placed 30 baroque statues of saints... It's an open air art gallery.

Today, the original statues are in the National Museum and have been replaced by exact copies...
Charles Bridge
Charles Bridge
Charles Bridge
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thina22 says:
Awwwww, Prague. This is my first love (before Venice stole my heart), first love never dies =)

I should go back here, thanks for reminding me how beautiful it is...
Posted on: Mar 25, 2011
MissUnknwn MissUnkn…
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Charles Bridge Nov 08, 2009
The bridge is a famous historical bridge that crosses the Vltava river in Prague.

Every day it is a very busy place, with painters, owners of kiosks and other traders alongside numerous tourists crossing the bridge.
The end or beginning of the bridge
nice view
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ejstravels ejstrave…
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Charles Bridge Apr 09, 2009
Really nice with lots of little stands, though much of the things being sold are overpriced. This is certainly a must-see when in Prague.
jennjeff1 jennjeff1
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Charles Bridge over the Vltava River in Prague at Night Jun 21, 2006
The Charles Bridge is my favorite part of visiting Prague. The gothic architecture, the views (especially at night) and the many artists and performers of all types that gather on this bridge make it a unique tourist attraction. Even the black color of this bridge with its two massive towers on either end speak for its age and importance to early trade routes. The cobblestone surface and the texture of the stone brings out a richness of the historical significance and allows pedestrians to get a close-up glimpse of the craftsmanship of the era when it was built. This is a definite must-see for all of Europe!

Charles Bridge (Czech: Karlův most) is a famous historical bridge that crosses the Vltava river in Prague, Czech Republic. Absolute Location: 50°5′11.21″N 14°24′42.68″E / 50.0864472, 14.4118556. Its construction started in 1357 under the auspices of King Charles IV, and finished in the beginning of 15th century. As the only means of crossing the river Vltava (Moldau), the Charles Bridge used to be the most important connection between the Old Town, Prague Castle and adjacent areas until 1841. Also this 'solid-land' connection made Prague important as a trade route between east and west Europe. The bridge was originally called the Stone Bridge (Kamenný most) or the Prague Bridge (Pražský most) but has been the "Charles Bridge" since 1870. [From Wikipedia]

The bridge is 516 meters long and nearly 10 meters wide, resting on 16 arches shielded by ice guards. It is protected by three bridge towers, two of them on the Lesser Quarter side and the third one on the Old Town side. The Old Town bridge tower is often considered to be one of the most astonishing civil gothic-style buildings in the world. The bridge is decorated by a continuous alley of 30 statues and statuaries, most of them baroque-style, erected around 1700. [From Wikipedia]

During the night Charles Bridge is a quiet witness of medieval times. But during the day it changes its face into a very busy place. Painters, owners of kiosks and other traders compete for the attention of numerous tourists crossing the bridge. [From Wikipedia]

Sorry to have to quote from Wikipedia, but I am not the best when recreating the historical and acrchitectual details of this magnificant peice of functional art. Definitely take an evening stroll across this bridge when the artists, street actors and souvenier sales people are fewer and the views are more magnificant. Walk through time across Charles Bridge in Prague!
Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Repu…
Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Repu…
Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Repu…
Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Repu…
Vanessa_Mun_Yee says:
Unfortunately I didn't get to see the night view of Charles Bridge.
Posted on: Sep 15, 2009

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