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Chalcatzingo Overview

The early formative period site of Chalcatzingo is located in the Valley of Morelos which is in the southern portion of the Central Highlands. It is known for the numerous free-standing and live-rock Olmec-style monumental sculpture. Chalcatzingo may be as early as 1500 BC. The first Olmec-style art is thought to have been produced by 900 BC. The population of Chalcatzingo was at its height (700 to 500 BC) is estimated at 1000 individuals. Beginning around 550 BC the population began to decline. The consolidated structures of Chalcatzingo covers about 100 acres. It is well located, on a fertile plain, with a historic water supply, at the base of 2 hills, Cerros Chalcatzingo & Delgado. Springs flow from the base of Cerro Chalcatzingo. The northern slope of Cerro Chalcatzingo has numerous Olmec-style sculptures indicating a long period of ritual significance. The climate in this area is wetter and hotter than the rest of the Morelos Highlands. Based on archaeological evidence, Chalcatzingo was probably a trading hub for raw matterials & finished goods for centers in the Valleys of Mexico, Oaxacan and the Gulf Coast.
Chalcatzingo is located south of Cuautla on Highway 160. Turn right off of 160 at Amayuca heading west towards Jonacatepec. In about 3.5 miles turn right to the town of Chalcatzingo. The 2 hills, Delgado & Chalcatzingo can be seen south of the town once you reach the town square. There is a great small museum on the left just before the site.

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