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Planet Earth is a big place, and there are a variety of destinations for the traveler to choose from, depending upon their personal preferences and their requirement for combinations, the level of experience, language skills, budget, and otherwise. Some places, like London or Paris or San Francisco, are perfect for all levels of travelers and tourists. However, there are some which, due to political strife and turmoil, are reserved only for the hardened adventure or thrill-seeker who is willing to go into an area, regardless of the dangers, just so they can simply say that they saw something very few people on the planet have had the opportunity to see. Such is the situation with Chad, a tiny, land-locked country in central Africa with a political climate so hot that the UK and US recommend all travelers to avoid going here.

Often referred to as the “Dead Heart of Africa” due to the extreme heat and desert climate, the Republic of Chad is nevertheless an extremely beautiful country in several extremes: the desert in the north of the country; the arid region in the center; and the lush savanna portion of the South. Travelers can take a boat ride across Lake Chad, visit the Zakouma National Park, or explore the crumbling ruins of the capital city of N’Djamena. With the culture and history dating back to the seventh millennium BC, Chad is one of the oldest places on Earth, but also one of the most dangerous.

The Republic of Chad is a harsh landscape with extremely dangerous militia and government forces continually rattling each other as various coups try to overthrow the reigning system. Accommodations are extremely poor, roads are in excessively bad repair, and bandits on the highways are a very real threat. Drink name-brand bottled water only, and check with your local embassy as to what, if any, shots are required before traveling. While dangerous, there are sights worth seeing, as long as you are willing to risk the adventure.

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