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Ceyranbatan Overview

Ceyranbatan means drowned deer (or gazelle), though it refers to a girl named Ceyran who drowned in the area. The land used to be part of a large lake surrounded by swampland. In the 1960’s, the Soviet Union built the infrastructure for the city and several large apartment buildings for this planned settlement. They gave the apartments to the workers who helped build them.

Today, Ceyranbatan remains one of the few paved cities in the area and boasts internet cafй (called internet clubs here) that go in and out of business month by month, one of the larger schools in the area (complete with a full gym and a weight room), three tea houses, two mosques (one Sunni and one Shiite) and several market stores.

Right across the freeway is the Ceyranbatan 2 settlement, which is much newer and has yet to be paved. As of 2008 it takes 15 minutes on a marshrutka (short bus) to get to Sumgayit and costs 20 qepik. It costs 50 qepik and takes 25 minutes to get to Baku.

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