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Cetinje (Цетиње) is the old capital of Montenegro, thus its historical and spiritual center. It is the official residence of the President of Montenegro.
It lies at the foot of Mt. Lovcen, the Black Mountain from which Montenegro gets its name.
The town itself is named after the River Cetina that runs through it.

Cetinje was founded back in the 15th century by Ivan Crnojevic. Ruled by Crnojevic dynasty it was attacked many times by Venice and the Turks. Then Petrovic dynasty took over in the 17th century, but only during the rule of Petar II Petrovic Njegos did Cetinje see remarkable progress. His new royal residence called Biljarda (Billiard house) was built in 1838, and is open for visits today. However Njegos is most known as a poet, and is one of the first writers from the region. His masterpiece The Mountain Wreath (Gorski Vijenac) is to day one of the most quoted literature works from the region, and studied in depth in schools. His mausoleum is built on top of Mt. Lovcen, around a small chapel where he is buried. Stunning views of Bay of Kotor make this a must see place for anybody who appreciates nature's art work.

The medieval Cetinje Monastery is the most important Orthodox monastery in Montenegro. It was built in 1701, destroyed many times by the Turks and built back again and again by the people of Montenegro.

Cetinje has many interesting things to see, from the royal buildings, to great museums including National Museum of Montenegro, some beautiful architecture from 18th and 19th century, and gorgeous Lovcen National Park. Three great Christian relics are located in Cetinje. Those are: Hand of St. John the Baptist, Holy Cross of the Lord of particles and the icon of the Virgin Filermose. The first two are kept in Cetinje monastery, and the third in the Blue Chapel near the Government House.

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