Cerro San Cristobal

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Calle Cerro San Cristobal, Santiago, Chile
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Cerro San Cristobal Santiago Reviews

raphpransky raphpran…
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Nice way to see Santiago from above Jun 16, 2014
For a few thousand pesos you can take the "funicular" (essentially a cable car) up San Cristobal hill/mountain for nice views of the city. Please don't be disappointed when smog/pollution obscures part of your view - it's always there.

You can also walk up or down. Walking down is very easy and there are some nice places along the way. You end up in Providencia, a nice part of town, at the bottom. The walk down will take you about 75 minutes, more if you're stopping (so closer to 2 hours). Walking up is a bit more strenuous but rewarding.
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andrejav andrejav
751 reviews
Parque Metropolitano - Cerro San Cristobal Nov 30, 2013
Parque Metropolitano - Cerro San Cristobal is one of the most favorite spots for weekend getaway, bike rides and general enjoyment in the vista of the city. Park is well maintained and it features cool old school funicular taking you almost to the top of the hill. There is statue of the Jesus on the top surrounded with telecommunication antennas, but it is very cool to hang around and sit on the steps. There is also a small church on the way and well made paths around the top. Park is not limited only to this hill and other hills are connected with the cute small 4 person cable car system. Every morning this park sees lots of riders, runners and people that like hiking on the wooded slopes in the center of the city.

Park is perfect for kids and on the main entrance there is also a Santiago Zoo.
HuBison HuBison
417 reviews
Awesome view of Santiago May 12, 2012
If you don't have a love of awesome views, this might not be the place for you. Otherwise, it is a worthy trip up the funicular at the end of Bellavista up to the top. It was a steep climb for an affordable cost and then there was a little walking to get even higher on my trip in March 2012.

For the day, the weather was wonderful and the view was clear. However, sometimes, as Santiago is known for, its smog can obstruct your view. We had our own water, but water, juice, soda and snacks are costly up on Cerro San Cristóbal. There was a recent earthquake this month (March 2012) and so the cable cars were not available (and I was thankful as it looked like a dangling ski lift that could fall off the line with a strong wind). The entrance for both are on different sides of the hill. The funicular is accessible at the end of Pio Nono and you can also drive up.

I hear hiking up may not be safe and some may also choose to bike up and down. The view is great and we made it with ample time to spare for a great view of the sunset. It's a nice leisure activity to do in Santiago and there are mountain on all sides. I hope you enjoy your view.
The funicular to the top
jamie_botham jamie_bo…
2 reviews
Take caution of thieves when visiting Cerro San Cristobal Apr 28, 2011
First of all i have to say what a nice city atrraction this was to visit while in Santiago. It is for this reason, that the location is visited by just about every tourist who comes to the city. The problem with this of cause, is that where there are concentrations of tourists....there are going to be higher concentrations of thieves. There is the option to take the cable car stright to the top of the hill to the base of the statue, but i was told that the walk up was a good option on a fine day. Due to me being me, i decided to find my own way up rather that sticking to the main paths. During this time, i did beging to think to myself that i am fairly isolated here, and so at a higher risk of becoming an easy target for anyone that was better armed than i was. For this reason, on my back down i decided to take the longer route along the main paths. This deffiently felt the much safer option, with cyclists passing me by and a few people heading upwards. I guess you could say that it was at this point that i let my guard down, and the next thing i know, just as im about to say good morning to a passing individual, i have a knife to my throat and forced onto the groud, while another guy that i had just passed, who had stopped to take a picture, was now emptying my pockets and bag of all my possetions (and to think i climbed all the way up that hill to take those photos)

I would like to think that this is not a regular occurance within the area, but as you can see it does happen, and this was on a fairly busy path as well (typical for the only 5 minute gap of not seeing anyone else to be the type i come across these two)

So this is just a heads up really to say be carefull out there, take as few possetions as possible, and where possible try to avoid travelling solo, and just because you are surrounded by the most friuendly locals possible, dont forget that no matter where you are, there is always going to be a sh*t head not too far away!
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Chokk says:
Thanks for sharing
Posted on: Nov 07, 2013
HuBison says:
Great review and it's helpful that you noted about the thievery that can occur. Thanks!
Posted on: Jan 15, 2012
yadilitta says:
thanks for sharing this useful info!!!
Posted on: Aug 21, 2011
Mofra Mofra
17 reviews
View from the top of Santiago Aug 30, 2011
Cerro San Cristobal can be seen from almost every corner of Santiago, being a large hill overlooking the city dominated at the top by a 22m high statue of the Virgin Mary which is illuminated at night (the statue was a gift from France in the 1920s).

A furnicular is available to take you to the top, and if you have a few more hours to spare the Zoo on Cerro San Cristobal is a place to kill some time (as I needed to do whilst waiting for a flight).

Overall it offers an interesting view of the city and is adjacent to the tourist area of Bellavista adding to the appeal.
The base of Cerro San Cristobal
The furniular tracks
LOokign up
View en route to the top
cedclou cedclou
3 reviews
Small zoo located on a hill Mar 02, 2011
The low entrace fee for this small Zoo is worth it considering the breathtaking view you can get from atop the hill over the entire city. The number of species is limited as well as the total number of animals. Not a must for animal fans. The rail-mounted train that goes up the hill is particularly frightening as it appears very dangerous but as I mentioned, the sight is worth it. For those afraid of high places, I suggest not to climb the top...
viktoria_austria viktoria…
1 reviews
Great view over the City! Mar 03, 2011
If you want to have a great view over Santiago de Chile you must climb up the Cerro San Cristobal. It's really worth it. And if you like you can visit there the zoological garden which is also very nice to see :)
smashjpc smashjpc
2 reviews
Cerro San Cristobal Feb 15, 2011
Excelent place to reach the high spot in bicicle or if you want you can do it running!!... when you reach the high spot you have to try the 'Mote con huesillo' its excelent!!
Borges Borges
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cerro san cristobal Feb 14, 2011
one of the most beautiful place in Santiago. Use the Funicular to go to the top. Amazing
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kini74 kini74
5 reviews
Feb 01, 2005
If you have a half day or so, visit Cerro San Cristobal. You can take a rad funicular up multiple stops of the mountain. Visit a zoo, go swimming at their many public pools (can get really crowded in the Summer months- but a great way to cool off and chill with locals), see the giant statue of La Virgen, and lots more. Highly recommended if you're stuck in the city and just want to cool off at the pools or lay out and get a tan on the grassy areas. If you reach the top of the mountain- a great place to see a fantastic view of Santiago. Oh!- and make sure to try a favorite Chilean dessert while you're there- Mote con huesillo...it looks weird, but is sooooo good!

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