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New York, United States

Central Park Cycling Reviews

Threesixty Threesix…
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The best way to get around Central Park Sep 01, 2011
Went on an amazing bike ride around Central Park and I must say this is the best way to see the park, what makes it even better is that I managed to hire a bike at an amazing discount from Groupon.com.

If you hire a bike you get to explore the park to the fullest in a short space of time, you get the option to explore areas of the park that would have taken you a few hours to walk to in just minutes.

A worthwhile way to spend your afternoon, and the you can also spend some time relaxing by the side of the lake taking in the scenery before you jump back on your bike for the next leg of your journey.

If you can't ride yourself you can always get a horse and cart or one of the tricycle men to take you on a tour but then you are limited by what they can show you. For me it's always more rewarding move beyond the traditional tourist route and find something new.
A bike ride is the way forward :)
Awww... lovely views!
Awww ... Central Park :)
Threesixty says:
Indeed :)
Posted on: Sep 01, 2011
Glynnes says:
The only way to get around NYC, really)-}
Posted on: Sep 01, 2011
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redzzed redzzed
13 reviews
Jan 24, 2008
New York revisited .

Have been 3 times and am going again in April , i tend to do the 'road less travelled' kinda thing , partly because i am aries and dont have much patience for queueing , which means that the Empire state building is OUT , same for the Staten island ferry .

In the same road as empire State ; 5th avenue , there are several electical shops which are about 30% cheaper than in the Uk and i bought a digital camera there from a store close to Empire state run by a guy from one of those spanish countries , cant remember the name of it (gautemala ??) , he was a good salesman and he even sold me a battery recharger which is to US spec and useless to me .

i visited the twin towers about 6 months before they were hit , in the evening , it was so dark i didnt realize there was another one next to it , i was on top of the one with the huge ariel .

NY is amazing for its cosmopolitan diversity ,i stay in Lower east side and it seems that spanish/chinese collectively outnumber the caucasian types. Like John Lennon i get a buzz out of NY and it does remind me of Lpool (not that lpool gives me a buzz), but somehow i find the people similar and i feel at home there .

I always rent a bicycle and cycle around Central Park , usually at the weekend when there is less traffic , as i have said elsehere , central park on a sat/sun morning is a site to behold and there will be hundreds and hundreds of joggers, cyclists , skaters going around , none of them caring how silly they might look .There are various cycle rental shops and i dont have the precise info to hand , there is one in the park itself which is very expensive , and another over towards Amsterdam avenue roughly level with the middle/side of the park . The one i used last time was on Lexington avenue http://www.metrobicycles.com/, east of the park and half-way down .I do have these details somewhere and will be updating this review .There is a weblink at the foot of this with a pile of bike rental places , bear in mind that its best to be close to the park 'cos the traffic can be

pretty dangerous for a cyclist .I think i had to leave either my passport or drivers licence as a surety whilst i had the bike out .

I also did the helicopter trip with Liberty Helicopters , they only go over the river and around the liberty statue (and not over any buildings), (see pic) , i went on a misty day which added to the experience , it was about a 15 min trip and there was a queue of people waiting .

I usually get a weekly subway pass and travel a lot on the FV subway line , the first time i went there was this couple boarded our carriage ,he looked absolutely shattered with his head down and not only sick but with psychological problems too.She did the talking ..'my husband and myself are currently homeless...', they were whites , no one paid any attention to them and they moved to another carriage , with her saying ' well thanks anyway ..'

It was either the next time i visited or the third time , that i was on the same subway line and this time she got on alone and started the same lines ..' ..currently homeless..'. Again everyone ignored her and she slowly and sadly moved on , i was so moved that i could hardly speak , what must have happened to her husband??. I gave her all the change in my pocket , afraid it was only about $1.70c .

I usually ignore beggars but i am haunted by this scene and can still see it .

As with touring on foot/subway in any large city , after about 4 hours my feet usually ache badly and at such times in New York , i either head for Times Square , in one of the roads off there , west /43 st there is an Easyeverything internet cafe with a large orange sign outside ,last time i used it was in 2004 but i got a ticket which worked out at about $1 an hour internet use , and i catch up with emails and play chess and bridge online , whilst my feet recover .The other place i go when my feet refuse to co-operate any longer is Columbus Circle which is on the southern edge of the park , there i either chill out drinking coffee and (if i'm lucky) listening to jazz buskers and watching the world go by , or otherwise visit the open air chess pavillion , where the tables tops are made out like chess board and where the players bring thier own sets and chess clocks.

Links : Internet cafes


Bike rental :


(or if the link doesnt work go to www.google.com and search on 'bike rental + new york')

Chess players in central park
Liberty pictured from helicopter ,…
Central park blossom in spring
John lennon ,Strawberry Fields mem…
skiathos says:
Love this review. Your description and the Park remind me of the Donna Summer song 'McArthur Park'.I have never been to NY, but if I ever go Central Park this is a must for me.
Posted on: Sep 02, 2011
sylviandavid says:
Very nice review... love the helicopter ride...
Posted on: Jan 01, 2010
Squeak123 says:
A good read Redzzed. I have been to New York many times too. I love Central Park, but never have i thought of hiring a bike. You smiled at my pic of Central Park the other day..Cheers. I like "The Ramble" and "The Boathouse" in Central Park best.
I highly recommend Prospect Park in Brooklyn too for a nice walk, and Brooklyn is a very chilled place at the weekend. The Park Slope area is great for wandering around. Just take the B-train Downtown and get off at Prospect Park.

Posted on: Mar 07, 2008
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