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Cedeira. The nearly unheard-of port city in the far north-western part of Spain. This is a city of ultimate intimacy, a place with almost no traces of tourism, where only locals and travelers who are keen on the most hidden and secret locations go when they want time away from the crowded and flashy tourist traps that line the coast of nearly every developed country in the 21st century. Part of the historic region of Galicia, one of the very first European Kingdoms, it is tucked in between the Castile, Leon, and Asturias regions, with the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the Bay of Biscay to the north. It is a region of lush greenery, gently rolling hills, and stark cliffs rising out of the ocean. Cedeira is the perfect place to experience some of the best that Spain has to offer, enjoyed from the safety and security of your own personal town (or at least as close as you can get to it).

Cedeira and Carino have some of the highest cliffs in the entirety of Europe, and recent studies published by the British Natural History Museum in the Official Journal of the Royal Geological Society have shown that the rock layers are some of the oldest in the entire world. It is a fact that locals take great pride in. And while the cliffs are definitely a major selling point when it comes to the beauty of the region surrounding, there are also plenty of idyllic beaches, rolling hills, and forests, with plenty of farming, horse breeding, and timber production as staple industries. However, it is the fishing that is the primary reason many people come here. The weather is mild year-round, and if you come in June and July you can experience the Medieval Fair of Cedeira as well as the world-famous Percebe gastronomic festival, making for an absolutely perfect ending in one of the most serene coastal towns on the planet.

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