Cebu Pacific - Never Again!

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Cebu Pacific - Never Again! - my reaction that our flight was cancelled then delayed.
Cebu Pacific - Never Again! - never trust this airline.
Cebu Pacific - Never Again! - hahahahahahaha
Cebu Pacific - Never Again! - chaos at the counter for the 2 cancelled flights.
Cebu Pacific - Never Again! - our plane the next day!

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lauro lauro
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cebu pacific - never again! Apr 29, 2009
For me - cebu pacific airline - never again even if they would give me a free flight from the philippines to germany!

as me and ben were in the philippines, we decided go to the central islands to visit my home town of iloilo city. My first choice was philippines airlines since i always use this flag carrier whenever i travel by plane inside the philippines. The problem was we just decided to book the next day and philippine airlines require 48 hours of booking, so we decided to use cebu pacific.

it was really "cheap" as the airline promotes it - its the same price as philippine airlines. For almost 100 euros of flight - there arent any food served on an hour flight. You have to buy them which is for philippine standards - expensive for local passengers.

our flight to iloilo from manila was delayed, they couldnt even tell us what time it would depart, it just said delayed - so we really have to keep looking at the screen. After an hour of waiting they finally said that our flight was delayed by 3 hours. It was irritating.

then flying back was the hell for us. We had the last flight - then the flight ahead of us was delayed - then cancelled. Our flight remained hanging because they couldnt say that our flight would be delayed or cancelled too. They kept us waiting and waiting. Then finally after 2 hours of our flight schedule they said our flight would be cancelled - i just couldnt believe that!

it was chaos at the counter of cebu pacific, although they provided each passenger with free 3-4 stars hotel, it wasnt enough for the inconvenience they gave us, they couldnt even put order to the 2 cancelled flights, there were babies and senior citizens who were cold, thirtsy and hungry - not even water or crackers for us that they have kept waiting for so long. After all the chaos - they finally booked me and be at 12 midnight - in a 3 star hotel.

the next day, our flight was again cancelled, the staff werent even helpful if we asked them quesitons all they say that they have no idea blah blah blah. Our flight again was on the verge of cancelling - it would be ok for me and ben - the problem was - we dont have much time as we want to go camping again in another island. If it werent for me complaining for our flight and snapping at the counter, we wouldnt have concrete answers - so, finally after 4 hours from the same schedule we finally boarded back to manila.

as ive said earlier, even if the give me free flights anywhere in the world - never again i would trust this airline. Thanks but no thanks.
never trust this airline.
my reaction that our flight was ca…
chaos at the counter for the 2 can…
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