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Arguably one of the most popular Caribbean destinations out of hundreds of islands to choose from is the British-controlled Cayman Islands. Made up of the Grand Cayman and the Sister Islands—Little Cayman and Cayman Brac—this group of islands in the Caribbean has become known as one of the most prestigious diving and snorkeling locations on the entire planet. The combination of calm, crystal clear waters and coral reefs surrounding make for perfect diving conditions. In addition, sandy beaches and multiple resorts make this island destination the epitome of Caribbean experiences.

Initially colonized during the 18th century by the British, the Islands have been handed down over the years until they exist as they do today. The Cayman Islands have one of the highest standards of living on the entire planet, largely due to the tax haven status, as the Islands have no direct taxation. It has become known as the perfect place for offshore bank account, and combined with tourism, makes for a lucrative money-making system.

With English as the primary language, most visitors have no issues getting around the Islands. In addition, the variety of accommodations, from budget to luxury, makes for an ease-of-use that is difficult to find anywhere else within the Caribbean. The cuisine is a variety of local specialties and world-wide cultural recipes, with over 150 restaurants to choose from. However, alcohol is exceptionally expensive, and while you can bring your own there are limitations on what you're allowed to bring from offshore. Be prepared to spend a little extra on your drinks while here.

Transportation is as easy as hiring a taxi, or renting a car. Getting to the Cayman Islands is simple, as travelers can choose from either cruise ships or the airport. As one of the premier tourist destinations on the planet, the Cayman Islands are accessible year-round and are perfect for either first-timers or veterans.

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The largest of the three islands that make up the Caymans, to many travelers Grand Cayman is the eponymous island which holds the greatest wonders. And while it's true that the capital of Geo…
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A busy city with a British influence - Georgetown, Grand Cayman Island! From the moment you step foot in the city, you will find a very working city with a tropical feel. Located on the wat…
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Grand Cayman Islands #7 most popular location
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Hell #9 most popular location
Located in the West Bay area of Georgetown on Grand Cayman Island is the tiny local hamlet of Hell. It is said that the town takes its name from the natural rock formation on the edge of the…
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Cemetery Beach #11 most popular location