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Cathedral of Toledo Reviews

Vikram Vikram
311 reviews
An amazing cathedral. Forget Alcazar, this is the flagship of Toledo! Oct 22, 2012
So for starters, someone had told me that as one leaves the station to head to Toledo, it's a good thing that one can't see the Cathedral from afar. It's the hidden surprise of town. And boy, were they right! I won't bother giving you the trivia of this massive structure, you can read all about it here: But what I will tell you is that this place is amazing.

I'm actually used to visiting Cathedrals for free or pay a minimal fee inside the church (at the counter), so it was a bit of a surprise for me that you not only pay a bit more, but you buy the ticket from the very fancy ticket office across the road, complete with a guidebook and an audio guide.

Whilst I have seen many Cathedrals and in a very cliched way will say the Notre Dame in Paris is stunning for its intricate work, this comes close as well. I don't know if it's having an SLR camera or the beauty of it all (and the sun rays were falling upon the doors), I ended up taking so many pictures it's probably a record for me.

The entrance for visitors is not the main entrance facing the West. You walk in, and the first sight you encounter is the amazingly stunning chapel. I don't know if it's made of gold or gold coated, but it's absolutely stunning. You do have the regulars as well - the high vaulted ceilings, the stained glass windows, etc. that we've come to love in cathedrals.

Another part I thought was stunning was the intricately designed retable. I've never seen anything this picture perfect. It's like a golden painting come to life - the tiniest amt of detail stressed, and every part of the portrait being unique.

Finally, after visiting the Chapterhouse (which was amazing, but pales in comparison to the rest of the Cathedral), I made my way to the Chapel of Treasure. This houses the world famous Monstrance of Arfe, also known as La Gran Ostensoria de Toledo. Made of the finest silver and gold and bejeweled with gems, it measures over ten feet tall. The monstrance is famous for being used in the annual feast of Corpus Christi of Toledo. The Chapel also houses an old version of the Bible as well, as well as other parapernalia.

Overall, it was over an hour spent in this Cathedral but so worth it, one of the grandest I've seen. Infact, I think I spent more time here than in the other 'popular' Cathedrals around the world. One of the best experirences I've ever had. Thanks Toledo!

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near the Altar
Puerta del Perdón (Portal of Forg…
Puerta de los Leones
Puerta de los Leones
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Nana_gincin says:
Congrats!! Charmer review.
Posted on: Dec 04, 2012
ilserita says:
Congrats on your feature!
Posted on: Dec 03, 2012
mountaingirl says:
Congrats on the feature! Yes, lovely picture! :)
Posted on: Dec 03, 2012
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Vipin Vipin
691 reviews
Stunning exterior but worth the money? Nov 15, 2011
Work began on the cathedral in the thirteenth century, and by the time the architects and builders were finished in the fifteenth, the cathedral became a very good example of the best of high gothic in Spain. Though a very small part of the cathedral can be seen for free, I am not sure about the times and conditions involved. For 99% of people, tickets that cost 5-10 Euros each must be purchased. I didn’t cough up the money, but the interior is meant to have some famous works of art and well-decorated chapels. The exterior is rather impressive too, for free! The doors are wonderfully decorated and the tower is breathtakingly iconic and seems very modern for its age! If you are in Toledo, a quick stop at this place is a must. Whether you want to cough up the money to see the interior is your choice!
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joehobo says:
You may have missed the interior paintings and frescos.
Posted on: Dec 01, 2011
Vipin says:
ah, i'm glad you enjoyed it David! i loved the cheese and ham there, so will probably go back there. but on this occasion, i just thought that nearly 10 Euros was a bit steep and didn't feel the urge to cough up :)
Posted on: Dec 01, 2011
davidx says:
I was so impressed by the free part that, with some misgiving I did buy a ticket and it was as good a purchase as I have ever made. Just the extra carving in the choir would have more than justified the expenditure and, as you say, some of the pictures are great.
Posted on: Dec 01, 2011
ariel444 ariel444
16 reviews
Holy Toledo! Jan 16, 2009
It’s managed to somehow wipe my memory clear of all cathedrals past. A-MAZING. It had the most detailed altar I’ve seen to date, and so much gorgeous stained glass - it’s all around you making the lighting and coloring inside the cathedral just seem… magical. My favorite part is this area right behind the altar where all these figures are carved out and adorn the space all up along the walls and into a dome in the ceiling that’s brightly painted, and has more figures sitting around the edge and looking down at you while you look up at them. It’s just… ridiculous.

It's on the 1,000 Places to See Before You Die list for a good reason. Unfortunately there were no photos allowed inside.
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petrarchanprincess petrarch…
36 reviews
Dec 26, 2007
I really enjoyed the Cathedral of Toledo because it really had some amazing art inside. They have tons of embroidery but also some beautiful oil paintings (one Raphael...that I saw and my mouth was gaping open because there it was...just...hanging inches away from my face with nothing to protect it like they have at museums). They also had some El Greco...but I really don't like his stuff very much at all. Anyway, The Cathedral has some fantastic naves and architecture and frescoes and cloisters. One could spend days...weeks...months in this place and never quite grasp it all. There is just so much there, it's hard to even take it all in. I was quite proud that Spain had such a Cathedral...especially since I'm such an Italy snob...I was expecting to go in and think "yeah, but not as good as *insert Italian city here*" but it was really actually quite impressive.

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