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A beautiful town snuggled in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Veracruz, Mexico. History of the town and those who live there goes back to the Olmec civilization over 2,000 years ago. Surrounded by jungle on the edge of the crater lake Catemaco. Catemaco is affectionately called centre de brujas (center of witches) with fortune tellers and mystic conventions in March. Tourists can catch a boat ride out to "monkey island" in the middle of the lake which is home to a number of monkeys that were abandoned after the University lost its funding. However the monkeys have adapted and survived to live on their small island.
Catemaco is more famous as a location for Mexican tourists and does not attract as many international travelers as other parts of Mexico but definitely makes for a great relaxing stop while on holiday. Down the road is the famous Nanciyaga ecological reserve that was also sight for the Sean Connery movie "Medicine Man" from 1992.
Catemaco is a more quiet location that can offer a great relaxing stop for those exploring tropical Mexico.