Catching a cab in Bangkok

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Bangkok, Thailand

Catching a cab in Bangkok Reviews

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Jun 04, 2006
Catching a taxi cab is one of the most important things to know about on arrival in Bangkok. The taxi's are very inexpensive, and quite safe way of getting around, but there are some particulars to Bangkok, that the visiting traveler should be aware of.There are two types of Taxi available in Bangkok. The first is the traditional Tuk Tuk. This three wheeled vehicle is falling in popularity due to a variety of reasons, they cannot travel on the countries freeway system, they don't have a meter, and most importantly, they very frequently scam tourists by taking them to jewlers and tailors that offer free gasoline in exchange for tourist visitors. Many a tourist has found themselved abandoned after visiting the requisite number of jewlers and tailors, without finding their intended destination. If you do take a Tuk Tuk, do it for the thrill, and negotiate the rate before you climb aboard.The second kind of taxi available in Bangkok, is your usual taxi. These cabs are very prevalent in Bangkok, and can be dispatched by radio, with a small added fee. The cabs start at 35 baht and increase slowly. I have never had a cab fare exceed 200 baht, even for long cross town trips. When arranging a cab, it is best to have the address written down for you, there are not many cabs that speak english, and they frequently are not familiar with anything but the most common tourist spots.There are some circumstances to watch for. Often Bangkok taxi's will attempt to convince tourists to pay a fee for a trip instead of using the meter. This occurs most often at major tourist destinations or night clubs after closing time, and at the airport. In most cases, the cab will tell you an amount that would cost double of the meter fare. In most cases, walking a ways away or waiting a bit longer for a taxi that is willing to run the meter. Ultimately, it is your decision, even paying double the meter fare is still very inexpensive, but those of us that live in Bangkok hate to encourage the practice lest it because more and more common.Another unusual practice in Bangkok is being turned down by cabbies. It is a frequent occurence for a taxi to tell you that they can't take you where you want to go. If you get in a cab and tell them where you are going and they say they can't do it and kick out of the cab, don't take offense. The cab drivers often don't want to get stuck in traffic, or their shift is ending soon, and they don't want a fare that takes them far out of their way. If you are desparate, you can attempt to offer them extra money, and they may change their mind, but it's not usually successfull.There is a special circumstance at the airport. In addition to the regular taxi cue outside the airport, and the cabs that wait for the 'off the meter' fare, you can contract an 'airport limo' to take you into the city. Running about 700 baht, the airport limo is actually just a toyota camry, but they are comfortable and very convenient. Remember, whether you take a taxi or airport limo, you will have to pay the toll road fares yourself. Make sure you give the driver the money ahead of time, or they will assume you want to take the long way around.Unlike the Tuk Tuk drivers, the taxi drivers are usually very polite and reliable. If the cab driver asks for additional fare over what is shown on the meter, you can usually trust that there is a legitimate charge that isn't reflected on the meter, such as tolls, or airport pickup fee, etc. So get out, grab a cab, and see the city!
Ahhh, the traffic in Bangkok
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ktee036 says:
Thank you.... this is one of the best reviews!
Posted on: Jan 10, 2012
DragonFlies says:
This review is very true, a MUST READ before visiting Bangkok or you will be scammed !

Good Job !
Posted on: Jul 09, 2008
jamesintheworld says:
Beware of drivers offering all-day tours for prices as low as 20 baht. You may indeed be taken on a full-day tour, but you will only end up visiting one gem and souvenir shop after another; the driver will get a commission if you buy something and gas coupons even if you don't.
Posted on: Jun 05, 2006
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