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Avalon, California

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silvertech silverte…
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Two Harbors, Catalina Island, California May 11, 2010
Went on a 9 day vacation to Catalina Island off the coast of California Feb. 11-19, 2010.

Can't afford Hawaii? GO HERE! The whole Island is Mountainous. It was Paradise! A true gem on the west coast! Campgrounds are affordable as are the Mini Cabins in Two Harbors.

Hotels can be a bit pricey but affordable depending on where you're staying. TIP: Go during the winter or during the week and rates are cheaper.

I Backpacked across the Island going from one Campground to another 4 in all. Then rented a mini cabin in Two Harbors for 2 nights. Pretty cheap cabin but very basic, good for Snorkelers or Scuba Divers.

Avalon is the city with all the amenities and tourist stuff to do. Weekends there are busy so be sure and make reservations for campgrounds & Hotels months in advance. During the week it's less crowded.

Two Harbors on the north end of the Island is a jewel in Paradise. The general store in two harbors is pricey. TIP: (bring some of your own food or purchase at the grocery store in Avalon). TIP: take the, "Safari Bus" across the island and save a lot over a Taxi. TIP: take one Catamaran Express: from the mainland to Avalon and another one from Two Harbors back to the mainland.

Snorkeling & Scuba Diving is fantastic especally around the Kelp beds! Catalina Island has the clearest water on the west coast. And it is a Tropical Blue! Visibility is 40-100'. Abundant Sea life. Check out my Photos & videos I took:
Avalon, Catalina Island, California
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1Satine 1Satine
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Catalina Island, California Feb 12, 2010
Beautiful for hiking and photographing. Food not so good--even a little disappointing. Lodging ok. Wonderful to get away from the smog. The best part was the actual boat ride from Long Beach over to the island... saw a dolphin pod and beautiful sunset.
silvertech says:
Food was great depending on where you eat!
Posted on: May 11, 2010
cneoridium cneoridi…
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Getting to Catalina Island May 01, 2008
Here are a few tips on getting out to Catalina Island, off of Los Angeles, if you're planning to go there. I'll expand more later...

Catalina's really beautiful. You can leave from Dana Point, San Pedro, or Long Beach (near LA). Dana Point is a shorter drive if your coming from the south, but if you get seasick, Long Beach or San Pedro is a much shorter boat ride. Long Beach is only 26 miles or so from Catalina. Overall you get there in about the same amount of time.

You have sort of three options for a visit:

Taking the morning ferry, spending the day there, and coming back on the evening ferry is the least expensive, and you can pretty much see the island in the day (it's mostly private, so it only takes half a day to explore the town). There are usually boats leaving as early as 0700 and coming back as late as 1900, depending on the season. This is a really fast and smooth hydrofoil jet boat. Even the giant hydrofoils can be a bit rough in a big swell, you're way out on the open ocean. It takes about an hour to check in and get there.

Option two is to fly across on the helicopter service, only 12 minutes from Long Beach (an hour by boat), and come back on the ferry. More expensive, but you get more time on the island and a really cool helicopter ride. You could fly round trip, but the ferry's fun. If you were thinking of staying overnight, I'd almost suggest doing this as a daytrip with the hotel money you save.

Staying overnight is usually really expensive, you're competing with all the rich people and movie stars in LA for the rooms, so they're at a premium. Most of the hotels have a 3-night minimum.

You can also camp at the far end of the island for a small fee, but you typically have to reserve months in advance. It's really fun though. There are also a three excellent yacht harbors there if you want to sail out.

Here's my last trip out there I did for work...
Express helicopter from Long Beach…
Just the ride if fun, you get to s…
Dockside on the island
Avalon Bay and the old casino
shirlan says:
It's a quirky little town. No gambling in the casino. Interesting facts re limit of cars there.
Posted on: May 16, 2008
acowboy says:
hey david, thanks for the info. Looks like I won't be heading over there anytime soon, the plans have change. but next time i am out there, we gotta do something.
Posted on: May 02, 2008
shirlan shirlan
74 reviews
Not cheap but a great day can be had. Aug 06, 2008
It has a man made beach. A casino that has no gambling. A Mosoleum with no bodies. A bird sanctury with no birds. There is a limit to the number of cars on the island, a long waiting list to be allowed to have one. Therefore the main mode of transportation for the locals are golf buggies. The trip on the underwater boat is good as you get to see the marine life. The coach tours are also very informative. Souveniers are expensive but all in all, a relaxing time can be had. There were a number of movies made on the island. For one movie there were Buffalo taken to the island but the scene they were used in was cut. Buffalo still roam on the island. It is also a golfers delight. Many of the cruise ship passengers disembarked with their golf clubs to spend the day on the golf course. Oh of course there is also the Australian Gum trees that Mr Wrigley imported and had planted to stop soil erosision!
Catalina Island, the casino
Marine life
gonmyway says:

great review, was there doing the '80s.
Posted on: Feb 09, 2009
vulindlela says:
Wow, great photos!
Posted on: May 16, 2008

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