Castel Sant'Angelo

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Lungotevere Castello, Rome, Italy

Castel Sant'Angelo Rome Reviews

Maurizioago Maurizio…
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Castel Sant' Angelo. Feb 04, 2017
This castle was built around 123 d. C. as a tomb for emperor Adrian and his successors. It was completed by Antoninus Pius in 139.

The name Castel Sant Angelo comes from the legend of Saint Gregorio Magno who had a vision of an angel appearing on the fortress, and announcing the end of the plague.

In the fifth century this castle was converted into a fortress and incorporated into the city defensive walls. During the middle ages it was occupied by many noble families. In 1377 it came under full papal control. In the XIVth century, pope Nicholas III linked the castle with a covered passageway to the Vatican; the so called passetto di Borgo. So that the popes could seek refuge in the castle if the Vatican was besieged. From the late '400 the papal apartments were built inside the castle. Castel Sant Angelo was also used as a prison and execution place.

The castle is made of five levels. On the forth you can visit some papal rooms. There are some nice covered passages around the castle where you can enjoy some beautiful views over the city and rest a bit.

There are some facilities inside the castle; as a cafe restaurants, the toilets and a lift for disabled people.
Landscape from the castle.
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Zagnut66 Zagnut66
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Castel Sant' Angelo Mar 07, 2013
This ancient castle is only a fifteen minute walk from the Vatican. Just follow the Via della Cinciliazione from St. Peter's Square and you will run into it. I stopped for some gelato along the way to get ready for more touring. Outside the Castel were street performers, food carts, and vendors hawking trinkets, so be ready to say "No" to all the guys trying to pawn off plastic pope key rings and Vatican shot glasses. Someone was playing Led Zeppelin on an accordian which kept drifting through the halls of the palace. Strange.

There is a lot of walking involved as you pass through the centuries. The Renaissance-era papal apartments were fascinating, something literally out of the Borgias t.v. show. There was an exhibit on the life of St. Peter as well as displays of weaponry and armor from the various armies that have used the Castel, all the way through World War II. Lots of great views of the city from up top. I spent more time here than originally planned, worth a visit.
Castel Sant Angelo
Hadrian needs a facelift
Inside the castle
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spocklogic says:
Barbarians at the gate - good defense, Bill!
Posted on: Feb 20, 2014
osgoodst osgoodst
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Come for Tom Hanks - Stay for the Views Jan 12, 2013
On my trip to Rome my hotel shuttle always stopped in front of this large fortress that looked familiar; after chatting it up with the grim reaper I realized that it was the Tomb of Hadrian ( the wall guy) featured in the overly dramatic movie "Angel and Demons". For my first few days in Rome I avoided this place in fear of groups of middle aged to elderly intellectual twinkies trying to act sophisticated by retracing the book ( not the movie). However every day as I walked by the place I realized that there were no lines, and not really that many people in it so I decided to take a look.

So I walked on in. The fee to get in was 7 or 8 euro, which is pretty good compared to some of the other sites around Rome. It turns out this place was pretty cool, and full of history. The bottom of it was the tomb of emperor hadrian, and then above it the pope and friends built up a story full of frescos and what not. The top also had a cafe that was closed. The really nice thing about this place is that there were no tour groups, and was empty.

Be prepared to walk up a lot of steps!
there it is.
This was called "bust of a man"
There was a legend that during the…
At the end of the this long hall f…
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Andy99 Andy99
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From Hadrian's Mausoleum to Castel Sant'Angelo Sep 27, 2012
The Castel Sant'Angelo is an ancient Roman structure that has been in continuous use for nearly 2,000 years. It began as the Mausoleum of Hadrian, built between 123 and 139 AD. The cylindrical building on the far bank of the Tiber continued in use as the imperial tomb until the time of Caracalla in 217. Over the ensuing centuries it saw use as a fortress, Papal residence, and prison. Castel Sant'Angelo has been open as a museum and historical site since 1925. Castel Sant'Angelo derives its name from the appearance of Archangel Michael to Pope Gregory the Great in the 6th century. A statue of Michael is atop the uppermost terrace, spreading his wings over Rome.

A visit to Castel Sant'Angelo is a fascinating trip through the history of Rome. Visitors ascend the structure by way of the interior helical ramp of the original mausoleum. The ramp was used for funeral processions and reaches the Hall of Urns in the center of the mausoleum. The funerary urns are long gone, but the niches that held them are visible.

Visitors then come out at the Courtyard of the Angel. Museum displays and special exhibits are here. We saw the "Popes of Memory" exhibit about the Popes of recent times. There are also displays of Papal antiquities and displays on the Castel when it was used as a fortress. The courtyard takes its name from the 1544 statue of Michael that stood atop the castle unit 1752. (It was replaced by the present bronze statue.) Four corner bastions added in the 15th and 16th centuries can be visited.

The next level up are the elegant loggia added by Paul III and Julius II in the 16th century. They encircle the Castel and provide a dramatic view of St. Peter's and the Vatican and of Rome. The Loggia of Julius II leads to the stunningly decorated Papal Apartments with frescoes and furnishings of the High Renaissance.

A cafe is located on the loggia level. We had lunch here while enjoying the view of St.Peter's!

Castel Sant'Angelo is just one amazing discovery after another! Don't overlook it!

Admission is 10.50 Euro.

Photography is not permitted in special exhibits or in the Papal Apartments.
Castel Sant'Angelo
Castel Sant'Angelo. The circular b…
Bronze statue of St. Michael Archa…
Helical entrance ramp of Hadrian's…
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vulindlela says:
Posted on: Oct 20, 2012
monky says:
On nice one congrats on this featured review Andy!:)
Posted on: Oct 18, 2012
simsing says:
Congrats on the featured review, Andy!
Posted on: Oct 18, 2012
leiferikson leiferik…
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love the bridge Jun 06, 2011
Hadrian laid the grounds for this magnificent site 1900 years ago. His ashes are within the building. I love the bridge, which is flanked on both sides by statues of angels. I was there one evening around sunset in 2008. The sky was pink. I took photos of myself there.
Vipin Vipin
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Great views and history Feb 20, 2010
This building has had its fair share of labels; from being a potential mausoleum for Hadrian and his family, to serving as a fortress and residence for Pope Nicholas III in the fourteenth century. Today, it stands as a museum for tourists!

The building does feel like a very impressive fortress to walk around. I particularly enjoyed going up to the top of the building, as you get to see some great views of the city from there. To make the most of it, I recommend timing it an hour or two before sunset. That way, by the time you finish wandering through the complex, you’ll have great views at the top!

It is unfortunate that so many things are missing from the place; for example, Hadrian’s ashes were probably scattered away by the Visgothics in the fifth century. Nonetheless, I really thought this place was worth visiting and the great views of the city are an added bonus. It is worth considering if you have a spare hour or so when you are in Rome.
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Vipin says:
hey, thanks very much Sylvia!
Posted on: Mar 15, 2011
sylviandavid says:
enjoyed this review....
Posted on: Mar 15, 2011
marcelina1985 marcelin…
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Nice place at the Tyrrhenian sea shore Jul 14, 2010
Santa Severa is a really small but beautiful sea resort set really close to Rome (50 km north of it)

The castle of Santa Severa is it's main attraction and by the way really an old monument - according to historical documents it was built in the XIth century as a part of Pyrgi - famous port from Middle Ages.

The castle is currently open to the public.

Since 1993 the interiors are used as a place for the exhibitions of The Civic Museum of Santa Marinella.

Museum opening hours:

-every day except mondays

-from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

What's inside:

- 9 rooms with different exhibitions about Pyrgi, underwater archeology, sailing, ancient ships etc.

- workshops

- collection of videos

- library of more or less 400 volumes about the history and archaeology of the Cerite-Tolfetano-Braccianese territory

When to visit:

The best time is during summer - you can spend whole day swimming in the sea, catching sun rays and in the meantime visit the castle.
the castle seen from the land
the castle seen from the sea persp…
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Nory says:
Nice review!
Posted on: Mar 21, 2011
erojas3 erojas3
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Castel Sant'Angelo- Aug 22, 2010
I was not sure how much this cost. I am pretty sure it wasn't free but it was for my friend and I as we had the Roma Pass.

This was hand down my favorite place in Rome, and the funny thing is I didn't even know about it. After walking for a couple of minutes from the Vatican, we found this Castle and went all the way around it then realized we could go in! It took a while to reach the top but it was so worth it. From the top there is an angel statue and you get an amazing view of the city. During my stay in Rome, I visited much more famous attractions but I always tell friends going to Rome this is the place they must visit.
OUtside side view of the castle
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sylviandavid says:
Nice review. I have seen it but didn't know you could go in...
Posted on: Mar 15, 2011
Ann_Hells Ann_Hells
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Castel Sant' Angelo Mar 02, 2008
The Castel Sant’ Angelo has several types of Roman architecture and painting designs worth seeing. The beginning is Hadrian’s mausoleum which has lost most of its decoration apart from a few floor tiles from what used to be a mosaic. On the main floor there is a map of the top floors of the castle. Since all paths seem to lead back to this main square we used this to make sure we didn’t miss anything.

There are several courtyards as well as indoor rooms. The courtyards show how the castle was used as a defense for the city. The canons are all in place with cannon balls piled up next to them. The rooms host exhibits of modern art. While the paintings are very good, mostly vistas of Rome and its monuments, the Roman 3rd and 4th style wall paints detract from them. As I walked through the rooms I found that I never knew where to look, creating a dizzying effect of looking from Roman to modern and back hundreds of times.

Apart from this the castle is remarkably well preserved and it is nice to walk around the edges with great views of the city. Entrance is free to EU citizens under 18, and reasonable price for adults. While this is not one of the more celebrated sites of Rome, I can see myself coming back.
Castel Sant' Angelo
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Eric Eric
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Mar 31, 2006
Originally built as a mausoleum for Hadrian and his family in 135AD, this huge, ancient structure along the banks of the Tiber has a fascinating history. It has served as a fortress and prison for the papacy, and some of the cannonballs and other fortifications in the courtyard are

made from the melted down, bronze interior of the Pantheon. There is even a "secret", walled passage connecting the castle directly to the Vatican.Since the structure is one of the tallest in Rome, the top affords some pretty nice views of Rome. They aren't as commanding as the view from St. Peter's, but scenic nevertheless. The baroque statue of Saint Michael sheathing a sword on the top of the tomb supposedly commemorates the end of the plague in 590, during which Pope Gregory saw a vision of the angel.And I just realized that after walking by Castel Sant'Angelo every day for four months on my way to class, I never took a picture of if anyone else who has been there wants to upload some pictures along with another review I'd be grateful!
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sylviandavid says:
Good history in this review.... Love it! sylvia
Posted on: Mar 15, 2011
portia portia
216 reviews
Mar 31, 2006
Unlike Eric, I took several pictures of Castel St Angelo. I even have one of the canon balls, I thought they looked pretty neat piled up like that. It was viewed from one of the top level balconies of the castle. At night time, the view from the top of the castel is well worth the ticket to the museum/castel, you can see St Peter's, the Pantheon and many other landmarks in Rome. There was also a small restaurant there where you can grab something to eat/drink. Plan to spend at least one hour, maybe 2 in the castle.It is an impressive looking building, and a landmark of Rome. It was featured in the book Angels and Demons by Dan Brown.The St Angelo bridge leading to the castel is famous for the angels on each side, each one is different of course.
canon balls piled in the courtyard
bridge leading to castel st angelo
view of the castel from across the…
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sylviandavid says:
Nice review... we went across the bridge but didn't realize the castle was open to visit ... duh..
Posted on: Mar 15, 2011
yadilitta yadilitta
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Nice Castel Sant'Angelo Jun 19, 2006
Castel Sant Angelo is located in the heart of the city, on the banks of the river Tiber and shows the continuity between past and present in the city.

It's divided in 5 floors. On the 4th you can find magnificent papal rooms. On the top floor, there is a huge terrace with magnificent views over the city.

If you are around and have some time, visit it and get an amazing view of the Tiber.
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