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i'm lovin'it Dec 06, 2009
I am very very happy by prepare you my first review about my hometown, like i said CASABLANCA i'm lovin'it......

Casablanca has a mild Mediterranean climate with warm, dry summers and mild, rainy winters. Casablanca's climate is strongly influenced by the cool currents of the Atlantic Ocean which tends to moderate temperature swings and produce a remarkably mild climate with little seasonal temperature variation and a lack of extreme heat and extreme cold.

Casablanca is the largest city in Morocco and North Africa’s busiest port, With an estimated population of 3,210,000. 60% of all Moroccan companies and almost every bank has headquarters here, making Casablanca the business capital of Morocco and one of the most important commercial centers in North Africa. As such, the city is also the center for foreign trade and Morocco's

Located near the capital city of Rabat,

Casablanca is also the country's main Atlantic seaport with one of the world's largest man-made harbors featuring the 3,180 meter-long Moulay Youssef Jetty with fishing and fish-canning as the leading industries. The city is the site of Hassan II University, established in 1976.

The origins of Casablanca trace to the medieval town of Anfa set on a small plateau which is now one of the city's suburbs. Anfa became the capital of a Berber principality in the aftermath of the Arab invasions of the seventh and eighth centuries

The town was rebuilt with a mosque, madrasah, hammam and a fort and renamed Dar Al Beida (The White House) which the Spanish eventually translated as Casablanca/Dar Beida.


Central Market:

Boulevard Muhammad V is Casablanca's busiest shopping street, and it is along this boulevard where you will find a charming combination of European and Oriental

Casablanca's main market, Marche Central, takes place every morning along the boulevard, offering a wealth of the finest Moroccan produce from the agricultural regions of Fez, Meknès, Gharb, and Doukkala. The place is a small, but high-quality, version of the traditional souks of Morocco. Catering to the needs of the Moroccans, it is a guarantee that you will be able to find something truly local. The market is divided into different sections, with stalls selling dried produce, including nuts and fruits, fresh flowers, pets, and livestock, and a wet area where you can buy fresh produce. There is also a section where you will be able to find hand-woven straw baskets, moccasins, rugs, and handicrafts. The fresh food section offers vegetables, meat, and all kinds of seafood. For some of the greatest shopping and a taste of local favourites, nowhere beats the souks, or the Medina, where you will be able to find the most traditional of arts and crafts and the most exotic of food items. The central market in Casablanca offers fresh fish, fruits and vegetables, along with colorful flowers.

Hobbies & Activities category: Culinary attraction, Market, shopping area

Hassan II Mosque:

Standing proud over both the Atlantic Ocean and the city of Casablanca, the Mosque of Hassan II is a fantastic convergence of architecture, art, geometry, religious devotion, and national pride. The mosque is showcased in every brochure about Casablanca and featured in every Al-Jazeera station ID as one of the Arabic World’s great heritage sites -- just after Mecca itself. The awesome size of the mosque and the surrounding plaza is too great for any camera lens.

The Hassan II Mosque, located on the shoreline just beyond the northern tip of the medina, dominates the entire city. The prayer hall can accommodate 25,000 of the faithful, and the esplanade another 80,000. It covers two hectares, has the world's tallest minaret (200 m/656 ft) and a retractable roof. The amount of decoration, plaster and wood used to construct this mosque is astonishing. It was completed in 1993.

Hobbies & Activities category: Islamic site or artifact collection


Finishing our tour of Hassan II Mosque in the early evening, we decided to take a stroll along Boulevard de La Corniche, an area where Casablancans go to play. It is the Riviera of the African continent, the Blackpool of Morocco, the South Beach of Casablanca.

From the lighthouse, northwards along the waterfront is bordered by an uninterrupted sweep of beaches, swimming pools, cafés, nightclubs, hotels, and restaurants. Casablancans come here to take an evening stroll, have a drink, and breathe the salty, bracing sea air.

Overlooking the sea, Fondation Saoudienne Ibn Seoud (The Ibn Saud Saudi Foundation), built in 1985, comprises a mosque, a center for higher education, and an ultra-modern library. At the far end of the corniche near the resort of Aïn Diab are the Casablanca health clinic and the Sinbad Amusement Park, with its colourful carousels, dizzying dodgems, slippery slides, and pedalos.

Some of the most luxurious villas in Casablanca are found just behind the Corniche, in the residential area of Anfa.

The corniche in Casablanca is an area for those who prefer the nightlife.

Hobbies & Activities category: Beach; Culinary attraction; swimming & water activities; Resort or relaxation spot

Habbous Souk District:

The Habbous district is filled with many types of souks selling variety of items including pastries, olives, fabric, shoes, antique shops, etc.

Hobbies & Activities category: Crafts center or marketplace

Old Medina:

Casablanca's small Medina is predominantly used by the local residents and consists of housing with stalls/shops that sell clothes, footwear, spices, dried fruit, leather goods, and electronic equipment. There are also carts that sell fruit in season. All of these are available to tourists and there are a number of souvenir orientated shops in the area near the clock tower and along Blvd, on the edge of the Medina.

Visiting the Medina is a good opportunity to see how the locals live and shop. If planning on shopping yourself, be prepared to bargain hard.

The Casablanca medina contains a labyrinth of streets and barbers, butchers, ironmongers and grocers.

Hobbies & Activities category: Region, quarter of a major city

Place Mohamed V:

Mohammed V Square, Mahakama Law Courts and the Habous Quarter Set around a central fountain in the heart of the city, Mohamed V square is surrounded by splendid examples of French Colonial architecture. A large number of the buildings here, which house government and public offices, reflect the design style known as 'Mooresque.' This styling exemplifies both Moroccan and French architectural elements.

The Place Mohamed V has the post office, Palace of Justice, the Prefecture, the French Consulate and the Bank of Morocco all set around a central fountain. At night it becomes alive with lights and spectacle.

Hobbies & Activities category: Government or institution building; Standalone sculpture, statue or fountain


in Casablanca there’s one of largest airport in Africa is the hub of Morocco's flag carrier Royal Air Maroc. Located in Province of Nouaceur, a suburb 30 km south-east of Casablanca, it is the busiest airport in Morocco with over 6.2 million passengers passing through the airport in 2008


Mohammed V airport can be reached via the A7 Casa-Berchid motorway via Bouskoura. From Rabat use the A3 then the A5.


The train station is situated at level -1 in the arrivals area of Terminal 1. Trains depart from the airport to Casablanca every hour between 06.50 and 22.50. Trains depart from Casablanca to the airport every hour between 06.38 and 22.38. Journey time is half an hour and costs around 4 EUR.


Bus company CTM operates services to Casablanca Mohammed V airport from the city centre. Journey time is one hour.


The taxi rank is located at level 0 of the arrivals area. The base rate for a journey to Casablanca is around 20 EUR

Hoping that it will be useful for you help to discover my city :)
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haha!!! ok mr nathan if you tell it :) you're also a casablanca citizen
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