Casa Rosso Theatre

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

Casa Rosso Theatre Amsterdam Reviews

curious_claire curious_…
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An interesting night out Oct 08, 2014
So before i came to Amsterdam i never thought i'd be going along to a sex show. It just sounds so seedy. But i made friends with some guys from my hostel who had a bucket list of things to do in each country they visited and this was on their Amsterdam list. I wasn't sure at first but figured why not. If nothing else it will be a story!

We had asked for a recommendation for a good place to go while on the Red Light District Tour as we were spoilt for choice. We were told that Casa Rosso was the best but wasn't the cheapest. It cost €40 to enter or €50 to include 2 drinks with the ticket. We opted for the ticket with drinks and as a woman i was also given a penis shaped lolly. I can now say i've sucked a 'cock' in the red light district hehe

We entered and took a seat. At first we hid at the back but then decided to be brave and go a little closer. I must admit the theatre was a lot nicer than i was expecting and i was actually shocked to see how many women were there!

How this place works is they have 7/8 acts that go on stage, do their thing, and these acts repeat throughout the night. You can stay there as long as you like but i imagine most people leave after they've seen all acts. But you can tell that these people are repeating their acts throughout the night. It was like a choreographed dance. We did watch one show twice and they did the same moves both time. Kinda ruined it as they had no enthusiasm while performing (although i didn't really mind!)

But there was more of a mixture of acts than i was expecting. You had couples (gay and straight) having sex but there was also a flag lady, a banana lady and a male stripper. And there was a bit of audience participation during some acts. But go on stage at your own risk! I had great fun watching a horrified gay guy take a bit from the banana (i'm sure you can guess where it was!) He definitely regretted going on stage at that moment!

The bar is at the top but there are people who come round in-between the acts to get you drinks. You get given 2 vouchers with your ticket so you just exchange these for drinks. It was quite nice having someone get my drinks for me lol

Overall this was a lot more fun than i thought it was going to be. You say sex show and i just think of a dirty room with a stage and men erm, well, you know! But it was a much classier place than that. I'm really glad i went now
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peppertm peppertm
116 reviews
Casa Rosso Theatre Jul 22, 2009
Casa Rosso, the oldest erotic theatre, is said to be ‘the beating heart of the famous Red Light District. It was also the venue at which we saw the optional excursion sex show. Although graphic at times, I found this sex show to be sort of corny. Now, granted, the ‘artists’ usually perform 6 or 7 times a night, so generally, they don’t look all that enthralled in what they are doing. Having said that, some of the acts will raise your eyebrows in surprise, shock, amazement, and even possibly make you squirm, however, it’s all in the name of entertainment. Our price of admission included a couple of drinks that were brought right to us in our seats, which was a theatre setting. The show lasted about an hour for us, as we left before it was over. I know this wouldn’t be everyone’s ‘cup of tea’ but I would recommend it….where else in the world are you going to see a sex show legally?

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