Casa Bianca Beach Resort

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Donsol, Philippines

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phieraditya phieradi…
20 reviews
Find other place to stay in Donsol Jan 22, 2011
We stayed here on 22 Jan 2011. We booked 2 COTTAGE VILLA for 6 of us after checked on their website (

Upon check in, we quite surprise with the rooms we got. Cement plaster floor, not good built room, shabby curtains, and the furniture (1 single bed, 1 double bed, and 1 small bamboo cupboard) also not good. Rather than words, my picture (below) will tell you better. One thing was good, the bathrooms were clean.

On our arrival, the electricity went down. So, the morning we were there, no electricity and no water. We arrived in Donsol after 11 hours by Bus from Manila to Legazpi plus 1 hour by Van from Legazpi to Donsol. So, at minimum, we need water to brush our teeth and wash our face. Rafael (Rafi)—the manager—told us, he would get his staff to bring water for our bathrooms. But waiting and waiting, and after asking several staff, we got 2 600ml bottles of mineral water, which not enough, and after some waiting time, one staff brought us a bucket of water, and we need to ask for another bucket for the other room.

They have many staff, but really slow service. When we ask for breakfast (breakfast include in San Miguel Island Hopping pax not from room pax). First they deliver, 4 triple sandwich, then another 2 triple sandwich, then 2 cups of coffee, last 4 cups of tea, in between deliveries there were quite interval time. That day, we were only guests, so the many staff must be not busy, right?

We spent day with San Miguel Island Hopping tour, and hope when we back to the hotel, the electricity already up. And indeed it’s already up. But for the bathroom water, we need to ask and wait them to turn it on. So, the water already on, but no water ran from the head shower. The staff was try to clean each hole on the shower with needle, but no help, the water run to small. I try to remove head shower from the hose, but water run from the hose also small. Then, we didn’t have head shower and hot water, instead we had bucket shower.

After dinner, we went for fireflies watching. Night we back to the hotel, they already turn the water off. Again, we ask them to turn on the water. In the morning, my friend told me, late at night, he needed to pump by himself from water pump, because, again, they turn off the water.

From what I see on the next morning on our walk to Donsol Tourism Center, there are many hotels in Donsol. On your plan trip to Donsol, try to choose other hotel than this.

We spent PHP 5650 for rooms, breakfast, and dinner

COTTAGE VILLA PHP 1500/room/3pax

Breakfast (Triple Sandwich, Coffee/Tea)

Dinner (Rice, Bicol Express, Sauteed Shrimp, Omelette, Chop Suey, Mango Juice)
Room Type: Cottage Villa for 3 pe…
Room Type: Cottage Villa not real…
Room Type: Cottage Villa, the bat…
our dinner at Casa Bianca counter…
casabianca says:
@ Ms. Phie, your reviews are very important to us as we want the best for our customers too. Today we changed the floor of the Cottage villas, bought more New sheets and even contacted a tailoring lady to make new curtains (pictures will be up.loaded during our opening). The only aim of Casa Bianca is to please the guests and we are willing to take whatever way to achieve it. But one thing I disagree, the curtains were not shabby and the rooms were meticulously cleaned. :)
Posted on: Jan 30, 2011
phieraditya says:
@casa bianca: thanks for your feedback. Hopefully from both my review and your feedback can be helpful of others on travbuddy community.
Posted on: Jan 28, 2011
casabianca says:
Part 1: Though Casa Bianca is set to officially open for this 2011 season, we have been accepting guests since January 20, 2011. The reason for this is to prepare the new set of staff, by actual training, for the coming peak season March to May. The staff was in housed on January 20, 2011.
Now, let me respond to Ms. Phie’s review.
First, Casa Bianca has 2 kinds of Rooms, the Cottage Villa, the cheapest air-con room in Donsol with hot and cold shower which amount to Php. 1,500.00 and the other, the Sunset room that amounts to Php. 1,800 (for 3 persons) and Php. 2,000.00 for four persons (spacious aircon room with spacious bathroom).
The Cottage villa, mentioned on the review above, is intended for the budget travelers. It’s very cheap so then, guests can’t compare it with rooms from other resorts that amount twice or thrice more. It can’t be even compared to our sunset rooms that are so much different from them. (We will be posting the new photos of the sunset rooms together with the new restaurant that houses antique sets including a 200 year old dipping spoon, old type writer and an antique bicycle).
Posted on: Jan 28, 2011
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eloyab eloyab
2 reviews
Casa Bianca, a dissapointment May 23, 2011
We were given a room at the second floor which had the basics: 2 queen size beds, a cabinet, and a full-size mirror. It had a huge bathroom, and hot and cold shower, but they did not provide any towel, soap or shampoo, which was okay since we brought our own. The air-con was working, and there is free wi-fi.

Service at Casa Bianca’s restaurant was so slow. We ordered breakfast few minutes before 10am, and it was served at 11:10am. Our breakfast was served after more than one hour of waiting, and we only ordered 6 fried eggs, 4 cups of rice, 2 orders of instant pancit canton (instant!), 3 cups of coffee and an orange juice. Why did it take them one hour to serve our order? The lady we asked said the cook was late for work, so she had to cook our breakfast herself and it took her one hour to prepare. Taste of the food? Nothing spectacular.

Location: Casa Bianca is around 400 meters from the Butanding Tourist Center where visitors register and boats depart for the whale shark watching. We had to ride a tricycle overtime we had to go to the Tourist Center (tricycle fare is P10 per person.)

Resort environment - It is such a depressing place to be in while you are on a vacation. I booked for two nights at Casa Bianca, but my friends and I decided to leave this place since we saw that there were a lot better accommodations in Donsol. So as soon as we woke up at 6 AM the following day (May 21), we paid our balance, got out of Casa Bianca, and went to Vitton Beach Resort where the staff was accommodating enough to allow us to check in at 6:30 am even though the regular check in time is 12 noon.

Price: At Casa Bianca we paid PhP2000 for 4 pax, while at Vitton Beach Resort the rate was PhP2,200 for 4 pax. We didn’t mind paying the extra P200 since Vitton Beach Resort had much nicer rooms, well-maintained garden (I enjoyed taking photos of their flowers), and a nice pool where we relaxed after our butanding encounter. Another plus point, Vitton Beach Resort is a walking distance from the Tourist Center. Just avoid Casa Bianca if you can.
PhoenixFire72 PhoenixF…
5 reviews
DO NOT STAY HERE Mar 30, 2010
I'm already aware that most provencial resorts in the Philippines are quite simple, so I was not expecting to stay at the Ritz. However, this place was, frankly, filthy. The room was dirty, and infested with ants and roaches. There were unidentified stains on the sheets. It was never cleaned during the 3 days and 2 nights we stayed. With the exception of Raffie, who tried his very best, the staff was completely inept. Every time something was ordered, there were multiple mistakes, even though we had 3 Tagalog speakers in our party. They even ran out of chicken, so they couldn't make their signature flaming chicken inasal for dinner. They had plenty of time during the afternoon to go buy more, but no one went out until it was already dinner time. I guess they were too busy blasting the music and lounging in the (guest) hammocks. Basically, unless you simply can't find anywhere else in Donsol to stay, don't stay here.
Safety first? I think not...
One of the many random people who …
These guys and their friends, the …
The beach is very dirty.
casabianca says:
Casa Bianca notes your reviews (good or bad) as it makes us yearn more to improve what we offer. But I just hope reviewers become more impartial with their reviews.. not ruin all due to a single mistake or disappointment.

My comment here is that, if our rooms as you said are filthy, dirty, infested with ants and roaches, why are there no pictures of the rooms with those dirts, roaches, ants and so on? You almost taken the pictures of others but why not the rooms? During this time, we know that the staff were not really that trained, that's why we changed all of them this season. wouldn't it be too much to curse all just for the mistakes of some staff?

In March 2010, due to some local news (confirm-able) of a staff stealing from another place, we become very strict and specific about 'room service'. If you have read the policies on the rooms, it says there that "room service is available upon request". We never allow people cleaning without the presence of the guests. The time that one staff was told to do it, you were not there (usually cleans in the afternoon) or any time too upon guests request. About the staff, they are now all changed for this 2011 season. About the flaming chicken, the day before you came, our stock of 50 chickens estimated to be consumed after four days were sold in 1 day, when 2 jeepneys filled with guests who checked in somewhere dined at us. We cannot purchase from the market in Donsol for our chicken is served in Jumbo sizes and that time, there were no jumbo sizes in Donsol. The time that the last pieces were consumed, someone is already in Legazpi City to buy, that's why it became available again the next day. (we marinate the chicken for 8 hours)

staffs last season were all changed.
Posted on: Jan 30, 2011
greencountry greencou…
1 reviews
Good Food, Great Service! Apr 21, 2009
If you plan on seeing the Whalesharks in Donsol, consider staying in Casa Bianca. You cannot expect a lot from the resorts there as you'd probably just stay for a night or two just to see the whalesharks, the fireflies or do island hopping (and yes, they have island hopping in Donsol --- something i never realized until I was there). While Casa Bianca is nothing different to the resorts around, I enjoyed my stay for the service and food. They have big beds, very spacious rooms and clean baths.

Their service... Everyone was very helpful, friendly, and very accommodating. They can arrange everything for you. I just had to say what we wanted and they make sure they have it done.

And the food... They cook everything fresh from the kitchen and all those that we tried were yummy. Must try are their sauted Shrimp (not sure if it's called "sugpo" but they're the big ones) and the Flaming Chicken. I couldn't get enough of those. Had I not been concious of calories and fat, I might have ordered 3 of both and finished it in one sitting. Actually, I think I may have finished half the chicken when we ordered (that's how good it was!).

I give it a 5 for Value (for money). It's cheap.

I give it a 3 for Location --- the beaches around Donsol aren't as beautiful as Boracay. The area has been known for harvesting shrimp and so the shore can be a little muddy (perfect condidtions for shrimps). You mainly go there to see the whalesharks anyway so the shore won't matter.

I give it a 4 for Cleanliness.

I give it a 3 for Amenities. They pretty much have the same amenities as everywhere else in Donsol.

I give it a 3 (close to 4) for Bed. The beds are big, the rooms were spacious. And...

I give it a 3 for Bathroom and Shower. The showers and heaters work perfectly well. The baths are spacious. I get too particular with baths so 3 is fair enough because 4 for me is hotel standard. :)

Rafie, the maitre d', mentioned that they're having a person from a very prestigous line of luxury hotels see the place and make improvements (which they have already started last year). So, expect a better Casa Bianca when it's done. :D
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