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43 Pg. de Gràcia, Barcelona, Spain - 932 16 03 06

Casa Batllo Barcelona Reviews

sophiabowie sophiabo…
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Casa Batllo Mar 06, 2014
Casa Batllo is one of Antoni Gaudi's masterpieces. I decided to see one Gaudi house while I was in Barcelona. Based on reviews and pictures, I chose Casa Batllo. Exploring Casa Batllo was like exploring an underwater wonderland. I really enjoyed walking around and exploring all the beauty and every secret the house held. The tour is a little more expensive than other tours at 21.50 euro, but definitely worth it. I would say it takes an average of 2 hours to get through the house and it comes with an audio guide in your preferred language. I've read reviews saying not to take the audio and just explore at your own leisure, but I highly recommend the audio! It gives you a behind the scene history on every inch of the house. And after you take the audio tour, you can take the time to explore the house without it! I definitely recommend this tour to anyone who wants to get an inside look into one of Gaudi's masterpieces!
The facade of Casa Batllo
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sarahthevegasbride sarahthe…
69 reviews
Wished i lived there! Apr 24, 2012
Before going to Barcelona i didnt really know much about Gaudi. I am so glad we made the decision to go inside. Its Like Mickey Mouses for Adults.

The queue wasnt too bad and took around 10 minutes to get inside. The price is 18 euros each and you get an audio headset.

Take the tour and marvel at the genius of Gaudi! Not just the amazing ceramics thoughout and the incredible "face" of the building but the thought that went into all the tiny details o listen to.
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HuBison says:
Awesome pics-this would pull me if I ended up in Barcelona.
Posted on: May 16, 2012
crazyguitarchik crazygui…
2 reviews
Brillant, inspiring, beautiful and well worth visiting at least once! Feb 19, 2011
I am a massive Gaudi fan so this may be slightly subjective!

I knew what kind of work Gaudi does but nothing could ever prepare you for the real thing.

It felt like I was in a living and organic building...each room representing some organ or part of the giant dragon the buidling was. The window's its eyes, the stairs and lift its spinal cord. The corridor - its lungs and the shape carries you like you are one of its blood cells making it alive with the sound of footsteps, people talking and the touch of the smooth and beautifully decorated.

This is my favourite building in the world...I could of happily sat in that building from room to room for hours fantasising what could of gone through Gaudi's mind when he designed it - PURE GENIUS!

Check out the official website:

Tickets (2011): 18.25 euros (5% off if you book online here

Opening times: 9am - 8pm throughout the year (even Dec 25th and Jan 1st)
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Della Della
14 reviews
Wow, I will never look at architecture the same way again! Sep 17, 2011
Franklin lloyd Wright had nothing on him. My knowledge of architecture is rather limited but this was a marvel. I was just in awe! Mad genius! The line is rather long, 30 minutes to get in during high season. Plenty of walking, so bring comfortable shoes. No real time limit, just enjoy.
alpgalip alpgalip
75 reviews
"Dream house by Gaudi" Aug 21, 2009
Casa Battlo is located in Passeig de Gràcia. Its easy to go there by subway or 6-7 minute walking distance from Placa de Catalunya. Building looks like cartoon house from outside. One of the most popular architectural creation of Gaudi. It has brilliant rooms inside the building. Tickets are little expensive than Casa Mila. Its approximately 18 euro. At the roof of the building, there is another architectural beauties. It is built more than 100 years ago. Its possible to listen all story with audio guide. Highly recommended to see this architectural beauty.
Casa Batllo, Barcelona
Casa Batllo, Barcelona
Casa Batllo, Barcelona
Casa Batllo, Barcelona
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Vipin says:
wow, 18 euros! that's exp, even for barca!!
Posted on: Dec 27, 2010
ConstanceAshley8 Constanc…
8 reviews
Not to be missed by anyone who appreciates architecture Mar 13, 2008
Casa Batllo was absolutely my favorite site in Barcelona...which is saying something because I enjoyed my whole experience in that Spanish city. This house designed and built by the genius architect Antonio Gaudi literally breaths with life. Visitors will be hard pressed to find a straight line in the whole structure and it is clear that every detail of the home was meticulously considered. I am someone who has a hard time just sitting in one place and yet before I even entered the building I felt compelled to sit on a bench across the street admiring its unique design. In Barcelona La Sangrada Faamilia is Gaudi' far more famous structure and that church is grand but unlike La Sangrada Familia this building was actually finished in Gaudi's lifetime. Although not every detail has been preserved since the master architect and designer finished this project much of it is still as he planned for it to be. I am an avid reader of fantasy literature and perhaps that is at the root of why I fell in love with this building. For with it's flowing lines an ample natural lighting it seems to be thee sort of structure that an elf would create a structure more alive than most modern architecture...I do not have words enough to describe the experience of this home. Only that I put an image of it in my heart and know that it will provide me with inspiration when I build and design my own home.
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Liselore_Verschuren Liselore…
252 reviews
A highlight in all my trips and travels around the world Mar 28, 2008
Casa Batllo, former residence of the Batllo family, is located at number 43 Passeig de Gracia and it was built in 1875. In 1904, owner Josep Batllo decided to commission Antoni Gaudi and builder Josep Bayo I Font to refurbish the house.

The result was a spectacular redesign of the façade and a transformation from the initial geometrical shape to ‘not a single straight line in the entire building’. I’m a big fan of Jugendstil, Art Nouveau and the work of Gaudi, but what I saw at Casa Batllo left me speechless.

The façade is covered in polychrome circles of glazed ceramic and broken fragments of glass in different colours, whose precise positioning by the workmen was directed personally by Gaudi.

Casa Batllo is described as an architectural smile, an outburst of the compositional pleasure of someone in full command of his own individual style that enabled him to escape any imitation or school, either in his own day or subsequently. And I don’t think anyone can add anything to this description of this, except ‘explosion of joy and beauty’ maybe.

I was instantly captivated by all the glowing lines, the use of colours and the countless mosaics, and I was so overjoyed by the overwhelming originality I was nearly foaming at the mouth. Visiting this place was not just a highlight to my visit of Barcelona, it was a highlight in all my trips and travels around the world!
Casa Batllo (Barcelona, Spain)
Casa Batllo (Barcelona, Spain)
Casa Batllo (Barcelona, Spain)
Casa Batllo (Barcelona, Spain)
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Martin_Austria Martin_A…
75 reviews
A house to see Feb 02, 2008
Casa Batllo (Batio /Batjo) is one of Antoni Gaudi remarkable masterpieces. A house he renovated in 1905. I would say he more or less rebuilt it, because of his influence I guess - their hasn't been much left of the old substance.

Often you seen bulidings designed by architects you find places and parts which hasn't been well deliberate. Not so in this Casa, Nearly everything was designed by Gaudi and thats what makes this place so special. Starting from the hull of the building which remembers you of the sea, all the interior work everything seems to fit together.

I was facinated by the upper floor which was meant only for the houskeeping work. But renovated and painted white it looks like a piece of modern art. If you like the architecture of Gaudi, Barcelona is the place to be.
the garden
stairway to ...

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