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Carthage was one of the most prosperous and wealthy cities in the 5th and 4th centuries BC. The Phoenecian empire was however considered a great threat to the Roman empire - especially after a guy called Hannibal stampeded with a bunch of elephants via present day Spain and France, over the Alps and into Italy, nearly capturing Rome, so the Romans set out to capture Carthage and literally destroyed the city in 146 BC by levelling the mountain that made up the city centre, and burying the city completely. They also set out to pour salt over the agricultural lands, ensuring that even today much of the land in the area is infertile.

So there's not much left. In fact, there is barely anything left, and even though archeologists did a lot of excavating in the area, 2000 years of trampling and building new cities over old ones have caused the Roman ruins to become almost indistinguishable from the Phoenecian ruins of old Carthage.

That said, Carthage is a magical place, and the ruins are a must for anyone with a keen interest in archeology or history. For others, there are splendid views of the Mediterranean and the Acropolium built at the top of the old Carthage site.

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