Popular Cities in Caribbean

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Havana #1 most popular location
There are some city names that just mean so much. You only have to think of Havana, and you’ll find your brain exploring the depths of revolutionary culture, communist imagery, cigars and r…
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Punta Cana #2 most popular location
Once one of the most remote and beautiful places on the planet, Punta Cana has begun transforming in recent years into one of the most popular destinations for the Dominican Republic. While t…
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Negril #3 most popular location
As anyone who has ever visited Jamaica can tell you, the place is possibly the epitome of laid back culture. No one ever hurries, and “fun in the sun” almost seems like a way of life to t…
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Nassau #4 most popular location
The largest and perhaps most commercialized section of the Bahamas, Nassau stands out as the capital city with nearly 80% of the entire population living within its borders. This is the spot …
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Montego Bay #5 most popular location
Montego Bay is one of two major cities on the island of Jamaica to have an international airport (the other is Kingston). It is on the northwest side of the island in close proximity to popu…
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Ocho Rios #6 most popular location
Two hours from Montego Bay airport.
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Varadero #7 most popular location
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Saint Thomas #8 most popular location
Tucked away in the Caribbean Sea is a little gem known as St. Thomas. The island is located in the United States Virgin Islands. Whether you arrive by air on the island's western end or by …
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Santo Domingo #9 most popular location
The people of Santo Domingo are proud of their heritage, which is a fantastic mix of ethnic of Tainos, Africans and Spanish. This Spanish speaking town was the first European settlement in t…
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Puerto Plata #10 most popular location
Puerto Plata, or the Bride of the Atlantic, as is also Known. Is a great little location of warm sun, soft rain, great friendly people and food all year long. Puerto Plata is located in t…
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Christ Church #11 most popular location
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Bermuda #12 most popular location
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Cabarete #13 most popular location
Cabarete is a small, laid-back Caribbean beach village located in the north coast of Dominican Republic. It has a charming, hip ambience and a combination of relaxed and adventurous lifestyle…
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Kingston #14 most popular location
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Grand Cayman #15 most popular location
The largest of the three islands that make up the Caymans, to many travelers Grand Cayman is the eponymous island which holds the greatest wonders. And while it's true that the capital of Geo…
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Freeport #16 most popular location
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Oranjestad #17 most popular location
Oranjestad (English: "Orangetown"), is the capital and most important city of Aruba located on the southern coast near the western end of the island. It has a population of ~30,000. In the …
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Paradise Island #18 most popular location
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Gros Islet #19 most popular location
Gros Islet (pronounced in one swift word: GROZ-i-lay) is a little fishing village located in the northeastern tip of the island. It is a popular tourist destination as there are many things …
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Curacao #20 most popular location
Technically part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Curacao is nevertheless a tropical paradise located within the Caribbean as part of the ABC group of islands located in Lesser Antilles, ju…
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Runaway Bay #21 most popular location
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Saint James #22 most popular location
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Palm Beach #23 most popular location
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Sosua #24 most popular location
Sosúa is a small town in the Puerto Plata province, in the North Coast of Dominican Republic. Sosua Bay attracts many water sports enthusiast, including snorkelers and divers because of its …
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Saint George's #25 most popular location
St. George's is a very nice port for the cruise ships. Spices are the main export from Grenada; so stock up on fresh spices (especially cinnamon) while you are there. Customs havent said anyt…
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Las Terrenas #26 most popular location
Las Terrenas is a small town, located in the northeastern coast of the Samaná Peninsula. It has more than 15Km of cream and White sand beaches, lined with tall palm trees and pastel-colored …
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Santiago de Cuba #27 most popular location
Santiago de Cuba está al oriente de la Isla de Cuba. Es una ciudad situada en la Bahía de Santiago de Cuba,en el Mar Caribe; tiene elevaciones ya que cerca están los primeros montes que f…
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Trinidad #28 most popular location
Sabana de la Trinidad, in Central Cuba, is a great little place to catch Cuban life in slow motion... climb up its rooftops for aerial views of lazy life below, check out groups of men whilin…
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Bonaire #29 most popular location
Bonaire is an island in the Netherlands Antilles. It is part of the ABC islands of the Leeward Antilles along with Aruba and Curaçao. There are several languages spoken including Dutch, Papi…
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Port of Spain #30 most popular location
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Saint John #31 most popular location
The island of St. John is located in the Caribbean Sea and is a part of the United States Virgin Islands. It is located only 4 miles from Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas (also in the USVI) and …
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Providenciales #32 most popular location
Providenciales, the third largest island of the Turks and Caicos Islands chains, is exquisitely known for it's 12-mile long Grace Bay Beach on the north face of the island. Situated on the so…
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Santa Clara #33 most popular location
Nothing to see in Santa Clara. Head up north to Remedios (a charming colonial town) and Cayo Santa Maria (the most amazing beaches in Cuba). Try to make it to Remedios on Christmas Eve, for t…
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Saint Croix #34 most popular location
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Willemstad #35 most popular location
Willemstad is the territorial capital of the Netherlands Antilles. Located at 12°7′N, 68°56′W, on the island of Curaçao, it has an estimated population of 125,000. The city consists of…
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Port Antonio #36 most popular location
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Roseau #37 most popular location
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Tortola #38 most popular location
Tortola is a beautiful volcanic island with great sandy beaches on the west coast. The roads crossing the mountains are serious with many dangerous switchbacks where taxi trucks have to back …
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Castries #39 most popular location
Castries is the main city centre on St. Lucia, or the Capital, if you can call it that. Filled with shops and bars, it has an interesting night life, however, you should always take preca…
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Saint Martin #40 most popular location
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Samana #41 most popular location
Samaná Bay is located in the northern territory of Dominican Republic, and collects the most majestic landscape of hills and amazing beaches of White sands and crystal water in Dominican Rep…
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Sint Maarten #42 most popular location
Sint Maarten, or as pronounced in the U.S., Saint Martin, was discovered by Columbus in 1493 and is an island that is owned by two countries; 1/2 is Dutch, and 1/2 is French shared for over 3…
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Vinales #43 most popular location
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Soufriere #44 most popular location
As soon as you step into Soufriere, you are inside a volcano! Located on the southwest corner of St. Lucia, Soufriere is a small town that lies in a caldera (a dormant collaped portion of th…
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Seven Mile Beach #45 most popular location
Cayo Coco #46 most popular location
Cayo Coco is a small island connected to the mainland of Cuba by a causeway. The island has its own Airport, the Jardines del Rey Airport. The islands inhabitants are holiday makers. Staff ar…
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Cienfuegos #47 most popular location
Cienfuegos is a small city in Cuba with beautiful neoclassical buildings structures line along the main street. Some of these buildings are guesthouse with friendly Cuban owner and cheap pric…
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Boca Chica #48 most popular location
Welcome to Boca Chica! This tiny beach town is one of the Caribbean's best kept secrets. Not only does it host the largest reef protected bay, affectively called of the largest natural swimmi…
Holguin #49 most popular location
Holguin is the third largest city in Cuba after Habana and Santiago de Cuba, and located at the north east of the island. There are several small city parks such as Parque Infantil, Parque …
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Juan Dolio #50 most popular location
Juan Dolio is a small town about 1 hour west of Santo Domingo. The beach is very nice and about 4 km long. The "old Juan Dolio town" is at the west side of the beach and offers a couple block…
Saint Barthelemy #51 most popular location
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La Romana #52 most popular location
Another beautiful beach destination in Dominican Republic. It is located at the southeast part of the island. This is a perfect place for snorkeling, diving and for the golf lovers. Some of t…
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Deshaies #53 most popular location
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Virgin Gorda #54 most popular location
Its been a while since I was there but I hope they made improvements by now. I speak of the Baths of Gorda that was good snorkeling. The problem was the very bad long downhill trail to the ba…
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Sancti Spiritus #55 most popular location
George Town #56 most popular location
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Port Au Prince #57 most popular location
With all the desperate people and very high serious crime rate I don't recogmend visiting Hati.
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Saint Peter #58 most popular location
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Treasure Beach #59 most popular location
Treasure Beach is in the St. Elizabeth parish on the south west side of Jamaica. It is a small town with fishing villages dotting the coastline. It's dramatically different from more touris…
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Baracoa #60 most popular location
Baracoa located at the eastern end of the Cuban island and not many tourists visit this region despite it is idyllic location. This small town is quite with several attractive old building a…
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Eleuthera #61 most popular location
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Port Royal #62 most popular location
This is the place where many pirate stories of the Caribbean play, the place once called the “Most wicked city on Earth“ and “Sodom of the New World“. Jamaica once was the most import…
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Saint Maarten #63 most popular location
St. Maarten is a tropical island located in the Caribbean Sea. It is unique because the island is divided in half between the French and the Dutch. St. Martin is the French side and St. Maa…
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Bridgetown #64 most popular location
The city of Bridgetown, and the wider Greater Bridgetown area occupy most of the parish of Saint Michael, an area which covers around 39km² (15 sq. mi). Bridgetown's centre was originally co…
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Anguilla #65 most popular location
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Grand Turk #66 most popular location
Turks and Caicos got their names from the Turk's head cactus which was endemic to the islands, and the word Caicos meant something like 'island chain'. Cockburn town is a very small town …
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Crown Point #67 most popular location
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Camaguey #68 most popular location
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Cap-Haitien #69 most popular location
Cap-Haïtien is a city on the northern coast of Haiti. It is a beautiful place with lots of life. The city itself has lots of day-to-day Haitian life, markets, people doing business in the st…
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Pinar del Rio #70 most popular location
Pinar Del Rio, situated in the most Western part of Cuba, could also be called Cigar City. This is the place were Cuba's Finest are produced. Inhabitants of the area are called Pinareños…
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Aruba #71 most popular location
Aruba is a great island with good sandy beaches on the SW coast and good shopping in town. Its a coral island and not volcanic so no tropical mountains but a desert island...a beautiful deser…
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Port-au-Prince #72 most popular location
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Antigua #73 most popular location
A Caribbean island with all the tropical allure of its enticing neighbors, but a real British edge to the culture (particularly in the obsession with cricket, which is all but a religion in t…
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Bayahibe #74 most popular location
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Exuma #75 most popular location
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Lucea #76 most popular location
La Habana #77 most popular location
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Jost Van Dyke #78 most popular location
Jost Van Dyke is the smallest of the four main islands of the British Virgin Islands, at about 4 miles in length. The current estimated population is less than 300. Located in the Atlanti…
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Saint John's #79 most popular location
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Bequia #80 most popular location
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Black River #81 most popular location
Black River is a country location on the west coast of Jamaica. Known for its fine fried fish and frequent rains. For a taste of 'real' Jamaica it is a must.
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Kralendijk #82 most popular location
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Bathsheba #83 most popular location
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Charlotte Amalie #84 most popular location
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Carriacou #85 most popular location
Philipsburg #86 most popular location
The maintown on the Dutch side of the Netherland Antilles island of Sint Maarten,on a narrow stretch of land between great bay and the Great Salt Pond. It was discovered by Christopher Columb…
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Cayo Guillermo #87 most popular location
Cayo Guillermo is a kay of the Jardines del Rey archipelago. It is located on the northern coast of Cuba, between the Bay of Dogs (Bahia de Perros) and the Atlantic Ocean. It is part of th…
Hamilton #88 most popular location
Hamilton is the capital of Bermuda. Although there is a parish of the same name, the city of Hamilton is in the parish of Pembroke. The City is named after Sir Henry Hamilton, governor from 1…
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Tobago #89 most popular location
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Las Galeras #90 most popular location
Cat Island #91 most popular location
Cat island is an Out Island of the bahamas situated about 200 miles southeast of Nassau. The island is about 40 miles long and has about 1,400 inhabitants. Vilages are small and offer few s…
Saint Martin #92 most popular location
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Falmouth #93 most popular location
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English Harbour #94 most popular location
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Cayman Brac #95 most popular location
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Oracabessa #96 most popular location
Sainte-Anne #97 most popular location
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Green Turtle Cay #98 most popular location
Matanzas #99 most popular location
A real Cuban city for a slice of real Cuban life ... see people go about their ways... see communism in action ... see some impressive buildings too and numerous bookstores and parks... see F…
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Black Rock #100 most popular location
Black Rock is where I base myself in Tobago. Here you get the best of both worlds as you are a 10 min walk from Plesent prospect, supermarkets, bars and Grafton Beach, yet you are situated in…
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