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After 7 years on the high seas, i can say that I had been to the best beaches around the world. It has since been my passion to see these beautiful places of which 20 beach destinations I listed below. Check out the pictures too..

Top 20 Agadir Morocco

I stayed in Agadir for a week and I enjoyed the beach, the waves are so strong most especially in the afternoon, so ideal for surfing and wave boarding. I learned how to surf within my stay but really its not so easy but quite enjoyable.

Top 19 Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monte Carlo is one of the most expensive city in the world, This place is famous for Car shows and motor vehicle competitions and it is a common sight that you ll see Ferraris parked all around the city. In front of the beach where we went to is the statue of Princess Grace – a well known Hollywood actress who happens to be part of the royalty family of Monaco, They have nice beach although the sand is not so white but water is clear.

Top 18 Puerto Galera Mindoro

I can’t count the times I have been to this beautiful island; I never missed it most specially on Holy week. It’s a small beach but really convenient and special. Considering that Mindoro is situated in Central Luzon where access isn’t so difficulty coming from the Capital city of Manila, here is a very good beach and islands one can enjoy. For me Puerto Galera is a home beach, where I feel much comfortable and is so familiar. I never felt stranger to this beach so I kept coming back.

Top 17 Crete Greece

Aghios Nikolaus is a province of Heraklion in Creta island of Greece. As everybody knows Greece is a country composed of small and big islands same as in the Philippines and each of these islands have beautiful coastlines and proud people. Love the seafood restaurant surrounding the beautiful coasts – their grilled Octopus is sooo tasty, so as the calamari and fried sardines.

Top 16 Dubrovnik Croatia

Lots are saying that Dubrovnik is one of the cleanest country in the world, I’m not really sure if it is indeed true but one thing is for certain their beach is gorgeous. The beach as you can see from the picture has white stones with varying size. And the water so clean too. Lapad beach in downtown Dubrovnik is worth mentioning as the calm sea is so comforting, the cove is famous for its rocky beach, rocks of varying sizes and colors. Below the water are white rocks that gives a clean aquarium appearance with colorful school of fish swarming around.

Top 15 Dead Sea Jordan

Okay the Dead Sea in Jordan is not the traditional beach with white sand and clear water but what’s interesting in this beach is the salt content of the water which is so concentrated that floating once dipped in water is inevitable. Salt makes the sand muddy and concentrated with minerals that are very good for the skin’s exfoliation. That is why everybody goes mud packing on the seaside. Bring a book and relax reading while floating on the Dead Sea.

Top 14 100 Islands in Pangasinan

The 100 Islands in Pangasinan Philippines is enlisted as one of UN’s Heritage cite, it is a pride of the Philippines but lately not much attention has been given to this wonder. I stayed overnight in Quezon Island (one of the inhabited). The island is nice and we had good time swimming as the water is crystal clear and the sand is powdery white. I guess 100 islands should be re-discovered as it is worth traveling. In the island we have to cook our own food, there is no electricity around and drinking water is scarce so we brought with us some. Our bankero is too nice to us he brought us extra for showering. He also showed us the other islands worth mentioning is the marina island where shots from Dyesebel movie was done and the governors island which a resort was constructed for the hit show Pinoy Big brother. On the roof top is an elevated area where one can see the panoramic view of the islands. Magnificent indeed unfortunately my camera run out of battery. Before living the island we rented kayak and we stroll around the islands, the papaya island is what I enjoyed most. The small area has white sand but waves are strong. At the time we were there only the two of us and so we stayed for a while and enjoyed the moment of blissfulness.

Top 13 Cozumel Mexico

I regard Cozumel as having the Bluest bach all over the world; the turquoise blue water is so beautifully prominent. Its just so beautiful looking at it while Hanging out in Senior Frog or Charlies both situated right in front of the beach in the lovely beach town of cozumel, while enjoying our mojito. The water is deep from the shore line hence the deep blue color.

Top 12 Castaway Quay Caribean

Caribbean is just famous for pristine water and white sand beaches, it is no wonder why. The beach is just dazzling! The Castaway Quay is a private island owned by Disney Cruises and both of their Ships Disney Magic and Disney Wonder comes in on weekly basis. Guests enjoy the lovely view of this magical place and a barbecue is served most of time. I always enjoy my time swimming in this lovely beach one unforgettable event I had was when I saw a big mantaray swimming freely on the wild. Its huge and amazing I was told not to touch as they sting but it looks just velvety.

Top 11 Malapascua Cebu Philippines

They say that Malapascua is full of dog sharks swimming around, I guess that’s one of the highlight here. Lots of more adventurous tourist abound who goes diving on this beautiful island. It so reminds me of Boracay in its lesser famous years. Malapascua is gleaming with its tiny shoreline area. The Island itself is small and in two hours you can be able to see all of it. Small as it is heaven to people who wants to relax and get away from hustle bustle of the city life. Here is a place to commune with nature. Try staying in the beach right in front of the town cemetery and you ll feel the ethereal comfort the place is offering.

Top 10 Phattaya Thailand

Thailand is famous for beach and its no wonder why, they have one of the most beautiful country for beach. Phi Phi Island for example is used as sight of one Leonardo Di Caprio’s Movie. It’s a little bit secluded and you’d really take much of an effort to go over there, but once you are there you ll feel the bliss created by the scenery. The movie shows it all. Phattaya on the other hand is more touristy beach, in front of the shore line a host to lots of restaurants, cafes, entertainment centers, disco bars, saunas, massage parlors hotels and entertainment center. All kinds of entertainment center all kinds of clients are welcome. Try heading to the Walking Streets and you will get the feeling of city life then after too much drink head for the beach. Soothing and comforting like the thai way.

Top 9 Puntarenas Columbia

More provincial atmosphere here is the beach in Puntarenas Columbia. Lots of tourist but they seem not to be swayed by the outside culture and they are still very much traditional to the way they live their lives. Simple as it is but it is a very contented lifestyle which pretty much revolves around the beach. They fish daily and enjoy the bounties of the sea. Literally all people knows how to swim and its no wonder why the beach is pretty

Top 8 Mykonos Greece

Nude beach that is what reminds me of Myknos, an island of Greece. There were lots of different beaches after all mykonos is the pearl of the Aegean seas. Bluish is the water and rocky volcanic islands abound. Really pretty sites for just wondering and cruising around.

Top 7 Acapulco Mexico

I always thought that mexico is only about Mayan Ruins and tacos and I was wronged. After having been to Mexico I concluded that they have the bluest of all blue seas, they are so pleasing in the eyes. In Acapulco they have this beautiful rock formation rising from the middle of the ocean forming an arch. They are so beautiful they have sighted by the UN as one of National Heritage sites. Similarly Cabo San Lucas, Cozumel and Acapulco are all magnificent beach areas. Lots of tourist from Nearby Los Angeles flock in these area.

Top 6 Palawan Philippines

It has been a long time since I went in Puerto Princesa but I still recall how beautiful the island is. Like Bohol, Palawan is also a one stop shop of beaches and Nature Park. The Underground River is worth going to, beautiful lagoons and pristine waters. Really worth experiencing.

Top 5 Ajaccio France

Around the Mediterranean coast shared by countries such as Spain, France and Italy is situated the coastline of Ajaccio of france. Corsica on the other hand is Italian. This coastline is popular high end tourist. The coastline has small areas for the beach and an overhang Vacation Villas and beach resorts are positioned usually. The cliff gives the feeling of hugeness overlooking the bluish Mediterranean sea. The water though is cold even during the summer seasons, but I guess Europeans are used to this kind of temperature but only the brave ones indulge.

Top 4 Virgin Island Bohol

We have done all the best areas in Bohol during our 2 days stint thanks to our friends who guided us in our visit. We have stayed in a la Paloma hotel in the city proper, the hotel is not the best but it suited our trip hence suffice to say its good enough, In the beginning we went to Panglao Beach and it isn’t so bad. My friend and I went for massage in the beach area and quite comforting however the highlight of the trip is when we went to the Virgin Island. Its half an hour boat ride from panglao beach, Virgin Island is uninhabited small island in the middle of the ocean, during low tide the magnificent sandy bar stretches along and its pure enjoyment to walk on this en route to the main part of the island. In the island itself one can see the coconut and palm trees and local foliage which appears to be so green complementing the white and powdery sand and turquoise water. We took pictures of the amazing starfish of varying colors and had fun swimming. We got off the island at 430 pm as bankero said that when it hits the high tide it would be difficult to sail away from the island.

Top 3 St Barths Caribean

Blissful beauty of beach nature that is St Barths. ST Barths is an island in the British Virgin Gorda a smallish island full of beautiful beach. The baths is one of the most popular and as you can see in the picture this beach is proud with those beautiful rock structure and white powdery sand. Beneath these rocks are hidden caves and underwater river. Cold water running towards the beach, I followed the trail and found interesting insects and lizards around so colorful and amazingly enriching. Then I rested for a long time in a beach hut and doze off for a few minutes. Hearing the water splashes over the shore line with sunny hot temperature is sounding so blissful to me.

Top 2 South Beach Miami Florida

Long stretch of white sand and clear water this is South Beach. I have never seen such kaleidoscopic blue as the waters in South Beach. Florida is the ultimate beach destination in USA and south beach is one of its frontiers. A long stroll around the coastline is very much consoling, the fresh breeze, people comfortably slumber around the bushes cover and enjoying the sun, sand and savor the moment.

Top 1 Boracay Philippines

Boracay is probably the most popular tourist destination in the Philippines, this I say based on my experience. Wherever I go in the world, when I meet people of different nationality every time I express that I am coming from the Philippines they would always mention of Boracay. The island of powdery white sand, friendly atmosphere and fantastic diver sites. Of course the water of Boracay is not to be missed at all but aside from that there other things that can be enjoyed in Boracay, Mt Luho for example half an hour tricycle ride to the hilly top, from there you will see the guitar shape island, and the whole of boracay with gleaming water approaching powdery white sand complementing the greenish foliage of the mountain side. Mark, Jacq and sherly had lots of picture taking in this area. We stayed at the Blue Mango Inn - a big room with balcony just in front of the shores when one can easily view the sun as it sets and the beautiful array of sundown colors.
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