'Caracol' - Mayan site in Belize

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'Caracol' - Mayan site in Belize - The: 'CAANA' (Sky Palace)
       Caracol, Belize
'Caracol' - Mayan site in Belize - The: 'CAANA' (Sky Palace)
       Caracol, Belize

'Caracol' - Mayan site in Belize Reviews

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'Caracol' - a major Mayan city. Jan 02, 2012
If you are a Mayan enthusiast as I am, Caracol is a don't miss site. Not nearly totally excavated, it is thought to rival the mighty Tikal with whom it often fought. It sits on a high plateau and is the on going Archaeological project of Arlen and Diane Chase from the U.of S. Florida. First occupied circa 500 BCE its peak was attained circa (550-900 ACE). Estimated area is 100km'-population: 60-100,000. There are multiple excavated structures with the 'Caana' (sky palace) the largest at 43 metres high (the largest human made structure in Belize!) It consists of multiple levels and three temples. The site contains numerous structural groups, a ball court, and an observatory. The city was a key player in the political landscape of the Maya lowlands and is one of what I call, 'The Big Four' - Tikal, Calukmaul, Caracol, and El Mirador. It is isolated, massive, and incredibly beautiful. I recommend visiting before it becomes an overcrowded, underapreciated, 'Chichen Itza'.
The: 'CAANA' (Sky Palace) …
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