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3219 glendale blvd. los angeles, Los Angeles, CA, USA - 323-666-7133

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pvtjoy pvtjoy
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A Travbuddy meet-up with Tracy (Tre69's) brother El and Matt (Mattrilla) in LA May 24, 2008
Well, I was summoned by the LA Core Crew (minus one and another one...and you know who you two are!) that we were going out to dinner at Canele'. Ummm....OK! No worries..what time and where is this place? 6pm in Atwater village! Whoo-hoo! Alrighty!...Holy Frijolies!!!! This will be GREAT! We get to meet Tre69 (Tracy's brother - El..who's on Travbuddy...due to his sisters "twisting of the arm!")

Tracy decided to go to Canele' and I must admit, it was FANTASTIC!!! They won't seat you until your entire party is there, but who cares...the food and wine was GREAT!!!

In the beginning, the evening started a little quiet..I think we were all tired from last weekends LA meet-up. alicegourmet (Alice), tre69 (Tracy), her brother El (NoSeatBelt) and me were sitting there trying to figure out what to drink and eat... but once the alcohol came - the GAME was on!

The food at this place was fantastic, the prices reasonable and the whole ambience was perfect!

Alice had something with shellfish and seafood - don't ask me the name - have no clue...

Tracy had some slightly seared meat...oops sorry can't tell you what it was either....

(Did I tell you I had a glass of wine prior to all this?)

El had some kind of fish.....does that sound weird?

I had...uhhh....what did I have? Oh! I had the roasted chicken with sweet corn potatoes...barely ate some and gave half to Matt and Nhi! They didn't order anything since they had lunch at 3:30pm!

Well we all finished our meals, sampling each other's entree's and then thoroughly enjoying everyone's selections..It was wonderful!

As usual TBer's we broke out the camera's and went "Commando" crazy taking photos!

So, I hope all of you enjoy the photos we've taken - there's plenty more and if I feel enthusiastic enough I'll create a blog as well!

The infamous restaurant! Shenani…
The Menu board at Canele's
Our appetizer - the Chorizo and po…
El's order - some kind of Mediterr…
jenn79 says:
Waah I missed my Joy-time!! I feel like I haven't seen you in FOREVER! I will go commando-camera crazy on you this Monday @ BBQ =)
Posted on: May 24, 2008
mellemel8 says:
this place rock sox :)
Posted on: May 24, 2008
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Cute Neighborhood Eatery May 23, 2008
Canele is a hole-in-the-wall restaurant sandwiched between a bikram yoga studio and a light fixture store in the Atwater neighborhood. It is a bit hard to see off of Glendale Blvd but it is well worth driving back around the block to find it. Parking is limited to street parking which can be a problematic.

Since the place is so small and cozy, they wouldn't seat our party until 2/3rd were present. Once seated we were treated to the dining area which included the open kitchen where we could see the chefs working hard at their craft. The dining area was dimly lit which was annoying to me but it did add nice ambiance.

The cuisine has a foundation in French and Italian. In addition to daily specials, the restaurant menu is listed on a wall chalkboard for all to see.

Appetizer - the daily special of homemade chorizo served with an over easy egg and was flavorful but I didn't like how it was swimming in its own meat grease.

Main: beef with bordelaise sauce, creamed spinach, and some potato cake...the sauce was so yummy and the beef was cooked to perfection and the spinach was so smooth but I didn't like the potato cake.

I tasted the roasted chicken and it was delicious and juicy.

Dessert: orange flavored pound cake...the cake was moist on the inside and the sour cream topping added a tasty sourness to the sweet cake.

Overall I liked the atmosphere at Canele. The service was attentive but not overbearing. The dining area is small and tight which to some could be intimate and to others claustrophobic. The food is good, good enough to warrant a return visit from me in the near future. Next time I would like to sit at the front table near the window which is the community table where strangers can share a seat with fellow diners and get to know their neighbors!
Alice and her boullaibase...a spec…
Joy and he roast chicken with spri…
My bro and his salt-roasted branzi…
I had beef with bordelaise sauce, …
RJ82 says:
haha this blog is making me hungry!!
Posted on: May 01, 2009
mellemel8 mellemel8
275 reviews
Nov 01, 2007
This was the old location of osteria nonni. they have been in business for 17 years. the owner of osteria nonni retired in 2006. however, canele preserved his famous spaghetti aglio olio on the menu. i would try to ask if them can make the famous lemon chicken as well.

I went here with my mum and my cousin from new york, kathy. this is located in atwater village. we sat in community table near the window.

we started with our "beginnings". i had a winter squash and apple soup. that was a refreshing soup. it was warm.

my mum had coops omelette with arugula. that was the most lightest omelette i had very had with no cheese french style.

kathy had the special of the day which is spanish goat cheese, quince jam and spanish serrano ham with bread. that was a great combo.

we ordered our "middle". i ordered the pork chop with grilled onions, squash and apples. this was well cooked. however, the portion was small.

my mum ordered branzino with parsely, green garlic, lemon and cous cous. this fish was served whole, head and tail and all. this was yummy.

kathy had the pan seared red snapper with italian peppers, heirloom tomatoes, and cracked olives. i am not big on red snapper but this was exeptional. it was cooked perfectly.

we finished it off with dessert. we all shared a fourless chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream and orange pound cake with creme frasiche. of course it was yummy and mouth watering.

as we were leaving the restaurant. we were given "Canelé" is a small French pastry with a soft and tender custard center and a dark, thick caramelized crust.

the service was excellent. it was a great dining experience. i recommend it. i would like to come back on tuesday's, it is when they do "friends cook at can Canelé". they have a prefixed meal. the price depends on the chef. there are no reservations. it is a 30 seat restaurant.

pork chop with grilled onions, squ…
warm winter squash and apple soup
the menu on chalk board
our community table
TRE69 says:
Funny...I just read a review of this restaurant in Westways for AAA members. I have always wanted to go even when it was Osteria that you have been here, I gonna have to go especially since it is near my 'hood!
Posted on: Nov 02, 2007

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