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Yogyakarta, Indonesia
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Candi Prambanan Yogyakarta Reviews

yuness yuness
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Prambanan Temple,Biggest The Beautiful Hindu Temple May 05, 2013
From Yogyakarta I took a Trans Jogya bus on Malioboro street to Prambanan Temple and I paid IDR 3.000, around 45 minutes I arrived at the Prambanan Trans Jogya bus Terminal and from there I continue on foot for a 15 minutes walk to the temple. Here you can take a horse to Prambanan but sorry I don’t know how the price never try with the horse.

At the Temple, I paid IDR 5.000 for the entrance then I took a look around. As I know Prambanan is Hindu cultural heritage in Indonesia and this is reflected in the charm of the Temple’s beauty, amazing layout and the building shape all of which add to its charactor and then with its store of historical stories and legends that fuel the imagination of any would be travelers to this site. Its no wonder that the temple is situated on the edge of the highway, a journey of 17 km from Yogyakarta to Solo. Both Cities obviously knew it when the highway was made so that the road passed the temple and now has became the mainstay attraction for both cities.

Here in prambanan there are lots of big and small temples, but unfortunately many temples are damaged or collapsed due to a massive earthquake measuring 5.8 magnitude which struck the province of DIY Schala in 2006, but it does not diminish from the beauty of Prambanan temple which is still strong today as it was then. On the inside of Temple there are several other smaller temple the most high and large is Roro Jonggrang Temple, Brahma Temple, Shiva Temple and Vishnu Temple.

The Temple complex which was built in the 9th century AD It has three main buildings as high as 47 meters of beautiful architecture. The third building symbolizes the Trimurti, the doctrine of the three main gods consisting of Shiva Temple (God Fuser) in the middle, Candi Brahma (God of Guardians) in the south, and Vishnu (God of creation) in the north. Then in front of the main building, there are three smaller temples as a symbol of Vehicle (vehicles) from the Trimurti. The third temple is Candi Nandi (bull) which is the vehicle of Shiva, Brahma Temple Geese vehicle, and the vehicle Garuda Wisnu temple.

Now, the temple was included in the World Heritage Site which is protected by UNESCO, was granted UNESCO status in 1991. Now, some of the temples of Prambanan are being renovated to repair damage from the 2006 Yogyakarta earthquake. The earthquake has damaged several buildings and statues.

There are ongoing renovation efforts still being carried out even today. After the massive restoration at Prambanan now its back into the center of Hindu worship in Java. The revival of religious values Prambanan is because there are quite a lot of Hindu society, both migrants from Java, Bali or residents who returned to the area adopt Hindu as their religion. Each year Hindus of the province of Central Java and Yogyakarta Prambanan temple gathered to hold the ceremony on the holy day of Galungan and Nyepi

Prambanan Temple complex has also a Museum, Restaurant, typical Souvenir Market Prambanan and extensive parking place.
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yuness says:
Hope you had better weather here.
Posted on: May 10, 2017
irenem says:
We really enjoyed our visit here, too.
Posted on: Mar 19, 2017
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stellaalexis stellaal…
17 reviews
I love it ! Jun 26, 2011
Candi Prambanan is located in the Jogja city ....

The entrance fee is only 20.000 or about $2 ...

YOu can also rent a tour guide to explain the history of Candi Prambanan ...

You can also take a mini train around CANDI SEWU ...

Its only Rp.5000 ...

And for foreigner - its free !!

There are market too ...

There are several store that sell key chain for only Rp.1.000 or only $0.1 ...

thats very cheap ...

Dont be afraid to bargain too !!

You can get cheap price if you bargain ...

Good luck :)
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Acy_jkt Acy_jkt
118 reviews
Hindus Heritage Feb 20, 2011
Candi Prambanan or Prambanan temple is the great ancient heritage of Hindus from the 10th century. It is well known as the world most beautiful Hindu temple.

The temple is in a huge complex of garden consists of several main temples now. In the history of the temple, they were building 1000 sculptures. The complex actually consisted of hundreds of temples but due to the disasters and earthquakes caused major destruction here and there.

The relief in the temple tells the famous ancient story of the Ramayana. And some of the relief still remains mystery of what the story in it.

I have been here many times, the last one was in January 2011 while the reconstruction after the major earthquake in 2006 has partly done. The temple still looks amazing, even so sad to see how bad the destruction was. Some of the main temples are still not allowed to be closed to, they have put gate around them.

One of the world heritage you MUST visit when you are in Indonesia. The entrance fee for foreigners is around USD 10. Regarding the Ramayana story, they have a show for this in the Prambanan complex played during the sunset with the temple as the background. You can not miss it!
Prambanan - 2011
How bad the destruction from the q…
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ian_travbuddy ian_trav…
8 reviews
Natures Victim. Jul 22, 2010
What a joy. Beautiful weather, delicious food and I got to see a special monument yet again! On my way to the Prambanan, during my healthy walk, lots of market people trying to let you buy stuff. I speak a little Javanese, so I could tell them in a polite way that I was not interested.

Finally I got to the Prambanan. Or, whats left of it. The Prambanan looks more like a ruin now. Right now, I stood in the middle of what used to be a nice structure where pillars count in numbers.

Because of an earlier earthquake, some of the pillars of the Prambanan are destroyed. Which is really terrible. Glad fully the biggest part of the Prambanan was still intact. It was fenced though.

I felt really lucky. That I was able to see and feel the Prambanan while there is still a part left. It's a matter of time, I think, before it will totally collapse. That's one of the main reasons why you should go there ASAP!

After a while, it was time to go. I managed myself through the true maze of markets and souvenir shops towards the car. Excitement came my way again, as I mentioned the huge stage near the Prambanan. I asked a local, and it turned out to be a concert preparation for Radja! Well, I didn't know if I had to be excited or disappointed. Because it's not really beneficial for the Prambanan for sure.

I left.

Even though it was A beautiful site which I didn't wanted to leave behind...
the Prambanan
Concert Preparations of Radja!!!
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mazenjawad mazenjaw…
13 reviews
culture at its peak Nov 18, 2010
Amazing feel! Beautiful sight, heaps to learn... the cousin of Borobudur temple, in location. A good idea to do both temples in 1 shot - you will never forget those 2 world heritage sites... set in beautiful lanscapes, and scream culture all the way.

Enjoy the destination, the people, and the memories that will stick forever

Don't forget to look at the Kama sutra stones, beyond the temple.
Prambanan temple
ary_tyas ary_tyas
35 reviews
unforgettable hinduism temple history Oct 16, 2009
Prambanan Temple located on small village Klaten,central java. It reachable about 45 minute from Solo ( SURAKARTA ) or less than 15 minute from Jogjakarta.

Because of earth quake last may 2006 ago, so much temple was destroyed and re build again. First time visit on study tours 15 years ago totally different than now on for sure ( Write review later on...under progress)
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YantiSoeparno YantiSoe…
71 reviews
Another World Heritage Near Yogyakarta Dec 27, 2008
"Prambanan is the largest Hindu temple compound in Central Java in Indonesia and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is also one of the largest Hindu temples in south-east Asia. It is characterized by its tall and pointed architecture, typical of Hindu temple architecture, and by the 47m high central building inside a large complex of individual temples.

It was built around 850. Much of the original stonework has been stolen and reused at remote construction sites. A temple will only be rebuilt if at least 75% of the original stones are available.

The temple was damaged during the earthquake in Java in 2006. Large pieces of debris, including carvings, were scattered over the ground. The temple has been closed to the public until damage can be fully assessed. Some weeks later in 2006 the site re-opened for visitors. The immediate surroundings of the Hindu temples remain off-limits for safety reasons." Source:

I found myself disappointed after visiting Candi Prambanan. It was not because of the site or the temple. It was because I couldn't get any closer to the temple. Due to the renovation, the complex is surrounded by fence. Fortunately, they provide important informations and photos of each temple. Unfortunately, I didn't take a pict of it.

My advice for you for visiting Candi Prambanan is the same with the one for visiting Candi Borobudur. Please check my review at
The Complex from the Distance
The Big Poster Consist of Photos o…
One of the small temples
The Ruin: but not because of the e…
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