Candi Borobudur

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Magelang, Indonesia

Candi Borobudur Magelang Reviews

andrejav andrejav
572 reviews
Borobudur Temple Jun 01, 2013
It is famed as a largest Buddhist temple in the world but I did not go there to see the size. I heard of the festival called Waisak and I went for that experience which was supposed to be happening in the vicinity of the temple and grand finale with lanterns at the Borobudur site. Ended up as disaster because of the rain...

Anyway, temple is grandiose with nice relief and sculptures. Multiple levels are interesting to walk around and everything is accessible to see. During the weekend there is lots of people visiting this site. There is huge price difference in effect, and foreigners pay 190000 for entrance, while locals pay only 30000. That is the worst disparity I have ever seen.
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leedeeya leedeeya
6 reviews
Compelling Site Overrun By Tourists Oct 20, 2012
If you've done enough research, people will say that Borobudur is best visited at the crack of dawn. To do so, you need to pay 30USD at the Manohara hotel, located a few hundred meters away from the temple. They will bring you into the temple at dawn, around 5am.

If you don't care too much to see a peaceful sunrise, Borobudur is best visited before 10 and after 3 because the heat is no joke. If you have to visit in the afternoon, bring an umbrella, hat and sunscreen. There will be old ladies just after the ticketing entrance that will rent umbrellas for cheap.

The temple gets uncomfortably overrun by tourists, especially on weekends. Mondays and Tuesdays are the best days to visit where you can enjoy a peaceful visit and safe climb. Wear good shoes too.

Go on a tour if you can because the guides will bring you through the corridors and tell you the stories behind the reliefs, something you could do on your own if you're armed with an art history book. Tour guides can be hired at the international ticket entrance if I'm not mistaken and they speak a myriad of languages!

If you're not the sort of person who enjoys art, architecture and history, Borobudur may not be the place for you. It is considerably far from the city centre and your whole trip will be described as a long walk and a long hike under the hot sun. There's not much else in the area to do either other than shopping at the market outside the temple and eating Yogya cuisine.
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diane1964 diane1964
3 reviews
entry fee for non local US$15 for adult and US$8 for child Jun 10, 2011
the largest buddha temple in the world. world heritage list NO: 592

a local friend hired a car for about US$25 (1 day) and drove 4 of us from yogyakarta hotel to here. we got up quite early and were told the traffic will be bad if we set out later, we set out around 730am, and took about 2 hours.

after arrival, before we can find the parking, lots of people rush towards us and try to sell whatever they got in their hands. of cause we were not interested in purchasing anything and carry them in this hot weather.

we bought the tickets 3 local and 2 non-local.and we hire a guide for US$7.50

the temple itself is amazing. some of the steps are bit harder for older visitors. for us, quite manageable.

met 5 monks from japan. they were bit disappointed as part of temple was closed, no visitors allowed to get to the top.

surprisingly 3 men from Indonesia wanted to take photos with me. i am Asian, not much differences between us, only bit whiter.

3 hours are enough for this site including a small museum nearby.
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stellaalexis stellaal…
17 reviews
I like it :) Jun 26, 2011
the entrance fee is only 20.000 rupiah ...

in the way to Candi Borobudur,you must wear a sarung ...

The park is also clean and neat ...

There are many photographers ...

YOu can rent them for a cheap price ...

Not too many tourists go there ...

You can rent a tour guide for only 60.000 rupiah or $6 to explain the history of Candi Borobudur ...

Its hot there ...

So you better bring a umbrella or you can rent a umbrella there ...
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ain ain
14 reviews
Sunrise at Candi Borobudur via Manohara Hotel Mar 31, 2010
we went for sunrise at Candi Borobudur via Manohara Hotel.

We arrived in Borobudur late evening, found Pondok Tingal, had tea and fell asleep til about 10.00pm. we were supposed to just rest for a while and explore the small town of Borobudur and look at the sunrise tour at Manohara.

so, at 11.00pm we decided to go to Manohara anyways. we arrived at their gate, told the guards we are here to ask about the sunrise tour and were pointed the way to the hotel lobby.

we asked the guy at the counter. he was very nice and explained to us about the tour and also answered our questions about the other places we heard about/read.

the tour costs IND320,000 for non-Manohara Hotel residents. it consists of the Borobudur fee, a gift (it turned out to be a normal torchlight) and tea after the tour at the hotel's teahouse.

it was low season when we went (february 2010) so he said no need to do booking. but we put down our names anyways without paying. he told us to be at the lobby by 4.30am tomorrow morning (sunrise is at 5.30am)

so we woke up at 4.00am the next morning and rushed to get ready and to walk the 10 mins from Pondok Tingal to Manohara in the dark.

we arrived at the lobby and were greeted by the same nice guy from the night before. we paid the fee and were given the torch and coupons for tea. we were ushered to the borobudur gate (hard to see where we were going, it was very dark, was good thinking on their side to give out torchlights). there were already a few people on the way up by their bobbing lights ahead of us.

the guards checked the tickets and our bags and told us to proceed. it was pitch black and i was wondering which way to go. we grouped our way up towards the top of borobudur (didnt know it at the time, i thought we were just climbing stairs like we did for angkor wat sunrise tour)

when we arrived, there were already quite a few people there trying to find a good spot so we joined them. there were about 20 people around at the time. the surrounding was still dark but light had already penetrated the sky by 5.00am. i can imagine people will have to push and shove if it's high season with far more people are around. stupa no 2/3 left side of the stairs is the best place to catch the rays.

the view was amazing. as the sunlight broke through the sky, mist came up through the forest below. it was quiet other than our whispered voices and the sound of the town waking up below. as the sun came gradually up, little by little we were granted the view of the world around us. the gigantic mount merapi and semeru on our left. they seemed so far even we had just came down from selo the day before. and only then i saw the actual shape of borobudur.

i saw the moon behind the largest stupa on top of borobudur, too small to compete with the rising sun. and everybody were snapping away, walking around the highest level now, looking at the forest and the beautiful sky. more people were coming up around 7am, i'm guessing the gate is now open for public.

after the sun had properly came up and we were happy with the (many) photos we take, it's already around 8.00am. so we started with the tour around borobudur. i like borobudur, beautifully carved stones and the amazing view around the compound. we went around and down, tried to touch the fingers of the lucky buddha in one of the stupas (i forgot which one, my fingers are too short, ash with his long arm manage to rub some luck on him), took pictures of the local children hanging around the place (not actually sure if they are there to sell something, to answer questions or something? they were happily hanging around, playing games, shyly eyeing the tourist).

so after admiring the stone structures and the carvings and jumping over felled rocks, taking (too many) pictures, the sun started to shine so strong so we decided to leave. it was around 10am. people were streaming in like crazy.

we went back to the hotel and stopped at the teahouse for the tea. the staff at the teahouse was also so nice, showing us the best seat so we can eat while looking at borobudur. tea break consisted of tea/coffee (no juice, i asked) and a muffin and a slice of fried banana with cheese on top. yummy! so we hung around for a bit, enjoying the view and resting for a bit before heading back to our hotel.

so, all in all, the price is a bit expensive but it was worth it. you'll get an amazing view and also the place to yourself in the morning before the usual tourist crowd rush in.
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ian_travbuddy ian_trav…
8 reviews
Black Stone Masterpiece Jul 22, 2010
Incredible. Breathtaking. Heart stopping. Just a few words to describe this masterpiece while describing it properly is almost impossible. No word or sentence would match the value of this Buddhist Temple.

When I arrived near the Borobudur I stopped talking. Because my eyes were focussed on the massive black structure in front of me. It was hot that day and the sun was burning through my skin. But that didn't bother me. I was home.

I started walking up the stairs (Note that it was a pretty long but nice walk to get to this point), and kept on walking till I reached the top. I was strolling on a true miracle. I say this because they still don't have a clue about the "how" factor. How the Borobudur is build is yet unknown.

Just like the name. They are still guessing the where the name comes from. A variety of scientists think they know the true meaning of the Borobudur. But everyone tells a different story. To me the Borobudur is the most impressive Buddhist Temple I have seen so far and I'm sure it stays this way. Because my heart lies here and from the very first moment I set foot on the Borobudur, I knew I was attached to it, Closely.

There is nothing more to tell about it really. You have to experience this beautiful memory of me. I will upload a few pictures then you can see it for yourself! =))
Taking a rest^^
Candi Borobudur =))
Dilarang Memanjat =))
With my younger Brother (!).
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mazenjawad mazenjaw…
13 reviews
jungle & culture Nov 18, 2010
Indiana Jones, jungle, culture, located in a jaw-dropping setting.If you are ever in Indonesia, don't miss this tour even if you spend only one day there.

They also, say some of those bells bring luck... sometimes babies.

It really deserves to be one of the world wonders.

People are very frindly... tour operators frienf=dly, knowldegeable, and pleasant to be around.
Borobudur temple
Borobudur temple - bells with view…
ary_tyas ary_tyas
35 reviews
Borobudur temple located in Magelang Town. just one hour drive from Jogjakarta. This town not only famous with their snake fruits ( salak ), stone carving ( black lave stone) but also with their famous Budha's Temple called by local Candi Borobudur.

(write review soon...)
YantiSoeparno YantiSoe…
71 reviews
A World Heritage: The Biggest Temple Dec 26, 2008
If you haven't heard about Borobudur, here is a little information about it that I took from

"This famous Buddhist temple, dating from the 8th and 9th centuries, is located in central Java. It was built in three tiers: a pyramidal base with five concentric square terraces, the trunk of a cone with three circular platforms and, at the top, a monumental stupa. The walls and balustrades are decorated with fine low reliefs, covering a total surface area of 2,500 m2. Around the circular platforms are 72 openwork stupas, each containing a statue of the Buddha. The monument was restored with UNESCO's help in the 1970s."

What I can say about Candi Borobudur are:

- It is a must visit place. Imagine how the people from 8th-9th centuries built this magnificent temple with simple technology, paid attention to the details, designed and measured it carefully, etc, etc.

- Take a guide to tell you the information and the history or read it before you go there. The knowlede of the temple may enhance the experience in tracing the reliefs.

- Avoid the peak seasons, especially on the school holidays [July and December]. Not only tourists come to the temple, but the schools in Indonesia often send their students to have a field trip there. They might flood the temple and bother you by asking to take a picture with you *sorry*. It might lessen your enjoyment.

- If you are interested in buying souvenirs, there are lots of stalls. If you want a best deal, try to bargain 30% from the price the vendors offer then increase it a little. If you are not interested, just say "no, thank you" firmly to the vendors who approach you. They are pushy sometimes, or most of the time :-(
Visit Indonesia 2008
Going to the temple
The Temple
Part of the temple
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festerwretch says:
I'd forgotten I'd even asked this question. :)
Posted on: Oct 27, 2012
irmayu says:
it's amazing :)
Posted on: Jan 24, 2009
festerwretch says:
Why do the school children want pictures with other tourists?
Posted on: Jan 19, 2009

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