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The capital of Australia, located in the Australian Capital Territory just southwest of Sydney, Canberra first got its start as a capital city built specifically with one thing in mind: to bring an end to the rivalry between Sydney and Melbourne for national capital status. This is one of the most highly-planned cities in Australia, and while many have argued that it was a waste of good pasture for livestock, it doesn't change the fact that Canberra is now one of the most secure private-sector cities in the nation, complete with a major university presence and a picturesque view of lakeside parks, rolling hills, and plenty of Australian backbone. The city is the culmination of everything Australian, and there's no better place to get beneath the surface than in Canberra.

Since this is the throbbing heart of Australia, in many ways Canberra can be seen as the sum total of the modern Australia. The populace of the city are considered to be the highest educated in the country, as well as the highest income earners. What that means for visitors is that the experience is somewhat removed from what you see in the Outback itself, with some of the more luxurious restaurants, accommodations, and otherwise. Since this is a relatively new city, not even past its centennial, most of what you are seeing while visiting is going to be newer construction without much historic flair. With that being said, the museums and national monuments are well worth visiting - even for foreigners.
And it is the natural beauty surrounding that helps give Canberra its character, and when combined as part of the complete package can give you an inkling of just why so many people love living here and visiting. There are plenty of markets, hotels, shopping centers, and modern amenities, and Canberra is considered to be one of the culinary centers of Australia, so regardless of when you come to always be something to see and do, no matter your agenda.

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