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Canada is a country that for years has lain as a sort of sleeping giant in terms of economical growth and reputation on a global scale. In light of the recession that has hit the hardest in America and the UK in the past few years, Canada has emerged as one of the new beacons of hope on the horizon as having an economy that is far more stable than its previously-dominant neighbor, and combined with a national healthcare system and some of the most majestic landscapes on the planet, Canada is more popular than ever before as we move into the next decade of the 21st century.

Canada prefers to be known as a mosaic of cultures which dates back to the time of the aboriginal people of the land. A combination of French and English-speaking natives, Canadians are a different breed altogether.

From the towering skyscrapers of Ottawa, to the swelling magnificence of Calgary, the cultural importance of Halifax, or the diversity of cultures in Montreal, Canadian cities are a beacon of economic and social stability in the 21st century, with technology that rivals any city on the planet. But beyond the cold, gray steel of the cities is the wide open areas that Canada has become famous for over the years. The northern scope of the Rocky Mountains meander through Canada like some giant, ridged snake, and the amount of national parks and scenic wonders to be found within Canada's borders are second to none. Regardless if you are a city dweller or an outdoor enthusiast, Canada can provide accommodations and activities for every level of traveler.

Toronto #1 most popular location
A mere sportsman's stone throw from the shores of America's northernmost state, but wallowing in its own uniquely Canadian outlook, Toronto is a multicultural entity, home to an extensive imm…
4,988travelers 246reviews 118blogs
Montreal #2 most popular location
French and English, European and North American: Montreal is a city full of eclectic influences. It's the kind of seductive multi-cultural mish mash you’ll stumble across all too rarely on …
2,577travelers 212reviews 136blogs
Vancouver #3 most popular location
With a hefty reputation as a great place to move and settle down - topped off by a mammoth level of international immigration - in many ways Vancouver is like city meets rugged outdoor advent…
3,361travelers 216reviews 151blogs
Niagara Falls #4 most popular location
Niagara Falls is a Canadian city on the Niagara River in the Golden Horseshoe region of south-central Ontario. The city is dominated by the Niagara Falls waterfalls on the Niagara River, and …
283travelers 80reviews 46blogs
Quebec City #5 most popular location
Beautiful Quebec City is located about 3 hours East Northeast of Montreal in the province of Quebec. Located on the St. Lawrence seaway, it is the capital of the province. The narrowing o…
317travelers 46reviews 40blogs
Victoria #6 most popular location
Victoria, British Columbia. It doesn’t exactly inspire quivers down the spine as a vacation destination, does it? Sometimes, though, the unheralded places are the best. You might arrive exp…
424travelers 94reviews 49blogs
Calgary #7 most popular location
Now a substantial city (the largest to be found away from Canada’s more populated coasts), Calgary has grown from little more than a rural village at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, and st…
1,320travelers 67reviews 47blogs
Whistler #8 most popular location
Having been opened as an investment opportunity with the aim of hosting a Winter Olympics back in the 60s, Whistler - now one of the world’s most famous ski resorts – finally had its Olym…
186travelers 34reviews 36blogs
Ottawa #9 most popular location
Canada’s bilingual capital brings with it a blended culture: French and English speakers mixed with attitudes and outlooks reflecting both the language’s homes, making the city an exhilar…
921travelers 72reviews 30blogs
Banff #10 most popular location
A town at the heart of the Canadian Rockies, Banff is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that likes to take care of itself. Drawing in millions of visitors a year, Banff nevertheless manages to kee…
194travelers 68reviews 49blogs
Edmonton #11 most popular location
Edmonton is Alberta's capital city and second largest city, behind Calgary, its neighbour to the south. Incorporated as a city in 1904 with a population of 8,350, Edmonton became the capital…
866travelers 33reviews 21blogs
Mississauga #12 most popular location
Mississauga is not much of a tourist destination, although it is where the airport is located if you are flying into Toronto. Mississauga is a largely residential area, with many residen…
195travelers 20reviews 3blogs
Winnipeg #13 most popular location
Winnipeg (meaning "Muddy Waters" in Cree) is the largest city and capital of Manitoba. Located at the eastern edge of the prairie region of Western Canada, Winnipeg plays a prominent role in …
418travelers 18reviews 20blogs
Jasper #14 most popular location
Jasper National Park is the biggest of the parks of the Canadian Rockies, which together is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Despite its larger size, it is much less visited than its southern n…
38travelers 20reviews 23blogs
Kelowna #15 most popular location
One of BC's largest cities, and the Okanagan Valley's largest city, Kelowna can be found on Okanagan Lake. A busy city, with a lot of traffic, the main part of Kelowna lies on one street, …
151travelers 8reviews 15blogs
Niagara-on-the-Lake #16 most popular location
A very quaint and peaceful area, Niagara-on-the-Lake has a small downtown area that is quite pleasant to walk around in. Niagara-on-the-Lake is also home to the Shaw Festival. The town …
10travelers 8reviews 2blogs
Halifax #17 most popular location
The Capital city of 'Canada's Ocean Playground' and province of Nova Scotia, Halifax is the main port gateway for the Maritimes region. Halifax Regional Municipality has a population of 385,0…
339travelers 31reviews 23blogs
Canmore #18 most popular location
Canmore is a town in Alberta, Canada, located in the Bow Valley with a permanent population of 11,442. The non-permanent population is about 3,790 or 29% (combined population of 15,232). It i…
24travelers 3reviews 6blogs
Kamloops #19 most popular location
61travelers 3reviews 4blogs
Golden #20 most popular location
5travelers 4reviews 5blogs
London #21 most popular location
London Ontario is nicknamed the "forest city" and definitely holds true to that nickname. Many southwestern ontario cities do not have enough parks and forest within their city limits; howev…
194travelers 11reviews 7blogs
Mont Tremblant #22 most popular location
Mont-Tremblant is a city in the Laurentian mountains of Quebec, Canada. The current municipality with city status was formed in 2000. Mont-Tremblant is most famous for ski resorts such…
4travelers 2reviews 2blogs
Kingston #23 most popular location
Between Canada's two large cities of Montreal and Toronto, is Kingston. Kingston is a mix of the old and the new. The French settled the area known as Cataraqui in 1673 and established For…
95travelers 5reviews 2blogs
Lake Louise #24 most popular location
Like Alberta herself, Lake Louise is named after Princess Louise Caroline Alberta (1848–1939).
28travelers 14reviews 21blogs
Richmond #25 most popular location
Richmond is composed of many little islands in the delta of the fraser river. The 2nd largest island which is Sea Island is the home of YVR, Vancouvers International airport. Because of Richm…
35travelers 19reviews
Tofino #26 most popular location
Tofino is a village of about 1,650 residents on the west coast of Vancouver Island, in British Columbia, Canada, located at the western terminus of Highway 4. Tofino was named after a Span…
21travelers 14reviews 6blogs
Charlottetown #27 most popular location
32travelers 3reviews 3blogs
Windsor #28 most popular location
Sitting on the Canadian side of the Detroit River, Windsor has clear views of the downtown Detroit city skyline and is a major border crossing point between the two countries. Like Detroit, m…
114travelers 16reviews 3blogs
Revelstoke #29 most popular location
11travelers 11reviews 13blogs
Nanaimo #30 most popular location
Nanaimo is the second largest city on the Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Probably often overlooked due to tourist only knowing much of Victoria, Nanaimo offers some of the most beautifu…
87travelers 7reviews 3blogs
Vernon #31 most popular location
Vernon is a city in the interior of British Columbia. It sits next to Okanagan Lake. The city of Vernon, at 37,000 people, is growing and becoming an interesting tourist destination. Some tou…
47travelers 15reviews 5blogs
Sudbury #32 most popular location
Sudbury is a largely bilingual city located in Northern Ontario. It is the only city in Ontario with two official names: Greater Sudbury or Grand-Sudbury (French). With a 2006 population of 1…
62travelers 6reviews 8blogs
Penticton #33 most popular location
30travelers 1reviews 1blogs
Ucluelet #34 most popular location
Ucluelet is a town 35km south of Tofino on the western shores of Vancouver Island. The town is quickly growing to accommodate the large number of tourists going through there each summer. It …
7travelers 4reviews 2blogs
Moncton #35 most popular location
Moncton, New Brunswick lies at the geographic centre of the Maritime Provinces. It is the second largest city after Halifax., Nova Scotia and is considered the hub of the Atlantic Provinces. …
42travelers 1reviews 2blogs
Saskatoon #36 most popular location
Saskatoon is built on the banks of the North Saskatchewan river. A small city of 250-300,000 people, it houses the University of Saskatchewan, a lovely campus with an international reputation…
183travelers 3reviews 5blogs
North Vancouver #37 most popular location
46travelers 7reviews 2blogs
Saint John #38 most popular location
39travelers 3reviews 3blogs
Regina #39 most popular location
Regina, founded in 1882, is the capital of Saskatchewan, Canada, making it the seat of the provincial Crown. Edgar Dewdney, the lieutenant-governor at that time, passed up more amiable and be…
98travelers 3reviews 5blogs
Prince Rupert #40 most popular location
16travelers 6reviews 3blogs
St. John's #41 most popular location
17travelers 1reviews
Thunder Bay #42 most popular location
This city is a metropolis of about 114,000 full of multicultural events, shopping centers, restaurants, trails, and acres of in the city limits parks. It sits on Lake Superior's huge Thunder …
78travelers 44reviews 7blogs
Huntsville #43 most popular location
Huntsville is a town in the Muskoka Region of Ontario, Canada. It is located 215 kilometres north of Toronto and 130 kilometres south of North Bay. Huntsville is a very popular summer vacat…
8travelers 3reviews 2blogs
Surrey #44 most popular location
Surrey is one of British Columbia's major cities. It is connected to Vancouver by the Skytrain, that will take you right downtown. It is located in the Lower Mainland, next to the Fraser Rive…
55travelers 2reviews
Osoyoos #45 most popular location
3travelers 2blogs
Fernie #46 most popular location
Fernie is a mountain community located in the southeast corner of British Columbia, Canada, surrounded by the Canadian Rockies. Founded in 1898 and incorporated as the City of Fernie in July …
18travelers 1reviews 2blogs
Hamilton #47 most popular location
175travelers 3reviews 3blogs
Peterborough #48 most popular location
Peterborough is a quaint little town about 1.5 hours away from Toronto. It is a student town so it is good for nightlife and meeting young people. Peterborough is most known for its restaur…
43travelers 9reviews 2blogs
Drumheller #49 most popular location
7travelers 8reviews 1blogs
Prince George #50 most popular location
Prince George, the capital of northern British Columbia is an eclectic city troubled by social problems with the native american community, but is also thriving with the numerous mining opera…
36travelers 4reviews 3blogs