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Located high in the mountains in the northeastern section of Pahang, Malaysia, the Cameron Highlands are much like the name suggests: mountainous. This is a landscape of rolling hills covered in lush greenery, forests stretching as far as the eye can see, dozens of tea plantations, waterfalls, valleys, and plenty of mountain peaks. This is one of the major tea plantation areas in the country, and was named after a British colonial surveyor named William Cameron who first discovered the area in 1885 when he was mapping out new areas for the British to grow tea. It is now considered one of Malaysia's premier tourist destinations, and aside from the cool weather year-round there are dozens of reasons to come here, ranging from the strawberry farms, vegetable gardens, temples, and the countryside surrounding.

Cameron Highlands is a region, with eight towns spread out throughout the Highlands. Brinchang is the largest, although Tanah Rata rivals it in terms of accommodations and amenities, including the all-important Starbucks. The busses run between the towns hourly, so transportation worries can be left at the door. The majority of individuals coming to the Highlands choose to explore the various tea plantations and farms, and the hiking opportunities are second to none. Whether you want to crawl through the jungle, hike over the mountains, trek through rivers and waterfalls, or just explore some of the various temples in the surrounding hills, this is the place to do it. Unfortunately development has increased dramatically in the last decade, and the colonial architecture is slowly fading into the background as illegal land development has begun rooting up the area. Not to mention some of the most beautiful scenery has begun being destroyed to make way for farmlands. If you want to experience the beauty of this area, it would probably be wise to make your trip as soon as possible before everything that has made this place such an amazing paradise for so many years disappears.

The easiest way to get to Cameron Highlands is by bus that operated from Kuala Lumpur Puduraya bus station. There are 2 bus companies that operate this route. Kurnia Bistari Express and Unititi Express. The journey takes about 4 - 41/2 hours with a rest stop in between.

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