Camera Obscura

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Edinburgh, Scotland
Camera Obscura - Outside Camera Obscura
Camera Obscura - Sample of what the camera obscura actually looks like - scabbed from a web site!

Camera Obscura Edinburgh Reviews

christl3 christl3
171 reviews
Interesting fun thing to do for an hour May 12, 2011
I enjoyed the Camera Obscura. I love all things to do with optical illusions and this museum was full of them.

They had a hall of mirrors, different 3d photography etc. The most interesting thing was the actual decades old camera up at the roof which, back in the day, people must have though was witchcraft when they saw the image projected from outside into a dark room.

My friends and i had some fun going around the museum and it's worth a look.
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fyrefly fyrefly
27 reviews
Camera Obscura: not your typical attraction Jun 07, 2008
I spent two days in Edinburgh, Scotland with really only one day to see the sites the city had to offer. I heard about this place on a travel show I saw on TV, so I figured I would check it out.

I had a lot of fun in there. It has a lot of optical illusions, hands-on exhibits, holograms, and of course the live panoramic view of the city. From the roof of the building, you can also get a nice view of the city. One of the sillier things that I enjoyed was a glass box with singing cats and a dog playing the piano.

If you go to Edinburgh and want something fun to do, I would definitely check this place out!
Outside Camera Obscura
vances vances
575 reviews
Jan 29, 2007
Another attraction that is a bit more pedestrian, but certainly a fun

departure, was the Camera Obscura. Easy

to find as it is right on the Royal Mile, this is a tourist stop that began in Edinburgh in the

1850’s. A camera obscura is a device

using an aperture plus convex lens to cast images on a flat surface in a

darkened room. It really appears like a

“movie” since it is in color and of course you are watching real time so the

images move. I grabbed a picture from

the web to give you an idea of what it is like.

I’m sure this was much more impressive a century ago, but we had never

enjoyed one before and found it intriguing.

After you purchase admission, you climb up about five or six flights of

stairs (no elevator or handicap access that we noticed), past exhibits of art

and similar ‘optical illusion’ devices. When

you get to the top, there are outdoor platforms and telescopes which have great

views of the city. You wait there to

catch the next demonstration (I think it is an hour between shows) and then

indulge in the camera obscura experience.

Our demonstrator was enthusiastic and we were delighted by her amusing

commentary in addition to the fascination of this device. It isn’t the Louvre, but the entrance fee is inexpensive

and we found it a fun and interesting diversion!
Sample of what the camera obscura …

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