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Siem Reap #1 most popular location
Best known as the gateway to the incredible temple complexes of nearby Angkor Wat, Siem Reap is fast becoming a substantial fascination in its own right. It has resisted and emerged from the …
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Phnom Penh #2 most popular location
Phnom Penh is a city in flux. Once the scrambling, frantic yet intensely tropical centre of a country in turmoil, the world is slowly coming to the Mekong’s shores. Sadly, modernization has…
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Sihanoukville #3 most popular location
Spend enough time on various travel sites and you will come away a little confused by what Sihanoukville (or Kampong Som) has to offer. Being Cambodia's only deep water seaport makes it a bus…
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Angkor #4 most popular location
As Angkor’s most famous temple complex, Angkor Wat is an inarguable highlight of Cambodia, or rather, of the region. Because of its status, the monument has been put onto the flags of Cambo…
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Battambang #5 most popular location
Battambang the second largest city in Cambodia is a very beautiful area to tour in. With countryside scenery unique to Cambodia. It also has some good sites not so far out of town such as Phn…
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Kampot #6 most popular location
Kampot situated to the south of Phnom Penh has some relatively quiet beaches, neighboring the more popular Sihanoukville. If one wants to get away from the tourist hordes then Kampot and Siha…
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Kep #7 most popular location
With the status of a province, Kep is a municipality in Cambodia. Located a few kilometers away from Vietnam's border, Kep used to be the most popular beach town in Cambodia. In recent years …
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Koh Kong #8 most popular location
Koh Kong is along the Cambodian coast just 10 kilometers from the Thai border. Roads lead to Phnom Penh or Sihanoukville and daily boat service (4 hours) also goes to Sihanoukville. Koh Kon…
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Kampong Cham #9 most popular location
In Cambodian language ‘Kampong’ means ports ‘Cham’ mean Muslim. Kampong Cham is a quiet town in the center of Cambodia, with the Mekong River pass through the town. It also home of th…
Siam Reap #10 most popular location
The town of Siem Reap in northern Cambodia is the primary gateway for the Angkor Archaeological Park. The name Siem Reap literally means "Siam Defeated". These days, however, the only ramp…
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Kratie #11 most popular location
Kratie, a very small town north from Phnom Penh is home to the rare and endangered species of the Mekhong Dolphin. Many tourists flock here to try and seek out these rare mammals on the way t…
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Poipet #12 most popular location
Poipet is a Cambodian access point as it is a border town about 6 kilometers from it's sister tow of Aranyaprathet on the Thai side. Poipet is a seedy, gritty town that hosts the immigration …
Sen Monorom #13 most popular location
Sen Monorom has only until recently been marketed to tourists as a tourist destination. If one was to seek out true authentic Asian hilltribes, Sen Monorom is the place to go. However only…
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Ban Lung #14 most popular location
Banlung is the capital of Ratanakiri Province in northeastern Cambodia. It is a good jumping off point for those looking to trek in the beautiful jungles in the area, as well as a nice town t…
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Banlung #15 most popular location
Kompong Thom #16 most popular location
Kampong Thom, home to one of the earlier cities of Cambodian history, Sambor Prei Kuk is a small bustling town with not much to see. However many travel through without noticing the potential…
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koh rong saloem #17 most popular location
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Koh Rong #18 most popular location
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pnom pnhem #19 most popular location
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Kompong Cham #20 most popular location
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Stung Treng #21 most popular location
Stung Treng is a small town along the Mekong River, 300km from Phnom Penh. This place is mostly used as a stop-over during a roundtrip Cambodia. There is an airport but not with any regular …
Krong Siem Reap #22 most popular location
Pursat #23 most popular location
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Sisophon #24 most popular location
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Koh Tonsay #25 most popular location
Chong Khneas #26 most popular location
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Kbal Spien #27 most popular location
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Kampong Kdei #28 most popular location
Skon #29 most popular location
Kampong Chhnang #30 most popular location
Phnom Kulen #31 most popular location
Floating Village #32 most popular location
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Choam Ksant #33 most popular location
Kompong Phlok #34 most popular location
Siyong #35 most popular location
Siyong is a small rural town in northern Cambodia. It is a very quiet town with few guesthouses and very few tourist amenities. It does, however, provide a convenient launch point to spend …
Preah Vihear #36 most popular location
Beng Melea #37 most popular location
Prey Veng #38 most popular location
Prey Veng is a small town East side of Mekong River which run through Cambodia divided Cambodia in to two. Prey Veng Province is known to be one of the poorest province of Cambodia, because i…
Voen Sai #39 most popular location
Banteay Chhmar #40 most popular location
Banteay Chhmar has been looted like no tomorrow, but the ruins still remain an important part of Cambodian history. However as it's getting easier to travel to, more and more tourists are ven…
O'Smach #41 most popular location
Anlong Veng #42 most popular location
Koh Ta Kiev #43 most popular location
Oudong Tramoung #44 most popular location
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Phumi Samraong (3) #45 most popular location
Chambok #46 most popular location
Snuol #47 most popular location
Kompong Chhnang #48 most popular location
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