Camara, The Temptation Island.

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Camara Island, Philippines

Camara, The Temptation Island. Camara Island Reviews

lauro lauro
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camara, the temptation island. May 03, 2009
As ben and me were in the philippines for 3 weeks, it was not enough time to visit all the sights and nature to see! We had been only to 4 islands in the philippines! If you think thats a lot thats not even a percent of the total islands in the philippines! Hahahahaa.

the last island we visited before he flies to nepal and me back to germany was camara island. It is not private as it was in agho island but different, very different!

after camping and exploring the mountaineer beach anawangin, we headed the next morning to camara island which was only half an hour motor boat ride from anawangin.

camara is a strangely shape island almost like a tadpole and much smaller than agho island, hilly and very thorny and at the hill were sharp grass, throny bushes, a small "dapdap" (fire tree), mangrove and coconut forest.

the beach is also very small as the beach around camara island is rocky. The sands are golden yellow that sparkles beautifuly in sunrise and sunset and it has also a daughter island, which curiously is a shape of a rockfish!

the problem with camara island, is that nobody owns it, a public property of the small town of pundaquit in zambales province, so people who vist the island just doenst care and throw things and trash which is a real pity, for camara island is really stunning! The island is also good for skim boarding as it has softwaves around the main beach.

as ben and me got bored at the small beach, we went uphill pass the forest and we had a great view of the other island close to camara which is capones island and also a view of the mainland philippines which in this area has high cliffs and dry and barren mountains!

then we found another beach on the small island! We it is located about 25-35 meters down a steep cliff where we both climbed down. Climbing is not for the faint hearted as it is very difficult as you hold only to crags to be able to get down and up.

down in the secret beach, we had the beach only to ourselves and let our imaginations and fantasies came true - hahaha which ben made a raft from bamboo debris he had found and some scattered nylons, in his bare hands he constructed a raft which was actually working! He was like 15 meters away in the open sea! I couldnt stop laughing at myself for his role playing! Hahahaha

if you are going to camara island, bring as much provisions because theres basically nothing there. There are shades from the fire tree forest but with the heat of the sun it can really dry the body, so much water is needed if you want to stay here for the entire day.

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the main beach of camara island wi…
on the way to camara island! ^_^
the small and hilly camara island!
ben at the beach of camara island …
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Camara Island
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