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460 Soth Cypress Road, Pompano Beach, FL, USA

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Fresh Seafood and Caribbean Fare Jul 21, 2009
OMG its so hot and nasty down here. I don't even feel like stepping outside to do anything. Well at least I can do some write ups of places I've been meaning to add to this site.

Calypso has been located in Pompano for as long as I've been here (which is pretty damn long). The first location use to be in a Publix strip mall located across the street from the current location. But to be honest the original place had more charm to it. The current place tries to pull off a Caribbean feel to it.

The original place use to be really affordable. But after they move to the new location, Gourmet Magazine did a little write up on them. And since then, the prices have been hit or miss depending on what you order. As usual I try to hit places during lunch hour when prices are a little lower.

True to their motto, the seafood dishes here are pretty fresh. The usually seasonal stuff like Florida lobsters, flying fish (which I have yet to try), and conch (which is really good). Like I said before, the prices are hit or miss. The lobsters tend to be pricey, but the conch and flying fish entrees are average prices.

If you get the chance to try this place, go for the caribbean fare, its the better choice. Yes, they have the usual burgers and salads but the island stuff is why people come here.

For starters, the wings are great, $8.95 for ten wings or $13.95 for twenty wings. You really can't miss with any of the flavors. I usually get the Jamaican Jerk wings, which arrive piping hot and spicy. The seasoning is a dry rub, so the wings aren't dripping with sauce. I must warn you, this is a little spicy. Not "first bite" holy crap spicy. But a spicy flavor that builds and lingers on the tongue the more you eat. The second best (I think) is the BBQ. This isn't your normal American style BBQ. Its an island style ginger BBQ which has a nice sweetness to it. I made the mistake of ordering the Habanero flavor once and I will never do it again. I ate like three wings and was crying by then. If you love spicy food, this is the one for you. The other wings flavors are Blue Mountain Jamaican curry, teriyaki with cracked black pepper, and basil mustard. I just realized that I've had pretty much everything on the menu, and it was all good. The fried shrimp, oysters, and clams casino you can skip. Nice flavor but kinda average. Now the fish cakes, called stamp & go, are great. They are deep fried patties of salt cod, onions, peppers and seasonings. You can get them as an appetizer, a sandwich or as an entree. Any way you get them, they are great. Another great dish is the grilled conch. You'd think that conch is tough to eat. But the place does it right. Boiled till its tender, then marinaded and grilled. As my sister-in-law likes to say "its a party in your mouth".

Then work your way towards the sandwiches, which are called cutters. The roast beef one is super rare, almost still dripping blood (the way roast beef should be :-) The stamp & go one is awesome. But the best seller here is the grilled shrimp cutter. They scoop out the inside of a big bun to make a bowl. Then they stuff it with sauteed shrimp and mushrooms made with fresh garlic butter, parsley and cheddar cheese sauce. YUMMY!!! All the cutters come with one side. Go for the home made potato salad. And when in season, you can get the scallop and shrimp cutter. Its made up of minced scallops and shrimp, seasoned and grilled. Almost like a scallop burger, served with a great mustard dipping sauce.

Or you can try the roti's. Kind of like a caribbean burrito. The roti is a soft flour tortilla filled with a curry dish. You can have it filled with chicken or lamb for $10.95 (go for the lamb). If you want the seafood version, you can have either shrimp or dolphin. I like the combination one for $12.95 (which comes with one side).

You can also have half a jerk chicken with 2 sides, curries served over pigeon peas and rice, and burgers which are grilled just right.

The dinner menu is pretty much the same as the lunch one, just pricey. Dinner specials have seasonal wahoo, dolphin, or tuna (nice prices). Grilled scallops or lobsters (too pricey I think). The smoke pork or lamb shanks are great. Any of the 'market price' stuff I usually avoid :-)

So if you're ever in my neck of the woods and want to try some caribbean flavor without actually being there, give this place a shot.
A lamb roti dish.
Flyinhigh says:
Very well-written review. Good info
Posted on: Jul 21, 2009
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