Calton Hill

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15 York Place, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
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Calton Hill Edinburgh Reviews

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For great views over the city and beyond! Jan 22, 2017
This hill in Edinburgh city centre is a great vantage point to see Edinburgh's skyline. You can look down on Princes Street, across to Edinburgh Castle and over the Firth of Forth to Fife. You can also see the Royal residence of Holyrood in the shadow of Arthur's Seat and the Salisbury Crags. Once you have finished taking in the view, you can relax for a while on a bench or take a walk around the hilltop which is dotted with various memorials and follies including a memorial to Lord Nelson and a large Acropolis style building which can be seen from far and wide. Calton Hill can be reached by a signposted path from Regent Road. The steps aren't very steep and there is a handrail. I believe you can also drive up but I didn't see the road. We climbed the hill on a cold day and were a little out of breath on reaching the top, but on a warmer day I would imagine the walk would be more leisurely. I would recommend visiting Calton Hill early in your stay as it is a great place to get an understanding of Edinburgh's layout.

Directions: Signposted off Regent Road.
At the top of the hill
Great views from Calton Hill
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rurymason rurymason
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Edinburgh's Calton Hill - STUNNING views of the city. Feb 18, 2013
Calton Hill is one of Edinburgh's best spots to grab some gorgeous photos of Princes Street, the Scott Monument, and all the way up to the Castle. Also, the views you'll get of Arthur's Seat will blow you away! Best way to get there is via Waterloo Place and up the Calton Steps. Approx. 10 minutes gentle hike and you'll be at the top. I highly recommend climbing Nelson's Monument - They have a viewing deck which provides stunning views. There is a fee, although not sure how much; probably a few £'s.

In the nice weather Calton Hill is a very popular spot for locals to have a picnic and enjoy the views... There are also several other monuments and structures of interest on the hill. Here's a link to a video on YouTube that a local guide has posted about Calton Hill, if you want to get an idea of how gorgeous it can be up there:

I live very near to Calton Hill -- If anyone has any Q's about interesting things to do in the surrounding area I'd be more than happy to answer them!

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Worth a look for a free look over Edinburgh Jun 13, 2011
I must say Calton hill is a cool place to have a look at and its not all that busy, well it wasn't when i was there, the main attraction of this hill is that you can have a good view over the city. Apparently every friday night the observatory is open to public and they can look through the telescope to space if the sky is clear, i never got to see this because my trip was only from Monday to Wednesday. There is a tall tower you can go in to get a higher view of the city but i was not willing to pay £2 for a slightly higher view from where i was already, i already had a excellent view for to take pictures. There is also a monument that copies the pillers of one of the temples from Athens, i cant remember the story why they wanted to copy them but its unusal sight to see in Edinburgh. These is also a cannon situated at the top given to the scottish by the Greeks many years ago, there was around a dozon cannons but all but one was melted down to assist with the war efforts in WWII. For me you can see all of this in around 10-15 minutes but i defo think its worth a visit and its an excellent climb up lots of steps to get there, no need for the gym afterwards, thats for sure
Map of Calton Hill
View walking up Calton Hill
Another view walking up Calton Hill
This is an actual roof-top garden
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alien11 alien11
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Calton Hill Mar 05, 2011
Calton Hill is a wee hill at the end of Princes Street, right in the city centre. It is a very pretty park with an unfinished acropolis on top, which you can see from afar and also some description signs about Edinburgh's geology and architecture. You'll have a nice view over the city (better pics than from Athur's Seat!). Take a blanket and some food to have a nice picnic and to see the sun set.
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caissef caissef
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Great view of Edinburgh if you don't fancy hiking Arthur's Seat Mar 01, 2006
I've rated Calton Hill 3 stars 'cause it isn't going to change your life but if it was about how beautiful the view is: it would most certainly get at least a 4!

Right at the end of Princes Street, Calton Hill is easy access and a pretty good spot for sunset. You have a gorgeous view of the Old Town from there to. You might also want to stay a little longer after sunset 'cause that's when all the lights of the city start to shine and the skye still has this bonnie blue color.. Spectacular!

Tip: you might also want to go at another time than sunset for your pictures of the Old Town 'cause at that time of the day, its all shadows and could look better with the morning light.

Hum, almost forgot: you will find a stunning view at the forth, the bridge and Arthur's Seat too!!!
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