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San Francisco #1 most popular location
From the Victorian architecture to the notoriously steep inclines to the Pacific coastline and the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco is one of the oldest, most beautiful, and amazing cities i…
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Los Angeles #2 most popular location
Thanks to Hollywood, perhaps no city anywhere on the planet will be so instantly familiar to first-time arrivals as Los Angeles. From its wide, sandy beaches to its mountain vistas, palm tre…
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San Diego #3 most popular location
The second largest city in California and the ninth largest in the entire US, San Diego is a melting pot of agriculture, tourism, telecommunications, ship-building, and more. Home to the worl…
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Anaheim #4 most popular location
Located in the Orange County region of Southern California, Anaheim is a city that is well known around the world not only for its various sports teams and convention center but for its colle…
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Santa Monica #5 most popular location
A Pacific Ocean beachside resort immortalized in the lyrics of countless music-loving beach bums and seemingly designed for the summer, Santa Monica is a holiday-focused corner of LA County t…
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Hollywood #6 most popular location
Check out the infamous 40ft sign propped up above it all. Check out the local burger bar and hang out with all the waiters – sorry, actors – at a pool party, talking celebrities between e…
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Santa Barbara #7 most popular location
A place that is often described as the American Riviera, Santa Barbara is a coastal city on one of the only east-west sections of coastline in the state, directly between the Santa Ynez Mount…
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Monterey #8 most popular location
A Californian town noted for it’s literary heritage and Mexican heritage as well as a beautifully rugged Pacific coastline, Monterey is an atypical Californian attraction, a far cry from th…
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Sacramento #9 most popular location
While Sacramento formed as long ago as the mid 19th century, it was the gold rush that sent the city in to a state of fervor, and propelled thousands of newcomers into town to pan and dig for…
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Palm Springs #10 most popular location
Palm Springs, CA has soemthing for everyone. Whether you are a person who likes to golf, shop, hike or just experience the culture you will find that here. As of the 2000 census, the city p…
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San Jose #11 most popular location
San Jose is located about an hour southeast of San Francisco, and about 5-6 hours north of Los Angeles. It is at the southern mouth of the San Francisco Bay. Unless you take the coastal route…
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Santa Cruz #12 most popular location
Santa Cruz is located at the northern end of the Monterey Bay on the coast of California. It's about 70 miles south of San Francisco, but San Jose and the Silicon Valley are only about 35 mil…
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Long Beach #13 most popular location
Just outside of Las Angeles and bordering Orange County, Long Beach is one of the more famous California beach cities in the southern region of the state. Technically part of the greater Los …
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Yosemite National Park #14 most popular location
Known for everything from the waterfalls and the sheer cliff faces of El Capitan to its appearance in a certain cartoon, Yosemite is one of those incredible, expansive national parks that jus…
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South Lake Tahoe #15 most popular location
South Lake Tahoe is a city in El Dorado County, California, in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The population was 23,609 at the 2000 census. The east end of the city, on the California-Nevada st…
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Napa #16 most popular location
Located in the southern end of the wine country this town of about 75,000 population sits in the valley of Napa county of northern California. It is best known for the many wineries that d…
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Fresno #17 most popular location
Fresno is a city and county in central California also known as the San Joaquin Valley. It is about 3 hours south from San Francisco, 2 hours east of Monterey, and 3 hours from Los Angeles. …
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Oakland #18 most popular location
Located on the Eastern shore of the San Francisco Bay, Oakland is often known as "The Other City by the Bay". With a population of over 415,000, Oakland is the 8th largest city in California.…
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Bakersfield #19 most popular location
This large community with a population nearing 400,000 is located in the southern horseshoe end of the San Joaquin valley. It relies primarily on agriculture, oil extraction and the oil refi…
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Mammoth Lakes #20 most popular location
Mammoth Lakes is a town of less than 10,000 people in the eastern Sierras part of California, in the middle of the state, south of Lake Tahoe (about 2 hours drive), and north of Los Angeles (…
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Berkeley #21 most popular location
Berkeley although begun well before, was incorporated back in 1878 and has grown along with the area, especially due to the University of California at Berkeley. It is widely known as a liber…
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Beverly Hills #22 most popular location
Beverly Hills is one of the most well known cities in Los Angeles, California. Home to many celebrities and affluent California residents, it has become the representation of sophistication a…
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Pasadena #23 most popular location
Located about 10 miles northeast of downtown Los Angeles, Pasadena, CA sits in a beautiful area at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains. As of 2009, the population is 150,185. The Rose B…
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San Luis Obispo #24 most popular location
~San Luis Obispo is one of the Nicest places to live!~ SLO is one of the most well-known college towns on the west coast. Cal Poly has a reputation of being a party school. San Luis Ob…
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Laguna Beach #25 most popular location
Laguna Beach the Beach is a wonderful place to visit. It has a cool, laid back type of atmosphere. The main beach has chess tables and a volleyball net. Laguna has many coves that some peo…
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Irvine #26 most popular location
Orange County's biggest Metropolis. Once a farm town, now a busy downtownish office conglomerate finds syntegration with suburban living to create harmony and the safest community in the U…
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Carlsbad #27 most popular location
Carlsbad is a beautiful, mellow beachside community with many wonderful things to offer. It is a good place for those who are looking for a more relaxing beach trip, but yet want to be close …
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Ontario #28 most popular location
Ontario is a city with a population of over 150,000 that serves as one of the most important centers of the Inland Empire of Southern California. The city is notable for the LA/Ontario Inter…
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Huntington Beach #29 most popular location
Huntington Beach, internationally known as "Surf City USA," is a relaxed beach town with a wide variety of entertainment and recreational activities serving all of Orange county. Along the…
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Disneyland #30 most popular location
Disneyland. The place has become renowned over the years as a haven for the child in all of us. Here you can visit the wonders of the silver screen and see your favorite characters brought to…
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Eureka #31 most popular location
Eureka is on old logging town on the northern coast of California. It is approximately 270 miles north of San Francisco. Eureka is along Humboldt Bay. It is the county seat of Humboldt county…
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Big Sur #32 most popular location
Big Sur refers to the mountainous region of California's central coast between Carmel and San Simeon. Dramatic cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean, verdant coastal forests, and a multitude o…
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Carmel By the Sea #33 most popular location
Beautiful little jewel, great for a getaway. Caters to the souvenir/art/ocean-themed-art buying crowd. Great place to get married or engaged. Pricey lodging; consider staying a little bit inl…
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Big Bear Lake #34 most popular location
Outdoor enthusiast will love Big Bear Lake in any season. What started as an irrigation project became the worlds' largest man-made lake of its time in the late 19th century. The lake is …
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Cambria #35 most popular location
Quaint Cambria is sparking little pebbles and pristine blue beaches of Moonstone beach. An artsy little village tucked away between the mountains. The residents and visitors alike are laid ba…
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Morro Bay #36 most popular location
Between LA and San Francisco, Morro Bay is located along the coastline of California. It is in San Luis Obispo County which is known as California's Natural Escape for good reason. The natur…
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Redding #37 most popular location
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Santa Clara #38 most popular location
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Lake Tahoe #39 most popular location
A freshwater lake in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the United States, just along the border between California and Nevada, Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine lake in North America, and is one …
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Barstow #40 most popular location
The city of Barstow was established in 1886 due to the silver (and later borax) boom from the nearby Calico mines. It became a busy center for rail cars and was eventually named after William…
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Torrance #41 most popular location
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Santa Rosa #42 most popular location
Santa Rosa is the county seat for Sonoma County and located approximately 60 miles north of San Francisco. It has been touted as the city where "everything comes together". There is wine and…
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Visalia #43 most popular location
A smaller city in central California near the center of the San Joaquin Valley, Visalia is the throbbing heart of this part of the countryside, just under 200 miles north of Las Angeles and o…
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Palm Desert #44 most popular location
24travelers 5reviews
Newport Beach #45 most popular location
Newport Beach is a wonderful city which has magnificent views of the Pacific Ocean, beautiful beaches, lots of great places to shop and great restaurants. The city is bisected by PCH (pacific…
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Inglewood #46 most popular location
interresting part of LA when you arrive or leave, during your stay in inglewood, you can drive in every direction of LA within 45 minutes
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Ventura #47 most popular location
111travelers 3reviews 2blogs
Burbank #48 most popular location
Burbank is a city in Los Angeles County, California, United States. As of 2007, the city had a population of 107,921. Burbank is located in the eastern region of the San Fernando Valley, n…
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Redondo Beach #49 most popular location
This is a beach community along the southern California coastline. The Pacific ocean is the western neighbor and thus there are many surfing beaches, even though the waves are not very big. …
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Sonoma #50 most popular location
The Town of Sonoma is the southern end of Sonoma Valley, aka "Valley of the Moon." Along scenic Highway 12 are beautiful rolling hills and vineyards, dozens of world class wineries, several …
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Crescent City #51 most popular location
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Mountain View #52 most popular location
Mountain View is a city in Santa Clara County, in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. It is named for its views of the Santa Cruz Mountains.The city shares its borders with the cities o…
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Palo Alto #53 most popular location
Palo Alto was named after a very tall tree El Palo Alto. This city is about 35 miles south of San Francisco and in just about 45 minutes you will be in this wonderful city. The city is beau…
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Venice #54 most popular location
Venice is the home to Muscle Beach, and famous for performers, fortune tellers, and venders. Great place to ride bikes and take walks down the boardwalk. The district of Venice includes th…
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San Simeon #55 most popular location
San Simeon is perhaps best known as the home of the famous Hearst Estate built by media mogul William R. Hearst. The Hearst Castle has been deeded to the California National Parks. Tours of t…
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Coronado #56 most popular location
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Temecula #57 most popular location
Less than 2 decades ago Temecula was a rural town just obtaining it's official cityhood; nowadays it has a thriving population of nearly 100,000 people. The city is rich with history, with i…
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Calistoga #58 most popular location
Calistoga is at the north end of the Napa Valley Calistoga AVA, part of California's Wine Country. Thus there are numerous wineries within a short drive, including Chateau Montelena Winery, S…
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La Jolla #59 most popular location
La Jolla is a beautiful coastal community in San Diego County. It is known as an upscale, rather expensive community to live in, and is popular with tourists. The population was 46,781 as of…
38travelers 16reviews 3blogs
West Hollywood #60 most popular location
Known as the gay capital of Los Angeles, West Hollywood contains the most famous area of Southern California nightlife, the Sunset Strip, as well as parts of Santa Monica and Melrose Blvds. F…
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Pismo Beach #61 most popular location
Pismo Beach is situated on the Central Coast of California and is a quaint beach town with lots of holiday accommodation and beautiful beaches. Pismo Beach is also one of the few places th…
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Pacific Grove #62 most popular location
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San Bernardino #63 most popular location
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Santa Ana #64 most popular location
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South San Francisco #65 most popular location
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Sunnyvale #66 most popular location
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Costa Mesa #67 most popular location
Costa Mesa is a great place to stay in Southern California if you want to go to the beach (Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Corona del Mar, etc.) or shopping (South Coast Plaza and Metro Poin…
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Solvang #68 most popular location
Solvang, California is a charming European-style town with a population of around 5,000 people. Who would have thought Denmark was so close to LA? Solvang is designed to resemble a small Da…
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Oceanside #69 most popular location
Oceanside is located centrally between Orange County and San Diego County. What puts Oceanside on the map is a large MARINE base, Camp Pendleton. I write Marine in caps because if you mis…
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Marina del Rey #70 most popular location
Located on the Pacific coast southwest of Los Angeles. It's between Venice beach and Playa del Rey. LAX is easy access to this city - located approximately 4-5 miles from it. This city has…
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Malibu #71 most popular location
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Stockton #72 most popular location
60travelers 1reviews
Paso Robles #73 most popular location
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Manhattan Beach #74 most popular location
Not too long ago, Manhattan Beach was a sleepy beach town with a laid back vibe. Now, it's a popular home base for celebrities, professional athletes and those who can afford the multi-millio…
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San Clemente #75 most popular location
47travelers 4reviews
Joshua Tree #76 most popular location
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Bishop #77 most popular location
Bishop lies in a high mountain valley east of the Sierras along the scenic 395 highway. The town of Bishop was originally founded in the late 1800's in the Owen's Valley. The town itself is…
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Riverside #78 most popular location
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Indio #79 most popular location
Back at the very beginnings of this area just prior to the turn of the 19th century the main land use here was agriculture. The growth of citrus trees and dates kept the economy alive and we…
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Avalon #80 most popular location
Avalon is the only town on Catalina Island, off the coast of Los Angeles California, and also the only town in the entire Channel Islands Chain. Founded in 1919 by the Wrigley family, the is…
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Hermosa Beach #81 most popular location
The city is located in the South Bay region of the greater Los Angeles area and is one of the three Beach Cities. Hermosa Beach is bordered by the other two, Manhattan Beach to the north and …
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Salinas #82 most popular location
Salinas is located on the Central California Coast and is known as the "Salad Bowl of the World." Salinas boasts an emerging arts scene led by the First Fridays Art Walk and the innovative u…
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Fort Bragg #83 most popular location
Fort Bragg is very foggy but has beautiful redwoods, wharf and typical grey pacific ocean know to Northern California.
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Fairfield #84 most popular location
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Dana Point #85 most popular location
Dana Point is a city in Orange county, California, popular for its nice coastline and harbor. Dana Point is home to roughly 36,000 residents and is located between San Juan Capistrano and Lag…
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Milpitas #86 most popular location
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El Segundo #87 most popular location
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Sausalito #88 most popular location
Sausalito is a must stop if you are visiting San Francisco. Just 10 minutes north of San Francisco, and across the Golden Gate bridge, Sausalito is a tourist city that caters to visitors eve…
10travelers 7reviews
Culver City #89 most popular location
Downtown Culver City, which you have probably never heard of unless you live in LA (and even then, maybe not), is an up and coming area of LA that would be interesting to young people visitin…
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Fremont #90 most popular location
Fremont is a city in Sandusky County. It is the county seat. The community was named after John C. Fremont, explorer and presidential candidate. This city was also the birth place of 19th pre…
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Vallejo #91 most popular location
Vallejo is a city in Solano County, California, United States. As of the 2000 census, the city had a total population of 116,760. It is located in the San Francisco Bay Area on the northern s…
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Twentynine Palms #92 most popular location
Located in close proximity to the Joshua Tree State Park in south central California, 29 Palms is in the heart of the Mojave Desert. Originally founded by the military so that General Patton…
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Mendocino #93 most popular location
The scenic village of Mendocino is located on California's rugged north coast. Mendocino is best known for its spectacular scenery, seaside victorian villages and distinctive wineries, altho…
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Burlingame #94 most popular location
Burlingame is a small suburb of San Francisco with a population barely hitting 30,000. It’s actually about 20 minutes south of the city on Highway 101. Normally you wouldn’t care about …
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Buena Park #95 most popular location
Buena Park IS Knott's Berry Farm. OK...there are a few other attractions in Buena Park like Medieval Times, a wax museum, and some other lesser known attractions, but Knott's was there waaaa…
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El Centro #96 most popular location
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Half Moon Bay #97 most popular location
Half Moon Bay is a beautiful city. Its coastal location is just 40-45 minutes outside of San Francisco. Beaches in this city include but are not limited to Half Moon Bay State Beach, Dunes B…
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Chico #98 most popular location
The City of Chico was founded in 1860 by John and Annie Bidwell. With a population of over 100,000, Chico is located in the Northern Sacramento Valley of California approximately ninety mile…
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Garden Grove #99 most popular location
30travelers 2reviews
Oakhurst #100 most popular location
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