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Stampede park, Calgary, Canada

Calgary Stampede Reviews

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Pancake party in July Mar 14, 2011
The true cost of the Stampede will depend on what you decide to do and there is no shortage. You can start off the day at one of the many pancake-style breakfasts offered around town spread over the two weeks. I attended one just a block away from my house after having been woken by the county music. I was curious and ended up spending 20 minutes hanging around. There are many activities for kids and the fare was really average. I'm not into sausage and pancakes so I passed on the food and didn't want to wait in line anyhow. If you go, do so with a gang of friends maybe on the way home from the bar.
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Craziest 10 days Jul 18, 2011
Stampede is truly whatever you make it.

now as a 21 year old, the same hings dont interest me, but I have found new things!

Rides, food, atmosphere, shopping, and NON STOP PARTYING.

Food: Mini donuts, corndogs, deep fried oreos

Partying: Nashville north, cowboys tent, ranchmans
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The Ten Days of Madness Jul 31, 2010
During these ten days, a great deal of otherwise sane urbanites, spend this time in a schizophrenic daze, convinced they are cowboys.

It's like some conniving city hall official goes to the water treatment plant every July, and starts dumping LSD in the water.

City Hall Official: "This will make them good and loony! They'll be acting like they've been riding horses all their lives! Every Calgarian will believe that they own 1000 acres of land passed down for generations! They will feel the urge to care for and tolerate smelly farm animals Mwahhhaaa"

This act, as corrupt and manipulative it seems, serves a very important of keeping the Stampede alive.

Without this selfless deed, surely such acts of lunacy that are necessary for the festival's survival such as

1) Believing you are a cowboy (mentioned above)

2) Getting up at an obnoxious hour and going downtown, along with the rest of Calgary

3) Have everyone agree to the city reserving a gigantic plot of land smack in downtown to be used only for 10 days out of the whole year, while the other 355 days it is simply the World's Biggest Parking Lot

4)Paying 14 dollars to be admitted in

5)Believe that you are enjoying the entire experience

Would simply be impossible

All that being said, let's go to an integral part of the Stampede, the rodeo.

In brief, cowboys with cujones so large it's a wonder they can even walk properly, mount a variety of angry animals and try to hold on for dear life.

When they fall off, and the animals try to get their rightful revenge on the riders, an obese clown bursts out like Pamela Anderson's shirt buttons in an attempt to get the animals to ignore the cowboy.

Sometimes this works, and sometimes this doesn't.

I support the rodeo, as it speeds up human evolution

The people that are athletic, dexterous and fit enough, survive.

The people that are smart enough to avoid doing this in the first place, also survive.

So it's a warm and sunny day for the human gene pool!

Let's also not forget about all that food at the Stampede.

Ever heard of corn dogs? It's a hot dog impaled on a stick, stuck in batter and deep fried. It's good, and it cuts your life expectancy by 25 years.

Pancakes are absolutely ubiquitous. Every major corporation in Cowtown does a free pancake breakfast for all those who have the fortitude of character to stand in line at 6 AM for hours to get some free pancakes, expired sausages and cheap syrup.

Another free attraction at the stampede is the Coca-Cola stage.

We locals call it the Coke Stage simply.

I have my theories why.

It's because all the musical acts that go up and perform are washed out and spent all their money on the light-coloured variety; that's why they're performing there and not at the Pentgrowth, charging 90 bucks a head minimum.

The rides in Stampede are fantastic for your family.

If you have a good life insurance policy.

I have heard rumors that the rides do not get inspected that often, and understanding the Machiavellian way business is often conducted in general, I believe it.

This year, 6 teenagers fell from one of the rides.

The inspector could have been walking around, taking a quick glance, and swigging a Crown Royal Mickey for all we know.

The rides are privately owned and are set up and taken down quickly and go around North America to various carnivals.

I still ride them once in a while, but if it's spluttering and creaking worse than a '78 Pinto, I would stay away, and I've done some risky things in my short short life.

In conclusion,

The Stampede is a lot of fun and a lot of foolishness. If you haven't gone, go.

If you have, you can make up your own damn mind.
ladyluck13and7 says:
@aloha_keith, glad you enjoyed yourself, I went this year to watch dogs herd and jump though hoops. That was it, no raising hell either
Posted on: Aug 01, 2010
ladyluck13and7 says:
@aloha_keith of course you should have! lol What did you think?
Posted on: Aug 01, 2010
ladyluck13and7 says:
Well, I know this because I was once was very angry outside a bar during stampede when I met a cowboy....

Posted on: Jul 31, 2010
liamgr liamgr
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Summer Fun Jun 04, 2009
If you're coming through Calgary in early July, one sight you can't afford to miss is the Calgary Stampede, Calgary's annual ten day party.

Its a good way to spend a summer day with good rides, games, food, shopping, entertainment and of course drinks, with one of the best rodeos in the world to boot.

It doesn't need to be an expensive day for you, but don't be fooled, because it very easily can be. Unfortunately, if you want to get as much as possible out of the Stampede, it would be wise to have $100-150 ready for the day. However, the only fee you're required to pay is admission which for anyone 13+ is $14. From there its up to you what you do and don't spend you're money on.

One free attraction at the Stampede is concerts at the Coca-Cola stage, which in the past has seen some pretty good bands and other acts.

All in all, its a pretty cool atmosphere for you to share with 100, 000 of your closest friends, and many great after parties at some of the local bars.

NOTE: Beer costs $7+ each. Just to give you an idea.

Send me a message if you have any other questions about costs or things to do at the Stampede.

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