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Cairo, Egypt
Cairo - I am the Beduin!
Cairo - I am the Beduin!
Cairo - I am the Beduin!
Cairo - A shop in Cairo
Cairo - Cairo City Center
Cairo - Cairo City Center

Cairo Reviews

kingtut707 kingtut7…
4 reviews
Visiting Cairo Jun 02, 2011
My proposal to visit Cairo 2-3 days would be the following:

1.Historical places:

•The Giza Pyramids (must see) (half day will be more than enough)

•The Egyptian Museum (must see) it’s also very close to Tahrir Square where the revolution took place (one full day... or you can run quickly with a scooter hehehe)

•Mohamed Ali’s Citadel (nice to see) (half day)

•Khan El Khalili (down town old Cairo), you can shop for souvenirs there “I should be here for bargaining support ;) “

2.Shopping: City Stars, which is the biggest mall in Egypt, where you can find local & international brands of clothes…etc

3.Restaurants & food: you can find fast food meal with 2-3 USD, decent meals 10-12 USD, please drink bottled water! ;)

Please drop me a line for any more help needed. Wishing u GREAT stay! :)

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Titusss Titusss
8 reviews
Jul 13, 2007
The magnificence of the Egyptian dynasties! the traffic mess in Cairo center... the flavours of the middle east
Cairo City Center
A shop in Cairo
I am the Beduin!
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jrplyhn jrplyhn
4 reviews
Sep 11, 2007
“You haven’t been to Egypt unless you’ve been to Cairo,” the receptionist said to me, when I asked him whether I should visit the Valley of the Kings or Cairo. “And you haven’t been in Cairo unless you’ve seen the pyramids,” he added.

“Okay, then,” I thought, “lets go to Cairo and see the pyramids, and then I can say that I’ve been to Egypt.”

Cairo is a mixture of history, museums, pollution, apartment blocks (that looks like they are about to fall apart), eleven million inhabitants, and an endless stream of tourists, and of course: the pyramids and the Sphinx. I though the pyramids was fare out in the dessert, I thought you had to sit on a camel and ride for hours on end till you finally would see them in a distance. I was wrong!

From central Cairo to the Giza Plateau with the pyramids and the Sphinx it’s only a few kilometres. Once upon a time, the Seventh Wonder of the World might have been fare out in the dessert; today they are a part of greater Cairo.

The pyramids on the Giza Plateau are the ones of Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure with a few smaller pyramids known as the queens’ pyramids dotted around. Common belief is that all of them are on the famous list of Wonders, but the fact is that only the Great Pyramid of Khufu has the honour.

Our guide gave us the advice not to stop or talk to the camel owners hanging around on the plateau. “Whatever you do,” he said, “don’t talk to them. Don’t stop for a photo, because they’ll charge you, don’t get up on their camels even though they say they’ll only take you for a ride around the pyramids.” He paused, did his audience hear him. Did they understand the seriousness of this matter? “They will take you out in the dessert,” he continued with a dramatic tone, “then they’ll demand more money for taking you back to the plateau. If you don’t pay them, they’ll leave you out there and that’s in no ones interest. Okay?” We all nodded: okay, we weren’t going to talk to anyone. Guess who found herself talking to a camel owner just a few seconds later?

Also on the Giza Plateau is the Great Sphinx, this half-human half-lion creature made of sand stone. The most famous aspect with the Sphinx is the missing nose. There are many theories of why the nose is missing, I’m only going to list three of them, and then it’s up to you to pick which one you’ll believe in.

1)The nose was accidentally broken off by a cannon ball fired by French soldiers.

2)Knocked off by Sufi fanatics on the order of cleric Sa’im al-Dahr.

3)Obelix climbing on it and as we all know: Obelix is a big fellow (or as he prefers to say: "well covered" or “having a chest that has slipped a bit"). ( + a huge numbers of Asterix books –I’m a great fan).

But what else is it to see in Cairo? Oh, so much. I would highly recommend the Egyptian Museum with all its sculptures, mummies and the tomb artefacts of Tutankhamun.

The Papyrus Museum, Khan el-Khalili Bazaar, Sultan Hassan Mosque and Cairo Tower (go there after dark!). Of course you have to eat while you’re busy moving from one site to another. At the bazaar there are plenty of places with authentic Egyptian food and drink. Washing your hands after handling the money and before eating you food isn’t a bad idea, checking that the caps on the bottle are properly sealed when you buy it is an even better one. If would be a great shame to miss out on the sites of Cairo because of a highly unwelcome food poisoning.

“I’ve been to Egypt,” I said to the receptionist when I saw him the day after.

“Ahlan wa sahlan – Welcome,” he answered.
claudebonjour claudebo…
1 reviews
Jun 07, 2007
Cairo is wonderful. There is so much too see, but it is a noisy city. The pyramids and the Sphinx are worth seeing, eventhough the city is so close. The Museum down town is fantastic. I enjoyed spending time, looking at all the artifax and the statues, stones discovered there. Metro is easy to catch, taxis are cheap. People are friendly. I have friends living in Cairo so it makes my travel easier.

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