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Cairo or (Al-Qahira as pronounced by Egyptians), one of the oldest cities in the world, the Capital and the biggest city in Egypt, only the river Nile is separating Cairo from Giza as locals consider them as one big city. It is a city that would satisfy a wide range of tastes.

Plenty of parts of Cairo feel like a beautiful time warp. Down by the Nile, you can watch tiny wooden boats float by and imagine nothing’s changed in centuries. The markets are still home to products like spices, perfumes and precious metals hiding under rag-tag cloth roofs in front of yellow stone buildings, while the Christian churches, Muslim monuments and stunning Egyptian Antiquities Museum all draw you in to the ancient Kingdom.

The Great Pyramids towers over the desert, lit up in a golden glow at night and striking in its intensity. For all you’ve read about this particular site, you can hardly fail to be impressed.

Back in the city, grab a taste of a buzzing city, smoking sheesha on a rooftop bar whilst inhaling the cities distinctive scent, or delve into a lifestyle fit for a Pharoah in one of the cities notoriously plush hotels. Not to mention the astonishing selection of museums, which are every bit as sensational as you’d expect in a place that truly reeks of history.

Travel destinations don’t get much more classic than Cairo. This is one of the world’s biggest cities, a sprawling metropolis hiding more scenic hidden treasures than most cities can even dream of.

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