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Dalston, England

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lee-81 lee-81
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Nice cafe/music venue in a not so nice area. Dec 07, 2008
Cafe oto is a bit of a mixed bag, I'm still undecided on my true feelings for this place, maybe I'll figure it by the end of this review.

First up is the area. If your visiting London i doubt very much that Dalston will be on your list of places to visit. The only to two things of interest that i know in the area are the giant Mural of jazz musicians that is on the side of a building just around the corner from cafe oto and the cafe it's self. I would liked to have have included a photo of the mural but was afraid that I'd get my camera nicked in the process, i think that gives you an idea of the area.

Once in the safety of the venue it's self you'll be greeted by a large open plan room that doesn't really have the warmth and charm you'd expect from a cafe, it's quite minimal. During the morning and afternoon when they are a cafe they serve a wide variety of beverages, including all types of tea and coffee and they have a selection of cakes and biscuits to accompany. If your prefer something a little stronger they also serve alcohol including many types of beer form big names like corona and asahi to ones that I've never heard of that are organic. All food and drink seems to be priced reasonably for London, they also have a free wifi connection for those of you who make it there without having your laptop stolen on route.

After 8pm the cafe becomes a music venue, the bands/musicians that perform here aren't mainstream acts they tend to be smaller lesser known acts but that's how i like it. The types of music played are mainly jazz, blues, electronica, ambient and experimental they sometimes have visual artists displaying their video artistry sometime accompanied by live music. Tickets can be bought in advance for most nights or purchased on the door some advents will sell out if the performer is very popular but most the time you should be okay if you just turn up out of the blue. The sound quality at the venue is very good mainly due to it being a fairly small venue.

All in all it's a very nice place to go for a drink or see some live music. The first time i went i saw some great acts and the staff were very nice and friendly, the second time the music was great but some of the staff were a little bit rude and came across as being arrogant. I think i do like this place just not the area it's in.
The stage area.
Kam Mikami in a very rare U.K perf…
Kam Mikami and Alex Neilson on dru…
lee-81 says:
Unfortunately most of London can be very dangerous these days and i actually think that being a male makes it more likely that you'll be a victim. The reason is that the groups of young men who loiter around London's streets seem to think that people like me just passing by are invading their territory and if your unlucky enough to make eye contact then your seen to be disrespecting them. I've been racially abused on more then one occasion while in Brixton one of my friends was mugged for a pizza in Kentish town and another was beaten up for asking a group of youths to move away from the door to his flat so he could get in. So yeah i couldn't help feel a little paranoid when i wanted to take a pic of the Mural and there was a group of youths standing in front it.
I didn't say there was only 2 things to see in Dalston i said "The only to two things of interest that i know in the area are... ". If i'm in the area then maybe i'll take you up on the tour and hopefully we won't get off on the wrong foot this time.
Posted on: May 26, 2009
eastsideninja says:
I skimmed this after the part about you being too scared to get your camera out... it's sad that people will now think dalston is a crime zone. I have lived here for 3 years and as a 31 year old female you would think I would have more reason to be scared. There are also more than 2 things to see in Dalston - perhaps you should get your hands on the Timeout special they did on the area? Try the jazz bar, or the vortex, or how about the rio independent cinema? Or the local turkish supermarket, or the turkish places to eat where they still make bread traditionally, right there in the window so passers by can see... I'd ask you to come back with an open mind... i'll even give you a tour!
Posted on: May 24, 2009
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