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3200 Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV, USA - (702) 258-1211

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tomassgringo tomassgr…
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Excuses Take Away from the Experience and Good Food Jun 21, 2009
There was one excuse after another for why service was so poor on my visit. After being seated for five or more minutes I finally git water, the another five or more minutes until the waiter let me know what the specials were and he was off before I could say I had already had time to decide and was ready to order. Finally I get to place my order. The menu is mostly a collection appetizer sized dish they call tapas since it is a Spanish Kitchen. Once I did get my food it was really good. I was reminded of a scene in Ratatouille when Remy realizes how great food tastes when flavors are combined. The combination of roasted dates and bacon with apple vinaigrette was superb. But as my forgiving attitude was coming back, the guy refilling water glasses passes me at least 3 times refilling other glasses and ignoring me. Even resulting to try to get his attention by first saying excuse me as he passed, then followed by waving across the restaurant did not get my water refilled. Waiting ten minutes or more to get my check, I was told the computers were down and that was the reason for the ciaos and delays. Signing a manually prepared credit card slip I left with a bad taste in my mouth even though the food had been very enjoyable.
You can see how busy it was!!
Nice atmosphere, but that was abou…
Convenient to the Strip and Fashio…
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poohstanggt poohstan…
133 reviews
Overhyped Tapas Jul 14, 2008
I've been to Cafe Ba Ba Reeba once before shortly after it opened since it was so hyped for their amazing tapas. It was ok but I was not really that impressed - I like Firefly on Paradise for Tapas much more. Well, we were doing a Vegas "Core Crew" dinner and Melanie saw they had lobster paella and wanted to give it a shot.

For those unfamiliar with the Tapas concept - they are basically Spanish appetizers. You order many plates of smaller portion foods and share. They may be as simple as marinated olives, fancy as mini lamp chops or as unique as alligator bites.

A few of us arrived early are took advantage of happy hour and special pricing on sangria and select tapas. Sangria was half off and several tapas were $3 each. Kristy and I each had a half pitcher of sangria (she had traditional red and I had black raspberry). Half pitchers yield about 3-4 glasses at most for $16.95 regular price.

As for Tapas, I tried roast dates & bacon with apple vingarette. They were good but Firefly's blue cheese stuffed bacon wrapped ones are much better. I also tried the seafood salad which was ceviche style shrimp, scallops, and squid. Lastly, I always have to try empanadas wherever I go - the chicken one was not bad. Remember the portions are much smaller on the happy hour menu so for example with the empanada, I got one.

We moved out for our reservations and everyone decided they would partake in the lobster paella. We ordered the one that serves 4-5 ($59.95) and there were 6 of us but we figured it would be fine. The lobster paella comes with half lobster tails and bay scallops. I've had paella before but this was nothing like what I've tasted. It was incredibly salty and lacked a lot of flavor. The best part of dinner for me was the Sangria! LOL.

A few people ordered the small desserts which were $2.99 each and Nancy didn't seem pleased with her choice but Kristy liked her gelato.

Overall, I think if you are looking for authentic Spanish Tapas without the inflated Las Vegas Strip prices, I would definitely check out Firefly on Paradise first.
Cafe Ba Ba Reeba - Fashion Show Ma…
Kristy and I with our half pitcher…
Seafood salad Tapa - Happy Hour po…
My lone chicken empanada - Happy H…
mellemel8 mellemel8
275 reviews
PAELLA ....NOT SO MUCH :( Jul 14, 2008
I met up with the VEGAS CORE CREW here for dinner. erin, kristy, melissa, RJ and i met up for happy hour to wait for the others. happy hour is 4pm - 7pm. half off the list of the appetizers and sangria. erin and kristy ordered the half pint sangria. we all ordered tapas. i ordered the fried calamari, melissa ordered the marinated mushrooms and vegies, erin ordered the chicken empanadas, figs wrapped in bacon and shrimp with garlic, olive oil & red pepper flakes.

then nancy arrived. we all shared the lobster paella, which was salty. i would not recommend it. melissa and i ordered the chilean sea bass, erin ordered the soup of the day, RJ ordered the 12 oz new york steak

with caramelized onions, tempranillo sauce, and kristy ordered the traditional gazpacho soup.

all the tapas were good except for the lobster paella, it was disappointing. erin, melissa, and kristy has been her before and they said the other paellas were salty as well. i have had better tapas. i still think fireflys is the best.

to park here. you would have to park in the mall parking structure. i would try this place if you have been shopping at the fashion show mall. i would not make a special trip. it is not that special.
our salty lobster paella
chilean sea bass
fried calamari
mixed veggies

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