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What a beautiful place to be, but only to visit, I lived near the waterfront property on the boardwalk, but the smells were not the greatest from the Port O Pots.

The Sun was hot during the months of April to late September. In July and Aug it would reach about 140 to 150 degrees. No escape from the heat, Nor the Sandstorms either, The sandstorms came and our shifts were elongated, because of low visiblility. Then the flys were out during March and October. The rainy months were late Nov, Dec, Jan and Feb. But the coldest days you would only need a hat and a light jacket. The coldest nights would reach maybe in the low 50's.

There was a bus service there for us that worked there and needed to go to certain parts of the Camp. They were reprieval from the heat because the AirCondition was on full blast all the time in them.

I loved the sun there when I was not working. I would put my shorts and tank top on and 'baby oil' and bask in the sun for only about 2 hours at a time on top of a bunker. My body couldn't stand much longer than that.

Good times at Camp Bucca Resort!!!