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Buvuma Islands Overview

The Buvuma Island chain is made up of 52 islands. Expect the trip to the islands to take between 2 & 4 hours depending on which island you are going to. Transportation is usually provided by an open canoe that holds about 30 people and is powered by a 15 - 25 hp outboard engine. Most boats only run once a day and leave from Messese harbor right outside of Jinja.

The biggest island is called Buvuma but it consists of rural isolated communities close to the shores. The most "cosmopolitan" island is Lingira, which is located in a cove of the bigger Buvuma Island. It has about 1,000 people living in a 3 acre radius. One can circumvent Lingira island in about 2 1/2 hours in comparison to Buvuma island which is 80 miles in length and at least 50 miles in width.

If you happen to need medical care while on the islands, your best bet is to hire someone to row you to Lingira. There is a mission clinic there run by Youth With A Mission. They can suture you up,take care of malaria or even deliver a baby but don't look for open hear surgery.

Electricity is scarce on the Buvuma Islands and is provided by either generator or solar power. You can charge your cell phone in some of the bigger villages but people do not have refrigeration or lights for their houses.

Wildlife includes birds and monkeys with an occasional hippo or crocodile. Fishing is more of a business than a pastime. Swimming is not really a good idea as there is bilharzia in the water.

The sunsets over the lake are spectacular but be sure to wear mosquito repellent after dark and take your malaria pills as prescribed. Prepare to rough it and do without some of your favorite foods and you will have a great time!