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Aydinli-Orta Mah. Uzundere Cad. No:29, Goreme, Turkey
www.butterflyballoons.com - +90 384 271 3010

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dardeb dardeb
111 reviews
Expensive but wonderful experience Oct 08, 2012
All the research I did before my trip pointed to the Butterfly Balloons company. Even though they were the youngest company out there, for some reason they were everybody’s favorite. So after much debating, considering that their prices are much higher than others’, I decided to give them a try. It was my birthday and I wanted to have the best experience possible.

They were very professional. Brought us all into their office for a very nice breakfast that included cookies and coffee or tea. The room was crowded, but somehow people managed to find seats and have a bite before going to a takeoff site. While we were eating, every 15 minutes or so, somebody would come in to let us know when we will be leaving. They would tell us over and over again that they worry about our safety, and pilots were checking different take off sites, for wind speed and direction, so that they would pick the best spot for our flights. They also said most companies fly always from the same spot, but Butterfly tries to find the best spot every morning. I have no way of knowing if this is true.

Then we all boarded mini buses, and they took us to the nearby spot, which looked on the outskirts of Goreme. Many balloons were already up in the air, and sun was not out yet.

We watched our balloon getting inflated, and soon we were ready to go. Captain Mustafa was joking all the while, and it made everybody relax. There are four compartments in the balloon, and four people per compartment, which is just about right. I read that other companies put more people in a compartment, but can’t picture it. Soon after we got in, we took off. It was very smooth, take off and our whole flight. Captain scared us few times, coming very close to the rocks, just brushing them off. We also came so close to a walnut tree, that some of us, including myself, picked a walnut. Our flight was far from the center of Goreme, just over the tip of Zemi Valley. It was over an hour long, but really covered very little of the fascinating rock formations. We landed near a cemetery in Urgup. After landing we had a ceremony with champagne and everybody got their flight certificate. Then we were given a ride to our respective hotels.

As it was my birthday, they surprised me with a chocolate cake, so that was a really nice gesture.

I enjoyed the flight very much, but was disappointed with the area we covered. Watching all these other balloons flying over the center made me think that my choice wasn’t the best. Maybe this was my luck, and maybe for all the safety reasons they don't go where all the other balloons are.

I have no idea how much flying in a hot-air balloon is anywhere else in the world, but for me this was a very expensive adventure. Their price is 175EUR, and you can negotiate a bit down, especially if you're paying in cash. Everybody in Turkey will give you discount if you pay in cash, as they are charged 10% by their bank when customers pay by credit card.

I am not sorry I did it though, and would do it again, but would do even more research, and possibly go with a different company, just to try flying with somebody else.
Captain Mustafa briefing us before…
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mr_shanet says:
good review, and nice to see the added words from spocklogic. i envy your fearless attitude towards heights or your overcoming any fears at least.
i have seen "alps from above" and other similar travel shows for the Baltic and Scotland , and love the view it provides, so i am sure it was a great experience, but not cheap for sure.
Posted on: Dec 29, 2012
spocklogic says:
My experience may shed some light - I booked through Kelebek Hotel where I stayed, which is associated with the Butterfly Balloon (Kelebek means Butterfly in Turkish) and is just up the road from the Office. On Day 1 - flight cancelled for safety, even though other companies flew. Day 2 - flight cancelled again due to safety, and didn't see any others that morning. A company doesn't do that unless they are safety conscious, so that is something I am sure of. We got a treat, however, and a late morning flight was given a go due to unusually favorable conditions. Wow - we were the first in the air and saw the other companies below just getting started. We had the skies all to ourselves to roam wherever we wanted. That was quite special. After my flight all the other companies were just beginning theirs. It's a great company I believed and I recommended highly in that way for their attention & expertise like that. I hope they are keeping their standards in such ways even with a fleet now. If my experience was any measure, you booked a flight with one of the best. Remember too, the terrain is deceiving, so it's hard to judge from the ground which flight path is best. It's great anyway though, isn't it - and truly spectacular just to be up there!
Posted on: Nov 02, 2012
dardeb says:
Hey Brian,
I had read your review before my trip, and saw that you had a great experience, which was part of the reason I chose them.
Mine was also a wonderful experience, I loved it! It was just a bit confusing to see everybody else flying all over, and we were in one corner.
They kept repeating how they care about our safety and so they pick the best spot, and I'm sure they do, I felt safe, but I can't imagine that all other companies don't care, and go fly together in the center.
Maybe you're right, now that they are bigger things change.
Posted on: Nov 02, 2012
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spocklogic spocklog…
325 reviews
Beautiful Balloon Trip in Cappadocia Feb 21, 2011
I took my Balloon trip in Goreme with Butterfly Balloons. I arranged the trip through the Kelebek Hotel nearby, which has an association with this Balloon company (See my review of Kelebek Cave Hotel & Pansiyon). In fact, Kelebek means Balloon in Turkish. The price can range depending on the season, so check the rates if you decide to book with them. Generally the prices will run 140-180 EUR. A bit expensive, but worth every cent. This is an excellent company to go with because they put safety as a number one priority. I had conversations with the owner at the Kelebek Hotel as well as the staff at Butterfly Balloons and the attitude is that they will fly only if they are sure the conditions are good. They don’t take chances and put the customer first. Other companies will fly when it is more risky, but for an adventure like this, I would prefer a company that puts safety first.

With this said, Butterfly Balloons has a great crew. Our pilot was a British man named Mike Green (Captain Mike as he is called) and he is an excellent pilot. He is well spoken, witty and enjoys explaining some of the aspects of Balloon flight. Aside from the flight, which is a magnificent experience, Captain Mike fills you in on his maneuvers and explains what is going on during the flight. The flight will last about 60-90 minutes and covers a fairly large area at various elevations, so there is much to see. There is a flyover around Goreme valley and then on to the landing. Captain Mike took us up into the clouds too for an interesting experience. After the landing there is a small celebration with Champagne and some treats, followed by some photo opportunities with Captain Mike in front of the Balloon basket.

This was one of the highlights of my trip to Cappadocia. Butterfly Balloons made it an extra pleasant experience with the personalities of the crew and pilot. I highly recommend a Beautiful Balloon trip and Butterfly Balloons as a company of choice should you have the chance to enjoy this activity in Cappadocia. It's out of this world in an otherworldly place! Check out a couple of short videos I captured while Butterfly Ballooning for a live action feel:

Cruising: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wg8zoCmPYM8

Landing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPRlBcH8RrQ
Butterfly Balloon Office
Butterfly Balloon Guy
Basket heading out - Flight is Go!
Gassing up
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spocklogic says:
Thank you! Reviews like this practically write themselves when the experience is so positive and enjoyable.
Posted on: Aug 20, 2011
simsing says:
Nice review!
Posted on: Aug 20, 2011
Hummingbird says:
I've always wanted to do a balloon ride! :)
Posted on: Jun 18, 2011

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