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Antigua and Barbuda

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Bus system of Antigua and Barbuda Feb 16, 2008
The most remarkable fact about Antigua’s bus system is the lack of a system. Well, it’s not that bad, but surely not comparable with European/North American standards. If you have travelled on mini-buses in Africa or South America, you may surely find it easier to get used to the buses in Antigua. There are several bus-lines running across the island, although there is no place to find something like a line grid or a schedule. Watch out for the few signs on the two main stations in St. John’s or ask the drivers. Then hop onto the bus, take a seat and pay your fare (you may pay your fare also when leaving, but it is more usual to pay when you get in). As there’s no schedule, the bus usually leaves when it’s full. The line number of the bus can be found on the upper left corner (from the driver’s perspective) of the window. Believe me, it is not that easy to find at first. Prices start from 2.00 EC$, depending on route - US$ are not accepted. Before you get out, yell out the place where you want to be left (usually: “BUS STOP”). Please note that buses stop almost everywhere to drop out passengers, but you are only allowed to step in at the bus stops. I experienced this close to Devil's Bridge when I started to stop a bus but was unsuccessful.

There are two bus stations in St. John’s, East and West. For tourists, the most important routes are 17 (St. John’s West station to English Harbour) and 33 (St. John’s East station to Willikies/Devil’s Bridge). Of course, depending on where you stay, other routes might be important too. The website busstopanu.com has some basic but good information.

In Antigua, tourists are rarely seen on public buses, so it is a way to get in touch with locals. Especially when you are sitting in the rear and have to ask the people sitting in the alley to stand up for you to get out of the bus.
West Bus Station, St. John'S, Anti…
West Bus Station, St. John'S, Anti…
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