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A World Away--Burkina Faso Mar 31, 2011
I am not writing about Kilimanjaro, the Eiffel Tower, or the Empire State Building. This would be found on nearly no bucket lists. But it is a place in need of conversation, reviews, attention. I went to Burkina Faso and saw it from the Peace Corps perspective. I consider that perspective to be: integrate, don't tell anyone what to do, and educate or support when opportunities come up and you are sure they won't create dependence on you. (this is subject to any Peace Corps correction and only represents my very limited viewpoint). In the world of Burkina Faso, the old Upper Volta, the stats of poverty and illiteracy are extremely high. Of course that would lead to the state we find this place with low levels of efficiencies,etc. But my conversation is more about the people. Strong-willed, proud, persistent, with a great spirit of community and connection. These are a people who are different from us in that they don't have their iPad in front of their faces, but their faces are offering well wishes to your family and your work while handing whatever drink they can afford to you, as their guest. They are the people who can experience post-100 degrees, day and night, for months and say nothing of it as this is how it is there. Note: sleeping in 100-degrees with no air, much less air conditioning--not fun. I don't know if I will ever return to Burkina as a tourist, while Banfora remains an inexpensive and popular destination for Europeans to holiday, but I will continue to consider them in my thoughts about foreign policy and in my support of the Peace Corps, specifically. If you ever go there to support or for holiday, let's chat!
A cooler and greener part of Burki…
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