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A painfully poor West African state with a tranquil pace of life, Bukina Faso’s mix of curious sites and rainbow cities make it an real gem of an off-the-wall travel destination, and a step off away from the norm even for African travel addicts. For all the poverty, capital Ouagadougou’s red brick roads and eccentric nightlife - as well as a French influenced cultural quarter – charms visiting travelers with its upbeat take on life. The weekly Moro Naaba ceremony held at the 15th century palace commemorates avoiding an ancient war, while the twin angular towers of the Grand Mosque and the adjoining market give an alluring taste of the life of a West African native, though the city is currently undergoing a bit of a crisis following extensive flooding in September '09.

Gorom-Gorom (which translates as the wonderfully expressive ‘you sit down and we’ll sit down’) still holds its legendary Thursday market, and though it lacks the flamboyant color that made the dusty, ramshackle stores famous before modern ‘improvements’ bought in heaps of concrete, it’s still a memorable day out. Sector 4’s artisan associations turn out works made from ebony and local leather, and offer stacks of bargains if you can work your way around the over-enthusiastic, cash-hungry middlemen.

Leaky boat rides near the green town of Banfora might take you past a hippo lounging in the mud, while the odd shadows cast by the rock formations at the craggy Peaks of Sindou are disorientating yet astounding, with crumbling village remains and panoramic views that are sacred to local Burkinabe. The terraces of The Karfiguela Falls invite swimmers, who wash away the African mud in the gentle flow of the cool-water pools.

For adventurous travelers, the remote village of Tiébélé features huge fading frescoes on the side of defensive fortress houses. Home to only 450 people, the community is said to be ‘the most colorful village in Burkina Faso’, and offers a great insight into the local lifestyle.

To the south of the country, of course, you’ll find a selection of wildlife safaris the match of most African countries, but Burkina Faso’s diverse scenery and culture, and a relatively unaltered taste of the Africa of old are the reasons to come to Burkina Faso particularly, and grab a quintessential African experience.

Ouagadougou #1 most popular location
Ouagadougou, situated on the central plateau (12.4° N 1.5° W), grew around the imperial palace of the Mogho Naaba. Being an administrative center of colonial rule, it became an important ur…
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Bobo Dioulasso #2 most popular location
Cities are rarely a highlight in Africa, but Bobo-Dioulasso, named after two ethnic groups who inhabit it, is certainly an exception. The old town of Bobo is one of the main attractions o…
3travelers 1reviews 2blogs
Gaoua #3 most popular location
Gaoua is the most important town of the Lobi country, in southern Burkina Faso, near the border with Ghana. The natural surroundings are beautiful and very green. For sight-seeing, there …
2reviews 2blogs
Dori #4 most popular location
Dori, a city of about 40.000 inhabitants, is the capital of the Sahel region in Burkina Faso. There isn't a lot to see, but it's a good starting point for further exploration of the area. …
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Koirezena #5 most popular location
Koirezena is a Songhai village near Gorom Gorom. The architecture is quite special. The mud houses are painted in bright colours before every muslim holiday, giving the village a unique look.
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Bani #6 most popular location
Bani is a picturesque village of some 4300 people, located south of Dori, on the main road from Ouagadougou. It is famous for it's seven mosques - actually eight, if you count the great mosqu…
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Banfora #7 most popular location
The town of Banfora itself may not be very exciting, but the surrounding area provides many natural attractions. Most of Burkina Faso is savannah (with desert and semi-desert in the north), b…
Oursi #8 most popular location
Oursi is a small town in the far north of Burkina Faso, surrounded by sand dunes. There is a lake that gets quite large in the rainy season and dries up almost completely in the dry season. …
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Loropeni #9 most popular location
Outside the village of Loropeni, in the forest, are the mysterious Loropeni ruins, the remains of a large stone fortress. Very little is known about the origin of the ruins. None of the p…
Manega #10 most popular location
Manega is a village about 50 km northwest of Ouagadougou. There is a museum that tells you all about the history and culture of Burkina Faso, including traditional houses, masks and tombstone…
Tibele #11 most popular location