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Anton van Hooffplein 1, Arnhem, Netherlands

Burger's Zoo Arnhem Reviews

Suusj Suusj
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Burgers Zoo Apr 12, 2015
Burgers Zoo is a Zoo located in Arnhem.

About 1.5 million people a year do visit the Zoo which makes it the 4th most popular zoo in the Netherlands. The Zoo started out as a bird zoo in 1913 but has grown into a Zoo with 45 acres with a big diversity of wildlife.

The zoo is divided into different sections. All with there own name and inhabitants. The sections are called: Park, Safari, Bush, Desert, Mangrove, Rimba, Ocean.

The park locates penguins, elephants and meerkats. The Safari shows you the home of the cheetah, giraffe, lion, rhino and leopard. Walking in to the Bush you find the see-pig, the otter and the caiman. The desert is the home of a lot of birds as well as the lynx. The mangrove is also the home of a lot of birds as well as some turtle's. The rimba takes you to a tropical forest with monkey's, snakes and tigers. And then finally the ocean with seahorses, nemo's and some sharks it gives you an below water experience.

The Zoo also holds a restaurant with quit the big play area. The play area is divided into sections so kids of all ages can play. The restaurant itself is nothing special though it does serve a variety of food.

The Zoo is a nice zoo and I would recommend it if you are in the neighborhood. Though it isn't a cheap activity. If there are other activities catching your eye I would suggest skipping this one.

Opening hours:

The park is open everyday of the year (even holiday's like Christmas and new year).

Wintertime: 25 October 2015 till 26 march 2016: 9.00 till 17.00 hours.

Summertime: 27 march 2016 till 29 October 2016: 9.00 till 19.00 hours

Children(age 3 and under) Free

Children (age 4 till 9) € 18.50

Adults € 20.50

There is more then enough paring space. A parking ticket (or coin as they use here) will cost you €5.- for the whole day
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Suusj says:
Thank you Ils :).
Posted on: Feb 07, 2016
Ils1976 says:
love this place ... great review! :)
Posted on: Feb 07, 2016
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Globevoyager Globevoy…
42 reviews
Burgers' Zoo, one of the oldest zoos of the Netherlands Aug 11, 2009
With two friends I went to this zoo in Arnhem. It's one of the oldest zoos in the Netherlands.

During the years they worked hard to make the zoo bigger, spacious and better.

There are two parts in this zoo. The old part with small cages and small areas and the new part with a lot of space for the animals.

Some animals have a really small space to life in, while they need a lot of space to run and play. Like the cheetah had this small rocky area. I tought it was a shame for such a beautiful animal in a really tiny area. Same for animals like the mini hippo, monkeys, elephants, pinguins and some other wild animals.

On the other side there is a big savanne for the rhino, tigers, giraffes, zebra and lions.

There are different areas in this zoo. Outside is the savanne and the rimba. Inside are the bush, dessert and the ocean.

Animals you can see here are snakes, tropical birds, if you can find them crocodils, sharks, tropical fish, stinger rays and many others.

Inside the dessert area it's hot and dry and inside the bush area it's hot and humid.

They did some great work in these areas.

I'm not a big fans of zoos, because in many zoos animals don't have much space. But this zoo is in progress to get the animals more space.

If you wanna see all the animals you can spend at least half a day in this zoo. There are a few restaurants with good food. But it's quite expensive...

Restrooms facilities are oke. Not extremely clean but it's acceptable.

It's easy to get at the zoo by car. I didn't go by public transport, but I saw busses outside the zoo. They probably run from the central station in Arnhem, but that's just a guess.

Entrance price for adults is 18 euros (kids only a little cheaper) and the parking ticket is 3 euros.

Group discount is only for 20 people or more.

I had a new camera, so I had a good opportunity to try it out with all the animals.
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sylviandavid says:
Very nice review.... great pictures.
Posted on: Feb 29, 2012
gejah says:
indeed central station!
Posted on: Aug 11, 2009
gejah says:
the best zoo i have visited!! And not because it is arnhem!
Posted on: Aug 11, 2009
Verhoek Verhoek
7 reviews
a day in Burgers Zoo Arnhem Sep 14, 2009
We've spend a day in Burgers Zoo at Arnhem and we must say that it's a really nice zoo with lots of animals.

We've liked the Oceanium he most because we are fascinated by the underwater world.

It's a great park wih some great indoor halls where you can find all kinds of animals.

the shops are closed countered so you have to choose by the windows and they will give you the product,we didn't like that so we decided not to buy a little souvenir.

but we can say it was al lovely day in the Burgers Zoo!!!!

i will add photo's later!!!
sylviandavid says:
thanks for this review... sounds like an odd way to sell items.... it would put me off too...
Posted on: Feb 29, 2012
gejah gejah
82 reviews
Burgers zoo Oct 25, 2008
Burgers zoo is as old as i can remember. It has extended a lot. Antoon van Hoof was the owner of this zoo. Now his son Alex has taken over the zoo. And he is just like his father. Trying to achieve the best for the animals and the visitors. The park is very large,do not forget the savanna, the real wildlife! And the Ocean and the dessert and of course the oldest one the Bush! In every hall there is a theme. In the dessert it is mostly mexican (the decor). And in the Bush it is Indonesian.

And of course the animals, i think almost every specie is present. What also is very nice if you have little children. The big playground!!
in the Bush
sylviandavid says:
Very nice blog... great that you knew who began the zoo... thanks for this review.
Posted on: Feb 29, 2012
suuskuh suuskuh
3 reviews
Burgers Zoo Arnhem Feb 28, 2008
This is really an magnificent zoo!

Elephants, chimps, gorillas, zebras, girafs, lions, panters..

I can keep going on about the amount of animals they have!

Next month you can see the new animals who already arrived there!

You can see bears, 3 sorts of monkeys and 3 tigers, really awsom!!

And of course, don't forget Burgers Ocean.. It is like.. Wow!, you are walking between de sharks, all kinds of fish.. It is really cool!

Ocean, Bush, Desert.. I think it is amazing! I always thougt that the park was small, well after one day my feet were really hurting like hell! It was really bigger than I thought!
sylviandavid says:
thanks for this review. sylvia
Posted on: Feb 29, 2012
Devika1985 Devika19…
49 reviews
Sep 08, 2007
When you're in or around Arnhem you really should pay a visit to Burger's Zoo in Arnhem. It's a very beautiful zoo with a large collection of animals. It's divided in different area's in wich natural habitat's of the animals are recreated. Those area's are: Bush, Safari, Desert, Ocean, Mangrove and the normal animalpark area. Some of the area's are inside and when you enter them you really enter the different habitats. Like in the desert its much warmer, sandy and very dry. When you enter the mangrove you will notice it when you breathe because the air is much more dense. My favourite area's are the bush area, because you really enter a beautiful rainforest, and the ocean area because I love underwater life. A normal zoo ticket costs 16,50. Tickets for children cost 14.50 (in euro's) You will find enough restaurants and bars inside the park for drinks, snacks and quick lunches.
sylviandavid says:
thanks for this review.... sounds wonderful!
Posted on: Feb 29, 2012

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